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Best EV Charging Cable Adapters UK (Reviews) 2022

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EV Charging Cable Adapter

If you have a type 1 charging cable for your EV, you may struggle to find a compatible charging station in the UK. The same is true for those with a type 2 charging cable looking for a suitable station in North America.

Throughout the UK and Europe, most charging stations support the type 2 cables. North American charging stations typically support type 1 cables. Luckily, there are charging cable adapters that allow you to connect European cars to type 1 chargers and American cars to type 2 chargers.

Keeping an adapter in your electric vehicle gives you more options for charging your vehicle, ensuring that you are never too far from a usable charging station. If you want to find the right adapter for your charging needs, here is a closer look at our 5 top EV charger cable adapter picks.

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Table of Contents

Best EV Charging Cable Adapters in the UK Reviews

#1. K.H.O.N.S. Type 1 to Type 2 EV Adapter

The KHONS EV Adapter is built for type 2 vehicles that need to use type 1 charging cables. The adapter is a compact tube measuring about 15 centimetres long. You simply plug one end into the charger and the other into your vehicle to use type 1 chargers.

The compact size makes it easy to store with your charging cable. You can keep it in the vehicle and increase the number of charging stations that you can use. The material is rated to work in extreme conditions with a minimum temperature of -30 degrees Celsius and a maximum temperature of 50 degrees.

The material is flame-resistant, pressure-resistant, and abrasion-resistant, ensuring many years of reliable use. It also provides up to 10,000 mating cycles and comes with a one-year warranty to cover defects.

The adapter should work with most type 2 vehicles. However, it does not work with BMW electric vehicles and some models from Tesla and Hyundai. It is also designed to work with most type 1 chargers. The adapter supports 16 amp and 32 amp charging stations, with a maximum operating voltage of 230 volts.


  • Compact design
  • Affordable price


  • May not work with BMW, Tesla, and Hyundai models

#2. DUOSIDA Type 1 to Type 2

The DUOSIDA EV Adapter is another affordable adapter designed for use with electric vehicles that have a type 2 charging socket. You connect the type 2 end to the socket on your car and the type 1 end to the J1772 charger.

As with the KHONS EV Adapter, this option is a small, cylindrical device that you can easily store in your vehicle. It measures about 20 centimetres long and is just 9.5 centimetres thick. It also works on most type 2 vehicles but may not work on cars from BMW and Tesla. The adapter supports 16-amp or 32-amp chargers, ensuring compatibility with charging stations throughout the United States.

The DUOSIDA Adapter shares many features with the KHONS EV Adapter. The main difference is that the DUOSIDA Adapter comes with a handy storage case. The provided case is made from durable FR50 nylon. It is waterproof, wear-resistant, and shock-resistant, providing the perfect storage for your adapter when not in use.


  • Comes with a storage case
  • Features compact design


  • May not work with BMW and Tesla models

#3. KHONS Type 2 to Type 1 Adapter

The KHONS Type 2 to Type 1 EV Adapter is made for standard American vehicles with the type 1 charging socket. This adapter was originally designed for use with the Mitsubishi PHEV electric vehicle, which came with a type 1 socket. However, it is also compatible with newer vehicles that feature the type 1 socket, such as most models sold in North America.

Unlike the previous options, the adapter is not a compact cylinder. It has a 0.5-metre cable connecting the two sockets. The cable provides additional length when charging, which some people find a little more convenient compared to the compact adapters. You may even avoid the need for a separate charging cable. However, the cable and sockets also make this adapter bulkier. It takes up more space.

The pins on the sockets are plated in silver, which increases heat resistance and makes the charging process a little safer. The cable and adapter components are also waterproof, flame resistant, and abrasion-resistant.


  • Should work with almost any type 1 vehicle
  • May eliminate the need for a separate charging cable


  • Costs a little more compared to other options

#4. Kacsoo Multifunctional EV

If you have an electric vehicle with a type 1 connector instead of a type 2 connector, the Kacsoo Multifunctional EV Adapter is another option. It supports most models of electric vehicles with type 1 (J1772) plugs, such as the EVs typically sold in North America. However, it does not work with the Tesla Supercharger.

The adapter has a type 1 connection that connects to your vehicle and a type 2 connector that connects to the charge. As with the KHONS adapter for American EVs, it has a 0.5-metre cable separating the two ends. The cable is bulky but gives you an extra 0.5 metres of reach when charging your vehicle.

As with most EV adapters, this option is made from durable materials to prevent damage from rain, moisture, shock, fire, and extreme cold or heat. It also has a maximum current of 32 amps and a max voltage of 230 volts, allowing you to fully charge your vehicle in just a few hours.


  • It is compatible with most models of type 1 vehicles
  • The cable provides more reach for connecting to the charging station


  • The connections may be a little loose

#5. EV OneStop Simple Type 1 – Type 2 Adapter

The EV OneStop Simple Type 1 – Type 2 Adapter is designed for those with electric vehicles that have the type 2 (IEC62196) connector. It is one of the few options that can work with almost any type 2 vehicle, including models from Tesla, BMW, and Hyundai. It has a cable connecting the two sockets. One end of the adapter has a type 2 connector and the other has a type 1 connector, allowing you to charge type 2 vehicles on type 1 charging stations.

This adapter is built for durability and repeated use. The material has an IP65 waterproof rating, which is necessary for charging in the rain or leaving your charger outside overnight. It also has heat resistant cables, over-current protection, and over-voltage protection. The casing is made from a high-strength ABS plastic for additional resilience.

The one drawback is that this adapter costs a little more compared to the other adapters for type 2 vehicles. However, it also provides greater compatibility.


  • It is compatible with all type 2 vehicles
  • The sockets are attached to a cable


  • Costs more compared to the other options

Adapter for EV Charging Cables Buying Considerations


Most adapters offer one-way conversions. If you have a type 2 charging socket on your vehicle, which is found on most EVs sold in Europe, you need a “type 1 to type 2” adapter. These adapters have a type 2 connection that connects to your vehicle and a type 1 socket for connecting to type 1 chargers. For those with type 1 vehicles, look for “type 2 to type 1” adapters.

You should also ensure that the adapter supports the right amperage for charging your vehicle. Most batteries support 32 amps of power during charging. If the adapter only supports up to 16 amps, it will take much longer to fully charge your battery.


Another important detail is the design of the adapter. Some adapters are small, cylinder-shaped devices. They are compact but require a charging cable. Luckily, most charging stations are equipped with a cable. You simply connect one end of the adapter to the cable connected to the charging station and the other end to the socket on your vehicle.

You can also find adapters with cables. The cable extends the length of the adapter, so you can connect directly to the charging station without a separate cable.


If you have a type 1 vehicle and want to use the charging stations found throughout the UK and Europe, you may need an adapter. The options discussed offer a simple solution for increasing your coverage. However, make sure that you select an adapter that is compatible with your vehicle.

The first couple of options are affordable but may not work with models from Tesla, BMW, and Hyundai. Our best EV charging cable adapter recommendation if you want complete compatibility is the EV OneStop Simple model.