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How to Use Snow Foam to Wash Your Car

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Washing A Car with Snow Foam

Snow foam is a technique that can help reduce scratches and swirls that may occur when you wash your car by hand. It’s a pre-wash that coats your car in a deep, cleansing lather to remove the contaminants that commonly cause scratches.

By using a snow foam mixture, you can remove dirt and stains before you wash, eliminating some of the work and making washing easier later. It requires the purchase of a pressure washer, a snow foam gun and the snow foam itself.

Here are the steps to take when using snow foam to wash your car:

Getting the Right Consistency

Your car should be dry to start. The first issue you may encounter is mixing the right consistency for your foam. If there is too much water, it won’t have time to set or work before running off the car, but if there’s not enough water, it won’t expand to cover your car as it should.

Every foam brand has its own formula, so read the instructions for use carefully and follow what’s on your box. There are a lot of brands out there, so you can try a couple to see which you like best.

After reading the instructions, mix up your foam in the bottle and then screw it onto the snow foam gun. On the gun, you will find a knob to adjust the pressure of the foam when you spray it. Experiment with the pressure to find what works for you and your car.

Time to Foam

You have your mixture, and you’ve experimented with the pressure. Now it’s time to foam your car. Use slow, sweeping motions side to side or up and down. This gives your car even coverage. Use a wide spray to foam faster and a narrow spray to target particular areas, but be careful. Your narrow jet spray may remove foam rather than adding it.

Let It Sit

After foaming your car, you need to leave it for a while. Letting the foam sit for ten minutes while you enjoy a cup of tea allows it to break down dirt and grime that may be sitting on the surface. The longer it sits, the more dirt it will pull away. If your car is very dirty, you can let it sit for longer. However, the minimum should be for ten minutes.


Now it’s time to rinse the foam away. Work from the top down, and watch as the dirt slides away with the foam. If you find that your foam job didn’t pull away as much dirt as you expected, you can repeat these steps again.

Clean Up

You are now ready to wash your car, only this time, it will be much easier than last because most of the dirt is already gone. There’s less risk of scratching because all the microscopic dust particles have been gently washed away.

It’s also critical to remember to wash your snow foam supplies so that they’re ready for next time. Empty the snow foam bottle, rinse it and then attach it to the pressure washer again to run clean water through it and rinse the filter.