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Best Fuel Injector Cleaners UK (Reviews) 2022

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Best Fuel Injector Cleaner UK

You want to have your motor in tip-top condition and have it run for as long as possible without running into issues right? After doing a certain amount of mileage in your car, things are going to start building up inside the engine, especially in older cars. Fuel injector cleaners are great for giving the fuel system a good clean out and clearing any nasty build-up that occurs.

Although it’s good practice to regularly give the car a good clean, both inside and out, you don’t need to be using an injector cleaner all the time, unless of course your motor is old and has done a lot of mileage. If you do decide that you want to use a petrol or diesel additive as part of your car maintenance routine, then here are 5 of the top fuel injector cleaners around in the UK currently.

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Best Fuel Injector Cleaners in the UK Reviews

#1. Cataclean CAT001

Cataclean is high-end stuff with a great reputation. This fuel injector and catalytic converter cleaner can help improve your engine performance and fuel consumption by up to 30% on extremely clogged cars (those kinds of numbers are rare, however). It works with both petrol and diesel vehicles, and makes quick work of dissolving resin, gum, carbon and other deposits throughout the fuel system and catalytic converter, as well as the oxygen sensor/lambda probe.

Cataclean recommends you use it once every 3 months, but you can likely get away with less on newer vehicles. And it really does work well; vehicles that hesitate or have trouble starting duel to clogged fuel injectors are usually up and running like a champ after a single cleaning – many of them reporting improved gas mileage, too.

Does it work all the time? No – some people have reported no improvement in their O2 readings. But that’s the nature of cleaners. It also does not have any fuel additives, which can be a pro or con depending on what you’re looking for.

Overall, however, Cataclean Engine and Catalytic Converter cleaner is high-quality treatment that improves almost all vehicles its used on. It’s affordable and reliable, and definitely our Top Pick for an all-around engine and catalytic cleaner. 


  • High-end cleaner
  • Very effective
  • Cleans Catalytic converter
  • Works with both diesel and petrol cleaners


  • No fuel additives
  • Doesn’t work on all cars

#2. STP Petrol Injector Cleaner

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This injector cleaner is designed for petrol engines – and while it’s a cheap solution, it’s still a very effective one. ST (that stands for Scientifically Treated Petroleum) is another top name in autocare, and their products are high-quality. This petrol injector cleaner doesn’t contain all the fancy stuff that more expensive solutions do, but it does an excellent job of cleaning out your fuel injectors of build-up and deposits, leaving them clear and unclogged for improved performance – with most users reporting excellent results.

STP also included fuel additives with this one. This helps keep your petrol from clumping up and sticking to the injectors – and throughout the fuel lines – in the first place, resulting in less need to clean the engine- and better performance at all times. Fuel consumption may not be hugely affected, but cars will pull easier and hesitate less.

Some people have pointed out that this cleaner won’t work on many newer cars, as newer models often have a special fuel cap that won’t allow all nozzles (of not the standard shape) to fit and pour. Try to fit it anyway, and you might end up spilling it all everywhere.

For a simple, reliable and totally affordable petrol injector cleaner with fuel additives, however, you can’t go wrong with STP. Your car will thank you.


  • Well-known, reliable brand
  • Effective cleaner. Less misfires, hesitation
  • Contains fuel additives for better performance + longer life


  • Spout doesn’t work with all cars.

#3. Archoil AR6400-D MAX Professional Diesel Engine

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Got a diesel engine that isn’t firing on all cylinders? You need Archoil. This is heavy-duty diesel injector cleaner that is designed to clean heavy deposits out of your diesel engine. And it works with all different parts of the engine, too: everything from the Turbo to the Diesel Particulate Filter, removing everything from carbon to lacquers to varnish.

Does it work? It sure does. A quick read of reviews online shows many happy customers, who have found it quickly and effectively removes buildup, gets their vehicle starting and running smoothly again, and even improves fuel consumption.

That doesn’t mean it works for ALL cars, of course. Some people see no improvement. And it’s kind of pricey for the amount you get; you could pick up several bottles of STP for this much. It also doesn’t include any fuel additives, if that is something you are looking for.

If you need a heavy-duty cleaner geared for use in diesel engines, however, Archoil’s MAX is a great choice. Your diesel car will be up and running fresh in no time, and you will likely only need to use it once or twice a year. 


