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Best Car Dent Removers UK (Reviews) 2022

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Best Car Dent Removers

Every car at some point ends up with a few scratches or dents during its lifespan, though if you’ve been involved in an accident, for example, your car may have a larger dent that needs some attention. Depending on the size of the dent, you may be able to repair it yourself without having to spend a lot of money to have an auto professional sort it out.

One solution that’s less expensive than having a professional sort it out is to purchase a car dent remover. These pullers are designed to simply be attached to the car, specifically on the dent, then used to try and pull the dent outwards and align it with the rest of the car as it should be.

We’ve selected what we believe to be the top car dent pullers that are available on the car to help get those dents out, without having to hand over lots of money to a professional.

Best Car Dent Removers in the UK Reviewed




Manelord Auto Body Repair kit


Manelord Auto Golden Dent Puller


Amtech J1870




Manelord Auto Body Repair Tool


#1. Manelord Auto Body Repair kit

Manelord Auto Body Repair kit

This is Manelord’s less-expensive auto body car dent puller. It uses glue to attach the puller tabs to the car, and then uses the principles of leverage to smoothly and easily pull the dents out of the metal. The dent bridge puller has a unique arch shape and allows you to adjust the spacing, so it fits the dents and shape of the car more efficiently. 

It’s no slouch, either; made from a sturdy high-carbon stainless steel, the bridge puller is a hefty and durable tool that can pull some serious dents without fail. And the pull tabs that come in contact with your car body are made from soft, high-quality rubber – so there worry of scratches or scuffing of that slick paint job.

The biggest con with this tool is that it doesn’t even come with the heat gun needed to melt the glue; you’ll need to purchase on yourself. Not really a big deal but can throw you for a loop when it arrives, and you want to get to work immediately. 

But apart from that, this is a seriously-hefty and strong dent puller that pulls dents like no other – and comes for a great price the belies its reliability and quality. We highly recommend it. 


  • High-quality build, high-carbon stainless steel
  • Adjustable, arched shape
  • Soft, rubber pull tabs
  • Pulls dents like a boss


  • Does not come with heat gun to melt glue

#2. Manelord Auto Golden Dent Puller

Manelord Auto Golden Dent Puller

If you thought Manelord’s dent puller above with sweet, you haven’t seen this bad boy yet. The Golden Dent Puller is even heavier-duty and high-quality, built from a legit carbon stainless steel and a solid, cut piece of aluminium for the body – which is then anodized gold to create corrosion resistance and strength for decades to come. Really.  It’s paired with more rubber puller tabs (which grab on to your vehicle without creating all those unsightly scratches). 

It comes with a ton of pull tab sizes, allowing you to find the exact size needed to pull the exact dents out of your vehicle. How does it work? Really well! It’s a reliable tool that gets the job done almost every time, especially on smaller dents. For larger dents, you will likely need to purchase a T-bar handle to really get the most leverage and force on every pull. 

Like the cheaper Manelord option, this one doesn’t come with a heat glue gun, so you’ll need to purchase your own before use. And some people have problems with the glue, finding that it doesn’t stick properly, especially in colder or very hot weather. 

But overall? This is another excellent choice for a dent puller. It’s a veritable beast of a machine and will pull even the largest dents, while also standing up to the elements and heavy use for years to come. 


  • Stainless Steel build
  • Cut aluminium, anodized gold body
  • Super strong, super durable
  • Quality rubber puller tabs


  • No glue gun
  • Could use a t-bar handle for bigger dents

#3. Amtech J1870 Heavy Duty Dual Suction Cup

Amtech J1870 Heavy Duty Dual Suction Cup

This suction cup puller is much simpler than Manelord’s glue pullers above, but it gets the job done just as well. It’s also built from some mega-sturdy plastic; not quite as durable as an anodized aluminium body, but good enough for the low price you can pick it up for.

One unique feature about this device is the dual-suction cup design; this allows for twice the suction and twice the traction on a single pull. It can pull 60kg at once. And the cups have pretty accommodating diameters of 115mm. 

The only problem with this design is that it can be too wide for many dents, especially much smaller ones. And the plastic levers that control the suction cups themselves are bit weak; cheap, even. They may not hold up to heavy use over time. The plastic handle is solidly built and the suction cups do an excellent job at gripping onto aluminium and even glass. And it has TONS of excellent reviews on Amazon to back that up. Can’t go wrong for this price. 


