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Best Windscreen Ice Scrapers UK (Reviews) of 2020

Finding a good windscreen ice scraper for your car is more important than you may realize. During the winter months, snowfall can bring a plethora of issues to you or your business. Cars are covered, and that includes your windscreen. Just like clearing the roads is incredibly important to the safety of the public, so is […]

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Best Tyre Dressing Applicators UK (Reviews) of 2020

Nothing is more beautiful than gleaming, shining tyres. They can make a vehicle look truly clean, and some polishes are also excellent at repelling dirt and grit. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that the type of applicator you use to dress your tyres will affect your results. For example, many polishes and shines incorporate caustic […]

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Best Spray Guns for Painting Cars UK (Reviews) of 2020

If you are in the business of painting cars, then you absolutely must have the right tools to complete the project, as let’s face it, no one wants a wrecked paint job.  Whether you are working from home to paint your own car, or are working for a living painting cars professionally, there is a […]

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Best Swivel Car Seat Cushions UK (Reviews) of 2020

Maybe you are recovering from hip surgery, and only need help temporarily while you recover. Or, perhaps you have an aging relative who just has some trouble getting in and out of vehicles and needs assistance. Whatever the case, there is a swivel car seat cushion for you.Compare things like what material the seat is […]

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Best Portable Garages UK (Reviews) of 2020

Whether you have outgrown your house and need to use your garage for storage and need somewhere else to store your car, you’ve bought an extra vehicle, or you are looking for a quick, undercover way to work on your car, a portable garage may offer the shelter you’re looking for.A portable garage shelter is […]

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Best Parking Sensors UK (Reviews) of 2020

Parking sensors are ideal for individuals who struggle to reverse or back their vehicle into parking spaces. These convenient and discrete sensors are drilled into the bumper of a vehicle and use a variety of systems to alert you, the driver, when you are getting too close to an object like a wall, pedestrian or […]

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Best Grit Guards UK (Reviews) of 2020

If you’re big on washing your car regularly, then you’ll know that the last thing you want to do is cause any sort of scratching on the car. A grit guard provides a barrier at the bottom of your wash bucket to help prevent any dirt or debris getting picked up by your wash mitt […]

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Best DAB Car Aerials UK (Reviews) of 2020

Imagine cruising down the road. It’s a bright, sunny day, it’s scenic and beautiful as you continue your drive. You reach to turn on the radio, but you’re limited to the same old channels. You don’t have a DAB car aerial to receive a signal and tune into some new, exciting channels you get with […]

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