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Best EV Charging Cable Carry Bags UK (Reviews) 2022

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Best EV Charging Cable Carry Bag UK

EV charging cable carry bags can be useful if you use your charger cable frequently or want to carry around your own cable for charging points. Instead of leaving it lying around the boot or the back seat, keep it tidy with a cable carry bag. Buying a cable bag provides a convenient way to keep your charging cables organised and ready for use at any EV charging point. If you’re looking for a home organizing solution for your charging cable, a mounted cable holder is recommended instead.

Most home EV charging cables measure about five metres in length, this offers the best compromise between ease of storage and ease of use. However, some people prefer longer cables, which can easily become a tangled mess without proper organising. We’ve put forward our selected 5 top carry bags for EV charging cables to fit different makes and sizes of cables.

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Table of Contents

Best EV Charging Cable Carry Bags in the UK Reviews

#1. Premium EV Charging Cable Case

Premium EV Charging Cable Case

The affordable Premium EV Charging Cable Case features the standard circular design for holding EV charging cables. It has a zippered opening and a carrying handle. You should have no problem transporting and storing your bag.

The bag has a diameter of 38 centimetres, which is slightly smaller compared to some of the other options. However, the bag is sturdy and should fit most standard cables up to 10 metres. It may also fit two shorter cables, which is useful for those who carry more than one cable for compatibility with more charging stations.

The material is water-resistant but not padded. It has a thin inner layer to help protect the cables from moisture and extreme cold. The top of the bag also has a handy carrying strap.

If you use a 10-metre or shorter cable, this bag offers a simple solution for storing it in the boot of your car.


  • Sturdy material and seams
  • Protection against cold weather


  • May not fit cables longer than 10 metres

#2. Rugged Tools Cable Bag

Rugged Tools Cable Bag

The Rugged Tools Cable Bag is another affordable choice for storing EV charging cables. It measures about 37 x 36 x 10 centimetres. The bag is a little deeper compared to some cable bags, increasing the interior storage space.

The bag is designed to hold cables up to 10 metres in length but may hold longer cables due to its deep pocket. It is a durable bag made from thick canvas material. It has a full zipper closure that allows you to fully open the bag, making it easier to insert your charging cables.

The top of the bag has long, ergonomic carrying handles. Some people may find that the extra length is a little more convenient when carrying the bag compared to a bag with shorter handles. The front of the bag also features two metal D-rings, which could be used to secure an adapter or other tools using a fastener.

The Rugged Tools Cable Bag is also one of the cheaper bags available for charging cables. It is designed for storing charging cables and other cables or cords, such as jumper cables, two straps, or extension cords.


  • Affordable price
  • Deep pocket to hold thicker or longer cables


  • May offer too much room for those with a short, five-metre cable

#3. Luigi’s Cable Cosy

Luigi’s Cable Cosy

The Cable Cosy Bag from Luigi’s has a standard, circular design that can be used for storing all types of cables, including charging cables for electric vehicles. It measures 40 centimetres in diameter and is 9.5 centimetres deep.

The manufacturer claims that it can hold cables up to 26 metres in length. However, the length of the cable that you can fit inside depends on its thickness. A thick 10-metre cable may take up most of the interior.

The bag has a zipper closure and carrying handles. The material is partially water-resistant but does not have a liner to protect against excess moisture or cold temperatures. It is a thin bag at a low price.

The durability of the bag may depend on how you use it. It may not hold up well to repeated rough use. If you frequently toss your bag into the car after you are done, you may need a sturdier bag. However, it is still a great value for those wanting a budget bag for keeping their car tidy.


  • One of the more affordable options
  • Interior that may hold cables longer than 10 metres


  • Not the most durable cable bag

#4. Ducksback Cable Storage

If you have long charging cables, you likely need a large cable bag such as the Ducksback Cable Storage Bag. It measures 43 centimetres in diameter and 10 centimetres deep, making it one of the larger cable bags available in this price range. It can hold cables up to 25 metres long, depending on the thickness of the cable.

The bag has a circular design with a zipper enclosure and carrying handles. However, the carrying handles are a little short and flimsy. With daily use, the handles may wear easily.

The bag itself is durable, made from heavy-duty 600 denier polyester with additional PVC backing. It can retain its shape and hold up to repeated use. The thick material is also water-resistant, protecting your charging cable from the elements.

Instead of black, the material is dark blue and features the Ducksback logo on the front. It is a stylish, large bag designed for those who need to store long cables or multiple cables.


  • The larger size may hold longer cables
  • The material is more durable and water-resistant compared to most bags


  • The handles appear flimsy



The YELAIYEHAO Cable Bag is another large bag for storing long charging cables or more than one cable. It measures 39 centimetres in diameter with a depth of 11 centimetres. It is deeper compared to most carrying bags, giving you more room.

Instead of a completely circular design, the bottom of the bag has corners. This provides a little extra room for the connectors at the ends of the cable as they may stick out after rolling the cable into a loop. This gives you a little more leeway for fitting additional accessories, such as an adapter.

The bag has a full zipper closure and ergonomic carrying handles. The handles are long and durable, reducing the risk of tears in the seams.

The material is relatively thick but does not include a liner or padding. However, it should still shield your cables from the elements when stored in your vehicle.


  • The interior is deep, allowing you to store long cables
  • The bottom corners provide additional space for connectors or adapters


  • It does not have lining or padding

EV Charger Cable Bag Buying Considerations

Finding the right bag to store your EV charging cables depends on the type of cable that you use.


When comparing your options, pay attention to the size of the bag. Some of the smaller ones can only hold cables up to 10 metres. If you have a longer cable, you may need a bigger bag.

The bags that measure under 40 centimetres in diameter are likely to hold 10-metre cables. Bags that measure 40 centimetres or more may offer space for longer cables or multiple cables.


Most cable bags are partially water-resistant. However, some of the thicker bags offer additional padding or lining to protect against cold weather and moisture.

Cable carry bags also typically include handles. Bags with short or flimsy handles may not hold up well. If you plan on handling the bag frequently, you may want a bag with a long handle or durable stitching.


Cable carry bags are typically affordable, but some options are cheaper than others. Keep in mind that the cheapest bags also tend to be the least durable.

Final Word

Having a carrying bag for your charging cables keeps the cables tidy instead of allowing the cables to get tangled in the boot of your car. The 5 best EV charging cable carry bags reviewed above provide the best overall value for electric vehicle drivers.

The Premium EV Charging Cable Case and the Rugged Tools Bag are the smallest options, suitable for cables up to 10 metres in length. If you have longer cables, the other three options may suit your needs. The Rugged Tools Bag, Luigi’s Cable Bag, and YELAIYEHAO Bag include long handles, which most people find more comfortable to carry. With these details in mind, you should have no problem finding the right bag for your charger cables.