  • Affordable solid plastic build
  • Two suction-cup design
  • 60kg pull force


  • Two-cup design doesn’t work on all dents
  • Plastic levers on cups are cheap/weak

#4. Mookis Car Body Dent Repair Tools

Mookis Car Body Dent Repair Tools

This glue-puller from Mookis is a bit pricier than some of the other options, but it does an excellent job at pulling dents. It comes with a heavy-duty “gold” dent lifter – similar to the Manelord device but smaller and not quite as sturdy. It also includes a lineup of different size and different shape puller tabs, ensuring that this thing fits every car and all but the largest and widest of dents. 

The pull tabs are made from a sturdy plastic, while the dent lifter has soft, rubber padded feet to prevent dents and scratches during use. A body hammer and tap down are also included; these are made of durable, strong rubber. It even comes with a glue gun. 

The most common complaints with this dent puller kit include the glue, which just isn’t as strong and sticky as other high-quality glues. And the build quality for the dent puller just isn’t as good or as heavy-duty as better ones – despite the large price tag. 

For that reason, we think there are better options that deliver better return-on-your-investment. This kit has the added benefit of coming with an added glue gun, but the large price tag just doesn’t justify the quality of the device or the glue. 


  • Comes with a variety of pull tabs
  • Pulls dents reliably
  • Padded rubber feet
  • Comes with glue gun, tapdown, body hammer


  • Weak glue
  • Build quality/durability just isn’t good

#5. Manelord Auto Body Paintless Dent Repair Tool

Manelord Auto Body Paintless Dent Repair Tool

Another great budget option, this dent pull form Manelord isn’t nearly as high-end or as fancy as some of the others…but it sure gets the job done for not a lot of money. Once again, this dent puller uses leverage to get rid of those dents, and has an arched bridge that allows you to adjust the spacing to fit your car’s unique shape and dents. 

The dent puller itself is made from a sturdy plastic, while the feet have a soft foam to prevent scratching and protect your car body against damage. It also comes with 5 different size pull tabs, to ensure you have a selection for any size dent you need. A tap down pen is included as well. And did we mention that it’s cheap?

One thing we don’t like is that there no glue gun – though we guess that is to be expected for a kit this cheap. And some of the parts and components just aren’t all that high-quality; the screw inside the tightening handle, for example, tends to break or wear down to the point it can no longer tighten effectively. 

So, it’s not the highest-quality or heavy-duty piece. But it gets the job done and costs a lot less than the higher-end dent pullers on our list, making it a great value option when you’re on a budget. 


  • Affordable
  • Fits all different sizes of dents, cars
  • 5 pull tabs
  • Foam feet to prevent scratches, etc
  • Sturdy plastic build


  • No glue gun
  • Components aren’t the sturdiest. Screws tend to break. 

Car Dent Remover and Puller Buying Considerations

Everybody runs into dents and blemishes on their car at some point, and they are annoying and unsightly. Thankfully, thanks to the magic of car dent removers and pullers, they don’t have to be. Here’s what you need to keep an eye out for when choosing your next car dent remover.


Car dent removers are available in glue-pull, push-from-behind and suction cup styles. Suction cups are probably the most popular style – and the easiest to use by far. Suction cup pullers also come in different styles – some made for heavier-duty use and large, difficult suction cups. The other two are more complex and difficult to use, and probably best reserved for professional use for very large, difficult dents. 

Suction Cup Size

For suction cup dent removers, you need to be aware of exactly how large the suction cups are. Most suction cups will have a diameter anywhere form 3-6”, which is perfect for all but largest of dents. A suction cup too small won’t be able to cover larger dents, while a very large suction cup might cover too much of the car and get in the way of smaller dents. 

The Weather

Technically this one isn’t a consideration of the dent remover itself, but the weather outside can have a pretty significant impact on whether or not your suction cups or glue work. Too cold, and they won’t adhere or create a good seal. Too hot the glue can melt and run all over the place.

Final Word

Most of the kits and pullers that you’ll come across are relatively inexpensive, especially when comparing the price with what it would cost to take it to a garage and have the dent professionally repaired. Depending on the size of the dent, you should at least give one of these pullers or kits a try and get that car looking back to its best again.