  • Heavy-duty diesel cleaner
  • Cleans Turbo, DPF, and more
  • Removes lacquer, carbon, varnish
  • Reliable and effective


  • A bit pricey

#4. Redex RADD2201A Diesel fuel System Cleaner, 500 ml

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Redex is another great cleaner for diesel fuel injectors – and it’s a fraction of the price of the Archoil for an ever-larger bottle. From a well-known brand that’s been making fuel additives and car cleaners since the 1920’s, it does a fantastic job of cleaning out carbon buildup and other deposits, and leaves diesel engines running fresh and smooth.

It’s super easy to use; instructions are right on the side of the bottle, and all you have to do is pump in a few shots of the stuff. It also includes some high-quality fuel additives for improved performance and longer lifespan between cleanings. Best of all? It’s super cheap, and a little goes a long way.

Are there any unhappy customers with poor results? Definitely a few. Some people have reported that their MPG actually went down after using this a few times. That’s odd, and tough to attribute directly to the cleaner. And some people had no effect at all, though those mainly appeared to be people with newer vehicles – who may not need this type of cleaner in the first place.

If you’d like the performance and heavy-duty cleaning of a diesel cleaner with some fuel additives for enhanced lifespan, then this stuff truly rocks. And it’s so cheap you might as well stock up on it.


  • Affordable
  • Cleans out heavy carbon buildup from diesel engines
  • Contains diesel additives for better performance, enhanced lifespan
  • A little goes a long way


  • Doesn’t have much effect on newer cars
  • Isolated incidents of worsened gas mileage

#5. Forte Lubricants Specialist Car Fuel Petrol Injector Cleaner

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Rounding out our list of the best fuel injector cleaners is this petrol injector cleaner from Forte Lubricants. It’s a high-quality cleaner and additive designed to neutralize fuel acidity, remove lacquer and varnish deposits from the fuel lines and injectors, and improve fuel flow through injectors. And it works – really well, with many cars reporting much less hesitation, easier starting and improved fuel economy. Less misfiring as well. All that translates to a much snappier, much smoother ride.

Forte Lubricants Specialist is compatible with indirect, direct and dual injection systems, so it works with almost any car. It’s also compatible with catalytic converters, O2 sensors, and gasoline particulate filters, and works with all petrol including Ethanol up to E10. It’s price puts in right in the middle range of these kinds of fuel injector cleaners, but like some of the others – a little goes a long way.

Complaints? One person mentioned getting a terrible headache while pouring it in; it should be mentioned that all fuel injector cleaners are terrible to breathe in, so be careful and ONLY use outdoors with plenty of ventilation. Some people have also complained that they can get just as much for half the price with other brands.

Overall, Forte Lubricants is a high-end brand and this petrol injector cleaner does an excellent job – so we recommend it.


  • High-quality and effective at cleaning
  • Works with all fuel injection systems
  • Cleans catalytic converter, O2 sensors, etc
  • A little goes a long way


  • Don’t breathe it in

What You Need to Know About Fuel Injector Cleaners

Why Use One? When burned in your engine, fuel leaves behind solid carbon-based deposits that can build up and be tricky to remove. Fuel injector cleaners use a chemical called polyether amine (PEA) to dissolve these deposits and clean out the engine. It’s kind of like descaling your coffee maker to remove calcium deposits.

Carbon buildup in your fuel injectors can affect MPG negatively. It can also prevent your injectors from working properly, making it difficult to start the car. And finally, it’s important to keep them clean and clear in order to keep your car running smoothly.

How Often Should Fuel Injector Cleaners be Used?

Some people suggest that you only need to use a fuel injector cleaner if your injector is clogged and you are having issues. Other people suggest that fuel injector cleaners be used regularly – about once every 3000 miles, especially on older cars. On newer cars, it’s likely they will only need to be cleaned every 10,000 miles. Check your owner’s manual to see what they recommend – if anything. Using a cleaner every once in a while can prevent any issues from arising, especially on older cars.

What’s the Point of Fuel Additives?

Fuel additives can help extend how long your oil and fuel lasts, preventing it from degrading, clumping as it ages. You most likely do not need to use any if your car is a recent model – or if you drive it regularly. But if you have a car that you only drive every once in a while, or keep garaged or under a tarp for part of the year, then adding some fuel additives can prevent build-up and corrosion and keep your fuel injectors running smoothly for some time.

Final Word

Whether you have a petrol or diesel car, you should always look after it and be willing to spend a little extra to ensure you get the best out of it. Some motors are obviously going to need more maintenance than others due to age and mileage, but at least give your motor a chance by using one of our recommend top fuel injector cleaners on our reviews list above.