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Best Car Wheel Chocks UK (Reviews) 2022

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Best Car Wheel Chocks UK

Wheel chocks are a nice little safety addition if you regularly park on a hill or incline and don’t want to rely on your parking brake entirely. Parking brakes are obviously designed to ensure that your vehicle doesn’t roll away when parked, but parking brakes like anything are prone to general wear and tear, and might not 100% be able to secure your motor on a slope fully.

These sturdy wedges are simply placed on the ground where you intend to park, then you reverse until the rear tyres are up against the chocks. This, along with the brake, will be enough to stop your tyres from moving and is even ideal for making sure your car is stationary before attempting to use a trolley jack underneath it. Have a look at our 5 top chocks for car wheels recommendations for extra security.

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Table of Contents

Best Car Wheel Chocks in the UK Reviews

#1. SNS SAFETY LTD RWC-1 Rubber Wheel Chock

SNS SAFETY LTD RWC-1 Rubber Wheel Chock

These wheel chocks by SNS Safety LTD. are a must-have for any loading dock. They will keep even the largest and heaviest trucks in place easily, and as a result, can save the lives of anyone that may be working in or around the loaded truck.

These chocks are made by 100 percent recycled rubber and are densely manufactured to provide heavy-duty quality and capabilities. They’re easier to carry than heavy concrete and will not chip or crack when used.


  • Heavy-duty rubber is lighter than concrete and will not chip or crack
  • Features a handle for convenient transportation
  • Comes as a package of one or two chocks
  • Made of 100% recycled rubber that will not slip or lose grip
  • Can keep even large freight trucks in place and secured safely


  • The chocks are a bit on the expensive side and only come in packs of one or two

#2. Draper 54500 Rubber Wheel Chocks

Draper 54500 Rubber Wheel Chocks

Draper Tools is a family-run company that has made its name for over 90 years by selling high-quality tools in the United Kingdom. They abide by strict ethical and quality standards that show in their finished products, and these wheel chocks are no different.

These chocks come in bundled pairs and can be bought as packaged sets of one, two, or three pairs, and even with the addition of steel jack stands for maintenance use. These chocks can be used for a variety of purposes.


  • Comes in singles, two-packs, three-packs, and with steel jack stands
  • A single package contains a pair of chocks
  • Manufactured to EU standards
  • Backed by a manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Great for working with trolley jacks, scissor jacks, bottle jacks, axle stands, and on slopes or inclines


  • Some customers felt that the chocks were too small to trust with their vehicle

#3. Sealey WC01 Rubber Chock

Sealey WC01

These care wheel chocks are great for providing support and stability to cars, light commercial vehicles, and HGV’s. The Sealey WC01 Rubber Wheel Chocks will prevent your vehicle being moved or shifting out of place while parked on an incline or being jacked onto a level surface.

These chocks are said to have a particularly pungent odour, even when left outside for a few days to air out. If you happen to be sensitive to strong smells, these may not be the right chocks for you to use.


  • Come in pairs
  • Available in different sizes, 1.8kg and 3.3kg
  • Great for cars and vehicles that do not exceed 4 tonnes
  • Prevents vehicle movement on inclined surfaces not exceeding 15 degrees
  • Sturdy and slip-resistant with fantastic grip


  • They don’t smell great, even after being left outside to air out.

#4. Silverline 525748 Wheel Folding Steel

Silverline 525748 Folding Steel

The Silverline Folding Steel Wheel Chocks are a great example of the quality that you would expect from a brand like Silverline. Recognized and trusted throughout the UK and Europe, Silverline’s range of tools meet every possible demand and are comprehensive and versatile. They pass through intensive testing to make sure you receive the best possible product.

These heavy-duty steel chocks are highly-visible in even inclement weather conditions, so whether you use them on an outdoor hill or incline or within the confines of a garage, you’ll be able to see where they are and where they’re being positioned. These chocks are backed by a three-year guarantee through Silverline.


