Best EV Charging Cable Floor Cover Protectors UK (Reviews) 2021

Best EV Charging Cable Floor Cover Protector UK

Charging cable floor covers are perfect If you plan on running an EV cable along the ground. Choosing the right spot for an EV charging station at home is not always easy. Depending on the layout of your garage, house, or even if you live in a flat, the cable may need to extend across the ground for convenient recharging. Instead of leaving the cable exposed, you can simply slide the cable through a floor cover to protect it.

Floor cover protectors vary in size and design. However, they typically resemble long, rubber speed bumps. The cable runs through or under the heavy-duty protector. Adding a protective rubber cover protects the cable from weather, foot traffic, and vehicles. You do not need to worry about tripping or running over the charging cable. Some protectors also shield the cable from moisture, which is useful for outdoor charging stations.

To find the right option for your home EV charging station, compare our reviewed 5 top floor protector covers for EV charging cables, helping to minimize any damage to your trailing cables.

Best EV Charging Cable Floor Cover Protectors in the UK Reviews

#1. Allcam 2-Metre FCP Rubber Cable Protector

Allcam 2-Metre FCP Rubber Cable Protector

The Allcam 2-Metre FCP Rubber Cable Protector measures 200cm long and 20cm wide. This floor protector has a trapezoid shape with a low profile. It stands just 13mm off the ground at the highest point, creating less of a bump in the floor compared to some of the other floor protectors.

The cover is made from heavy-duty rubber and should hold up to frequent traffic. Cut through the centre of the floor protector is a rectangular cable channel. It measures 15 x 8mm, which should be large enough for running one or two cables.

The bottom of the floor protector has a slit. You simply insert the cable through the slit on the bottom and then position the floor protector wherever you choose. The top of the floor protector features two yellow stripes for increased visibility. Overall, this protector offers the best value for your money, thanks to its length and low price.


  • It is easy to install with no tools
  • The low-profile design creates less of a hazard
  • The heavy-duty material should offer years of use


  • The cable channel may be too small for large cables or multiple cables

#2. ReaseJoy 3 Channel Rubber Electrical Wire Cable Cover

ReaseJoy 3 Channel Rubber Electrical Wire Cable Cover

The ReaseJoy 3-Channel Rubber Cable Cover is designed for those who need to run multiple cables. It has three large channels, each measuring 6.5 x 5 centimetres. You can easily fit any EV charging cable or power lines to the charging station.

The large channels also increase the height of this floor protector. The height of 7cm may be an inconvenience in areas with frequent foot traffic. However, a car should have no problem rolling over the rubber speed bump.

The top of the cable cover has a bright yellow lid. Opening the lid exposes the channels, allowing for quick and easy installation. The design is also modular with jigsaw ends for connecting multiple covers.

Along with easy installation, the bright yellow lid increases the visibility of the cover. However, this cable cover may not work for everyone. The large size is inconvenient and unnecessary for those running a single cable. This is one of the widest covers available, measuring 49 centimetres wide. With a length of just 92cm, you may also need to purchase multiple covers.


  • It includes three separate channels
  • The lid makes it easier to lay cable
  • You can install additional protectors with no tools


  • May be too bulky for a single cable

#3. AGPTEK Floor Cord Covers

AGPTEK Floor Cord Covers

The AGPTEK Floor Cord Cover offers protection for multiple cables thanks to an open-cell design with three separate channels. The middle channel can hold two cables up to 15mm thick while the side channels can hold thinner cables. The bottom of each channel has a slit for inserting the cable.

This is another low-profile floor protector, recommended for use in areas where you walk frequently. The height of 17mm eliminates any tripping hazard. It also has bright yellow stripes for increased visibility.

It measures two metres long and is made from durable rubber. Due to the length and low cost, this cover provides a good value for running long cables. The AGPTEK cover is also very narrow, measuring just 8.3 centimetres wide.

It is a discreet cover, which may appeal to those who want to hide the cables from view. As with the previous options, the cables are completely enclosed in the centre of the cover, making it suitable for use indoors or outdoors.


  • Is easy to use, thanks to the slits on each channel
  • Includes three channels in a space-saving design
  • Offers low-profile design for areas with foot traffic


  • Not designed to withstand the weight of cars running over it

#4. Heavy Duty Black Rubber Floor Cable Cover

Heavy Duty Black Rubber Floor Cable Cover

This heavy-duty rubber floor cable cover is built for rugged use. It can withstand the weight of vehicles, making it an ideal solution for garages and driveways.

The cover measures 300 x 10 x 3 centimetres. It is narrow and long, offering more value per metre. However, it only has a single channel. It measures about 22mm in diameter, offering enough space for a typical EV charging cable.

Instead of adding a slit on the bottom of the channel, this cover has a slit on the top. This makes installation a little easier. However, the slit may not create a watertight seal in some spots over time, exposing the cable to moisture or rain.

Due to the larger channel for running cable, this floor protector is also relatively tall. If you are worried about people tripping over the floor protector, this may not be the best option. It measures 30mm at the peak and lacks safety stripes. However, it is durable and affordable.


  • It can support the weight of vehicles
  • It offers three metres of protection
  • The thick, rubber material should not shift or slip in place


  • The cover is relatively tall

#5. Morland Protect Rubber Cable Cover Mat

Morland Protect Rubber Cable Cover Mat

The Morland Protect Rubber Cable Cover is a mat that you place over the cable instead of running the cable through a hole. The bottom of the mat has skid-resistant backing and an integrated cable run.

This mat measures 120cm long and 40cm wide. It is also one of the shallowest options with a height of just 0.5cm. The wide design and shallow profile minimise any inconvenience of running a cable across the ground. You can easily walk, roll, or drive over the mat.

The mat is made from industrial nitrile rubber. It is naturally oil-resistant and intended for indoor or outdoor use. Unfortunately, this cover does not protect the cable from moisture or ground temperatures. It may not be the best option for covering cable outdoors in areas where water accumulates during heavy rainfall.

Advantages include the wide, shallow design and unique surface. The top of the mat has a textured surface to reduce the risk of slipping and bright yellow marking for extra visibility.


  • There is no need to run the cable through the protector
  • Bright yellow markings help highlight the protector
  • It has a lower profile compared to other protectors


  • Does not shield the cable from the ground

Floor Cover Protector for EV Charging Cables Buying Considerations

Weight Capacity

If you intend to run cable in an area where vehicles may run over the cable, look for covers that can withstand the weight of the typical vehicle. Some of the smaller covers are only intended for use in areas that receive foot traffic, such as the sides of your garage or a walkway.

Cable Channel Size

You should also consider the thickness and number of cables. The cable channels inside the covers vary in size. The smaller channels may only fit a single cable. There are also covers with multiple channels for running more than one cable.

Location Setup

Installation is not a major issue, as most of the covers include slits or lids for inserting the cables. However, you should think about unique requirements, such as cutting the cover to fit around obstructions in the garage or positioning it at an angle against a wall. If you need to cut the cover, look for the basic rubber covers such as the AGPTEK Floor Cord Cover. You can easily cut the material with a utility knife.

Always measure the distance that you need to cover. The floor protectors vary in length from just under one metre to three metres. If you need to cover an entire garage, you may save money by choosing one of the longer covers.

Final Word

To choose the best EV charging cable floor cover protector, compare the dimensions of each option and the size of the cable channels that they offer. If the channel is too small, you may not be able to fit your cables in safely.

As a final suggestion, pay attention to the height of the floor protector. If you want to avoid tripping over the protector, look for low-profile designs or a flat mat with a cable run.

Last Updated On: February 26, 2021.

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