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Best Car Wheel Clamps UK (Reviews) 2022

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Best Car Wheel Clamps

Wheel clamps are used mainly by caravan owners to avoid having their caravan being towed away and stolen. However, they are just as beneficial to car owners to protect them from thieves breaking into the vehicle and making off with it. A wheel clamp is simple enough to use, it simply locks together through the gap in your wheel alloys.

Clamps for car wheels can be especially appealing to people who don’t have a direct view of their car when it’s parked on the street at night, or vehicle owners who live in an area that’s rife with crime.

Finding the right clamp really comes down to getting a lock that fits the tyre correctly, ensuring that it doesn’t cause any damage to the car, while ensuring that the clamp is solid enough and not going to break. To help make the decision easier, we’ve pulled out the 5 top wheel clamps that you can buy to help keep that vehicle nice and secure.

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Best Car Wheel Clamps in the UK Reviews

#1. DiscountSeller


A popular, sturdy and dependable choice, this wheel clamp from DiscountSeller is made from a heavy-duty steel that is weather-resistant and thick enough to prevent drilling, cutting or sawing; you’d need some pretty large power saws to get through.

The size is good enough to fit almost all cars with tyres up to 27cm thick and can withstand up to 3500lbs of force – so it won’t break when driven away. And it’s very easy to see – bright yellow and red so that anybody thinking of driving away with your car is deterred before the idea even crosses their mind. It’s easy to attach and unlock, comes with two keys, and reasonably priced.

A few reviewers have had problems with quality control regarding some of the locking pins and the lock/key mechanism, such as keys bending or pins falling out when brand new. Be sure to test your lock thoroughly a few times before deploying to make sure it works for you.

For the price, this is definitely our top pick for a car wheel clamp. It’s a solid piece of gear, attaches and detaches easily, but thick enough to resist cutting and drilling.



  • Heavy-duty steel
  • Withstands up to 3500 lbs
  • Very visible
  • Easy to put on and remove with keys


  • Locks/keys can have issues

#2. Stoplock


This wheel clamp is a bit more heavy-duty and intense than the DiscountSeller one above – but boy does it get the job done. It’s built from heavy-duty steel, so it’s sturdy and resistant to power tools (though not entirely) and fits wheels from 13” to 15” wide, making it an excellent for cars, vans, caravans and trailers all at once. Very versatile.

Despite the confusing-looking design, it’s actually pretty easy to put on and remove (with the keys of course). Just fit it on the wheel, clamp the different arms tightly, and tighten it down. The bright yellow colour adds a bit of visibility.

A few people did find that the setup didn’t fit their wheels – particularly larger ones around 15” or greater, despite saying it will work with such wheels. And while the steel build is sturdy, each of the arms is not particularly thick.

Overall, it’s another great option for a wheel clamp. You will want to check and make sure it fits your wheel, and keep in mind that it is not the thickest metal. But it does a good job and is easy to use.



  • Steel build
  • Works on wheels 13”-15” wide
  • Resistant to power tools
  • Easy to use
  • Bright yellow for visibility


  • Not particularly thick
  • Doesn’t fit ALL wheels

#3. MAYPOLE Universal

MAYPOLE Universal

The Maypole Universal Wheel Clamp is another heavy-duty, straightforward and sturdy wheel clamp that gets the job done for not a lot of money. It’s adjustable to fit all tyres between 175mm and 225mm, clamping on with two thick, sturdy arms. The yellow and red colours add visibility, while the robust steel makes it difficult to cut through.

The fact that this wheel clamp comes with soft, PVC sleeves on the arms is great; it prevents scratches and damage to the outside of your wheel and rims, and keeps your car looking fresh and new. It comes with two keys, and you can feel the heftiness when putting it on.

Is it perfect? A few people have found that it does not actually fit all the sizes it says it will on the larger end, so it won’t fit all motorhome tyres. If left outside for long periods, the lock will also rust and get stuck, making it impossible to remove. And like other clamps, it’s not impervious to power saws.

All in all, however, most people really like it. It’s sturdy, extremely easy to use, comes with extra keys, and is thick and heavy enough to prevent driving away while it’s on, and cutting through it too easily.



