The Your Auto Wants site was created back in 2018 by a small team of UK-based individuals with a burning passion for all things motoring-related, that’s why we wanted to compile everything we’ve learned into one big resource.

With the motor industry evolving at an astounding rate, especially with EVs and software being more important than ever, we want to continue to learn and evolve with the industry, ultimately meaning we can produce better content for the website and our readers.

Motoring affects almost everyone in some way or another and is an important everyday aspect of our lives. Some people just see driving a car as a chore and a point A to point B form of transport, for others though, it can be a full-time passion that takes up most of their precious time.

Whether you’re passionate about driving or not, proper maintenance of your car is essential. So whether you go out of your way to make sure that your motor always looks a million dollars, or, just want to make sure that your car gets the bare minimum treatment to keep it ticking over, we’ve got you covered.

We try to cover a wide range of topics so that there is something for everyone no matter what car, age, or driving experience. We have split the website into two sections – blog and buyer guide content.

The blog content covers general information and tips to help improve the appearance, performance, and reliability of your car. We also have helpful information on other general motoring stuff, all aimed at improving your overall motoring experience.

The buyer guide content is a roundup of the top products for a searched ‘best’ term, with reviews of these products and a buying guide to match. The buying guide includes information on what you should look for or consider when buying the right product.

Why Trust Us?

As mentioned earlier, we have been around since 2018 now in the online motoring space, where we have been consistently producing automotive content predominantly around the UK market. We spend countless hours every week researching, writing, and editing motoring content ourselves to produce a resource that ultimately we would trust and use ourselves.

Unlike a lot of content websites, we are not owned by a media brand who generally like to take over digital spaces which they have no interest in, and use their money to produce large quantities of content that they have no connection or affiliation with.

This website is run by a tight team that genuinely does have an interest in all things motoring and is keen to write and share helpful content for our readers.

We are constantly researching and reading all things automotive and are always looking to improve our existing and future content. We are also regularly going through our product or service recommendations, making sure they are still worth recommending or if there are any better alternatives out there.

We are NOT sent any free products or services in exchange for reviews and are NOT sponsored by any manufacturers or companies. This hopefully adds an extra layer of trust for our readers to know that we are not on the bandwagon of receiving free stuff, just to produce biased reviews that we profit from.

The site does, however, earn money from affiliate commissions, more on that below.

What Is The Deal With Us Being Affiliates?

We try to be as transparent as possible at Your Auto Wants, that’s why we make it clear that we are affiliates and earn a commission for certain products and services that are linked to on our website.

With that being said, we only promote products or services we believe to be of some benefit and value to our readers, if we wouldn’t use it ourselves, we wouldn’t put a link up for our readers. As mentioned above, we are NOT sponsored or contracted by any of the companies that we link out to.

Being an affiliate website might be off-putting to some readers, and we get it, however, it costs the reader nothing extra to use one of our affiliated links and they can always choose to manually go to a website rather than use one of our special links.

A lot of the money we earn from this goes straight back into the site as we have costs to cover to continue to run it such as writing, editing, hosting, development, etc. So if you do decide to use one of our affiliate links, we thank you as it helps us to put more back into the site, however, do not feel like you have to use our affiliate links.

Is There Any Other Way We Earn Money?

Currently, the website only earns money from the commission we make from our affiliate links, however, ads may be introduced in the future to supplement the affiliate income to help continue the growth and expansion of the website.

How We Review Products

The typical product review process for the website is one where our writers will research the product in-depth, then read as many user reviews as possible to come up with as accurate a review as we can.

For the products that feature in our buying guides, we like to give a little brief information and background on the product, then follow that with some general specification information, and then our final take on it. We try to be as fair as possible and offer a variety of different options for buyers to explore, with different price points and features to compare.

We try to ensure that we are not pushing specific products to our readers and try to promote the best possible motoring products for the right reasons. If you’re unsure of the quality or validity of our reviews, then feel free to browse around elsewhere to see if you can form a better opinion of a product or model.

We always encourage people that read our blog to explore other options and take our opinions into consideration. Remember, you don’t have to use our affiliate links when buying a product that we recommend.

Of course, things can always change with products with new updates, models, versions, etc. but we try our best to stay up-to-date with the products mentioned on here.

We are continually going through the products that we have reviewed to see if there are any better recommendations or updates to a current model. We are also continually going through our review and buyer guide selection process, constantly trying to refine it to ensure that we are only recommending the very best motoring products in the UK market.

You can trust that we are not sent any products in exchange for reviews or sponsored by any manufacturers. Any products we do get our hands on are ones that we have purchased ourselves and spent our own money on to review for our readers.

We hope that you find what you’re looking for on our site to help boost your motoring experience, if not, then be sure to contact us and let us know. If you have any suggestions or questions about us, then we’re all ears and want to hear from you.