  • Constructed with heavy-duty, rust-resistant steel
  • Bright orange colouring makes them easy to see with high visibility
  • Great to use with cars, caravans, and light trucks
  • Fold up for easy storage and convenience
  • Great for parking on hills or carrying out routine maintenance


  • These chocks are a bit smaller than you expect
  • Aren’t suited for large trailers or extremely heavy-duty jobs

#5. ProPlus 341347 with Handle Brake Wedges

ProPlus 341347 with Handle Brake Wedges

The ProPlus Wheel Chocks with Handle Brake Wedges are made f a surprisingly durable plastic and have a unique, rigid design that holds vehicle wheels in place and keeps the chocks firmly on the ground where it needs to be to prevent any vehicle rolling.

These particular chocks are great for caravan and car trailers. They are lightweight and feature convenient carrying handles that make them easily portable.


  • Two wheel chocks with handles in each package
  • Great for preventing unintentional car rolling
  • Durable design with ridges to help prevent sliding or slippage
  • The great grip keeps both the chocks and your vehicle in place
  • Can handle even larger vehicles such as maintenance vans


  • Plastic construction tends not to be as durable or reliable as rubber or metal
  • Chocks were a little small

Wheel Chock for a Car Buying Considerations

Many factors should go into your decision-making process when you shop for car wheel chocks. Choosing the wrong wheel chocks could result in damage to your vehicle, the chocks themselves, or even you under some circumstances. Here are some things to keep in mind when picking out wheel chocks for your own personal use.

Shape and Size

The shape of your wheel chocks is an important factor to consider when you’re looking for a quality, dependable chock for your needs. Wheel chocks can come in different shapes, but all of them have some kind of inclined plane in their design. This is to keep your vehicle still and steady, preventing it from rolling, shifting, or moving unnecessarily.

Make sure, also, that you choose wheel chocks that are size-appropriate for your vehicle. Chocks that are too lightweight may slip out of place or break under the weight of your vehicle. Read the manufacturer’s specifications to be sure that the chocks will work with your car, or contact your car’s manufacturer to see what chocks they might recommend for use.

Material and Type

There are primarily four different materials used to make car wheel chocks, and the overall durability of the chocks depends heavily on the material that they’re constructed from.


Chocks made of this material are usually very lightweight and are often the cheapest of the options to use. Additionally, they tend to be the least durable and will usually have the lowest weight ratings, so they’re best used for smaller cars, motorcycles, and similar small, lightweight vehicles.


These aren’t as cheap as plastic but tend to still be affordable for almost any budget type. They are heavier than plastic chocks and come in different grades, from medium to heavy-duty. While they’re more durable than plastic, they can be worn out from inclement weather elements. Some rubber chocks have fibrous reinforcements blended in or have metallic attachments to prolong their longevity.


Chocks made of metal are typically made of aluminum, steel, or some combination of the two. Steel chocks are the sturdiest, but aluminum ones are lightweight and rust-free.


These chocks aren’t all that commonplace today, as they were some of the earliest chocks used. They’re cheap and effective but tend not to have a good grip on floors. Additionally, they may absorb water, oil, and other liquids that may cause swelling or warping if the finish on them wears away.


The grip of your chosen chock is one of the most important factors for regular use. The grip is a determination of how much friction the chock will produce on the underside against the floor as well as on the upper side that holds against the vehicle’s tyres. The material of the chock plays a huge role in determining the grip, as well as the availability of any chock spikes or notches in the chock itself.

Of the chock material types, rubber has the most natural grip. But, regardless of the material, look for any notches, grooves, or ridges in the chock, as these design differences can help to produce as much grip as possible.

The Final Word

Wheel chocks are relatively common for parking on slopes or hills as they are relatively cheap and reliable for ensuring your motor does not roll backwards. They can also be used as part of a garage setup to ensure the motor does not move when attempting to jack it up. All the models selected in our best car wheel chock list are suitable for stopping car tyres, providing you have purchased the right size of stop for your vehicle.