  • Thick, heavy-duty steel
  • Fits tyres between 175mm and 225mm
  • PVC sleeves prevent scratches and scuffs
  • Bright yellow and red


  • Does not fit all larger motorhome tyres
  • Rusts

#4. Hyfive Heavy-Duty

Hyfive Heavy-Duty

This heavy-duty steel wheel clamp is very similar to the Maypole above; a thick, sturdy device to prevent the wheel from turning and prevent hacking or sawing. It fits wheels from 175mm to 225mm wide and claims to work with all small or medium size vehicles.

Like the Maypole above, it is bright-coloured yellow steel with red rubber sleeves to protect your wheel and rims and prevent scratching, scuffing or damage. The paint job is also designed to protect the metal from the elements – so you can leave it outside for extended periods of time. The locking mechanism is very heavy-duty and quality, too, and it comes with two keys.

The most common complaint we have gathered with this clamp is that the lock – while reliable itself – will rust after some extended time outside, preventing it from turning and releasing the clamp. Not a good thing, but apparently a common problem with some wheel clamps.

Overall, this is another good, reliable wheel clamp for a good price. It’ll do the job and resists power tools and angle grinders enough to act as a reasonable deterrent, and for the price, we see it being a good buy.


  • Bright yellow steel + red rubber
  • Weather-resistant paint job
  • Quality locking mechanism
  • Fits wheels 175mm to 225mm
  • Good price


  • Lock will rust over time

#5. Goodyear 022762

Goodyear 022762

Yet another great choice for a reliable, heavy-duty wheel clamp at a reasonable price, Goodyear’s option is made from some seriously thick, tough steel. While no clamp is entirely vandal-proof, this one will particularly difficult to remove. Like the others above, it has rubber sleeves on the arms to prevent scratching and damage to your alloy wheels. And, it’s a bright yellow steel, in order to deter thieves whenever possible.

Unlike many others, the Goodyear clamp claims to work with all tyre common sizes – cars, trucks, RV’s, etc. It can be a bit difficult to fit to some of the larger caravan size wheels, but you should be able to do it with some work.

The cons to this clamp tend to be the same cons common to other clamps; the lock mechanism is not as strong and reliable as it could be and tends to be the first thing to break or rust. The cover that is supposed to keep dirt and rain out is particularly cheap and flimsy and tends just to break or rattle around.

In the end, Goodyear did a pretty great job with this one. We actually don’t find the lock bad quality; it just tends to rust first. But the steel arms themselves are sturdy and heavy-duty, and we think this will do a great job keeping your car safe from all but the most determined thieves.


  • Heavy-duty, sturdy steel
  • Rubber sleeves to prevent scratches, damage
  • Bright yellow colour
  • Fits all common tyre sizes


  • Lock rusts easily, lock cover is cheap and breaks easily
  • Doesn’t fit larger caravan wheels

Wheel Clamps for Cars Buying Considerations

Wheel clamps may be exceedingly simple contraptions, but as with all tools – there are some things you should keep in mind when selecting and purchasing one.

Wheel Size

This is probably the first consideration you take into account. How wide are your tyres and how wide do you need the clamp to go? Most wheel clamps will fit wheels between 175mm and 225mm wide (roughly 6.5 to 8.88” wide), or wheels between 12” and 15” diameter. Larger ones do exist but are generally more expensive. If your wheels are smaller, you might have a harder time finding one.


Next, pay attention to how heavy-duty, thick and sturdy the metal used on the clamp is. Is it sturdy and heavy-duty, able to resist crowbars and cars driving away with it still attached? Can it be sawed through with an angle grinder? No wheel clamp is entirely tamperproof, but you want to choose the thickest and most tamperproof one possible to give yourself the best shot of resisting theft and vandalism.


This one seems almost superfluous, but if the clamp is going to scratch or dent your nice alloy rims or scuff up your tyres, do you really want to use it? The best wheel clamps come with some kind of rubber or PVC casing on the arms to prevent this from happening. Be gentle with it when tightening and taking on/off but be sure it’s securely fastened.

Final Word

There’s a whole range of different clamps out there for securing your car, each designed for different sized tyres and having different levels of strength to them. We’ve picked what we believe to be the best 5 wheel clamps in the UK for your car, though if you feel like there isn’t a model that fits your vehicle listed above, be sure to do some more browsing around to get the right security for your car, especially if it’s left out of view in a crime-ridden area at night.