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Best EV Charging Cable Tidies & Holders UK (Reviews) 2022

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Best EV Charging Cable Tidy and Holder UK

An electric vehicle charging cable holder can be useful for managing and tidying all your messy EV charger cables at home. Many home EV charging stations lack a convenient way to store the cable and charging nozzle. The cable and nozzle typically hang from the side of the station, exposing them to rain and cold weather. A charging cable holster solves this problem if you’re at home, or if you’re looking for a portable, on the go solution, you can try a cable bag.

The holder mounts to the wall next to the charging station, offering a secure holster for the nozzle. Some designs also include a hook, which allows you to wind the cable around the holder for better cable management.

Charging cable holders come in a variety of designs and materials, each with separate pros and cons. If you want to protect your charging cable and nozzle, check out our top 5 EV charging cable holders and tidies reviewed below.

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Table of Contents

Best EV Charging Cable Holders and Tidies in the UK Reviews

#1. Topfit EV Charger Type 2 Wall Bracket

Topfit EV Charger Type 2 Wall Bracket

This EV Charger Wall Bracket is large, measuring 21 centimetres tall and extending 11.5 cm from the wall. It is designed specifically for the European-type Tesla models but should work with any type 2 charging head.

The bracket has a hook-shaped design for wrapping the cable around the bracket, allowing you to keep the cable tidy. It should support cables of any length when securely mounted to the wall.

The holder comes with screws and a fastener with two holes. If mounting the bracket on an exterior wall, such as a brick wall, you may need longer screws. After securing the fastener to the wall, you simply slide the holder into position.

The front face of the bracket has the holster. The charger snaps into place with a snug fit, preventing rainwater and moisture from getting in.


  • The large hook-shaped (dovetail) design can hold long cables
  • It includes separate mounting plate for easier installation
  • The charger nozzle snaps into place for a secure fit


  • The large size may not appeal to everyone

#2. Soma Cable Holder Type 2 (Black)


The Soma Cable Holder is a compact wall-mounted holder with a small indent on the top for winding the cable. The short cable holder may not work well with long charging cables. The lip on top of the holder is relatively short, allowing long cables to slide off. However, this should not be an issue for five-metre to ten-metre cables.

The manufacturer states that a 10-metre cable can wind six times around the cable holder. The front of the bracket has an opening for securing the nozzle from the charging cable. It is designed to accommodate almost any type 2 charging head but may not work with the latest BMW models. The opening is just a few millimetres too small.

For those with EVs from other brands, this compact holder offers a space-saving design and a tight seal for protecting the charging nozzle. The nozzle clicks into place, letting you know that it is secure.


  • The bracket has a compact design
  • It offers a watertight seal to protect against moisture
  • It includes mounting hardware for concrete walls


  • The short holder may not hold long cables easily

#3. Topfit Cable Organizer Type 2 Wall Connector

Topfit Cable Organizer

The TOPFIT Wall Connector has a customised design to match the aesthetics of the Tesla charging stations. It measures 19.8 x 18.2 x 10.6 centimetres. It supports Tesla Model 3, S, X, and most other electric vehicles that use the type 2 connector.

As with the first cable holder, the TOPFIT Connector has a hook-shaped design. The hook extends more than 10 centimetres above the base. The extra length of the hook provides more space for wrapping long cables around the holder.

One issue that customers have identified is the holster. It is a little loose and some charging heads may slide out of the holder. You may need to try holstering the charger a few times to determine the best angle for holding the charging head.

Due to the potentially loose fit, this wall holder is best suited for indoor use. The holder comes with two screws and two screw anchors. You first mount the backplate to the wall and then slide the holder into the plate.


  • Includes a large hook for wrapping long cables
  • It is easy to install on most types of walls
  • Matches the look of Tesla charging stations


  • The holster has a loose fit for most charging heads

#4. WB24 Angle Plug Wall-Mount Type 2 Wallbox

WB24 Angle Plug Wall-Mount Type 2 Wallbox

The WB24 Angle Plug Wall Mount is a bracket for holding the charging cable nozzle. It measures 16.6 x 16.4 centimetres at the base and extends about 10.6 centimetres from the wall.

Unlike the other options, the bracket has an angled design for compact storage of the charging cable head. The head angles downward instead of straight out from the holder, keeping it from sticking out as far.

The holder is made from durable, non-flammable plastic and includes four stainless steel screws and nuts for mounting it to the wall. The provided screws should be long enough for secure mounting on most types of walls. However, using screw anchors or longer screws may offer more support.

The plastic holder offers a tight fit for any type 2 charging cable. The secure fit and angled design keep the charging cable head dry, making this a convenient holder for charging stations installed outdoors. The design does not include a lip or hook for looping cables around the holder. You may loop the cable around the bracket once or twice, but it is designed solely for storing the charging nozzle.


  • The bracket angles downward to protect against rain
  • The compact design is less intrusive
  • It is an affordable solution for storing the charging nozzle


  • Does not include a hook or lip for looping cables around the bracket

#5. KHONS EV Cable Holster Type 2

KHONS EV Cable Holster

The KHONS EV Cable Holder is a simple plastic holster that should fit any type 2 charging cable head. The head clicks into place, keeping it firmly secured to the wall when not in use.

The holder is made from durable PVC and ABS plastic, which is slightly flexible yet sturdy. The rugged material should last for years, even when mounted on exterior walls exposed to harsh winters.

The compact design measures just 7.2 x 7.2 x 3.2 centimetres, making this one of the smallest brackets for securing charger heads. However, it does not have a hook for wrapping the cable.

Another potential issue is leakage. The holster securely holds the charging nozzle but may allow rain and debris to reach the inside of the plug, as the holster is not angled downward. The manufacturer recommends mounting the bracket at a slight downward angle for additional protection.


  • It is one of the smallest charging nozzle holders
  • It is made from heavy-duty materials
  • The charging nozzle should not fall out


  • May allow water to leak into the plug

Holster for EV Charging Cables Buying Considerations

Weather Resistance

If you plan on installing the holder outdoors, it should offer protection from the rain and cold. The best outdoor holders are either angled downward to shield the plug or include a large holster that covers more of the nozzle.

Holders that are mounted outdoors should also feature heavy-duty material. Cheap plastic holders may eventually crack when left outdoors through the winter. Silicone, PVC, and ABS holders are more likely to withstand the elements.

Cable Management and Fit

Some of the smaller brackets are designed to hold the charging nozzle and do not include a hook for wrapping the cable. The hook-shaped holders and the holders with small lips are better suited for keeping cables tidy.

Before choosing a holder, ensure that it fits your charging cable. The holders discussed are made to fit almost any type 2 charging cable. However, some options may not offer a snug fit with specific models. For example, the Soma Cable Holder may not work well with BMW electric vehicles. The Topfit Connector also has a slightly loose fit with certain models.


You may also want a space-saving design. While some of the brackets do not include hooks for wrapping cables, they take up less space.

Final Word

A cable holder is a useful accessory for protecting your EV charging nozzle if the charging station does not already have a holster. You may also need a separate cable holder for spare charging cables or a second vehicle.

To protect the nozzle and keep cables tidy, consider using one of our chosen 5 best EV charging cable tidies and holders reviewed above. Remember to compare your options and choose the one that meets your needs, such as a hook for winding the cable, or a secure fit for protection against moisture.