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Best Car Snow Foam Shampoos UK (Reviews) 2022

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Best Car Snow Foam Shampoo UK

If you’ve had trouble getting rid of swirls or streaks after washing your car, you may be missing an important step in the process. A pre-wash in car snow foam shampoo can help to soften dirt and loosen larger particles, like grit, bugs and bird droppings away from the surfaces of your vehicle. By doing this, it eliminates most of the contaminants on your car before a manual wash takes place, and results in fewer swirls, scratches, and abrasions.Apply the snow foam formula with a pressure washer that has a lance attached to it, allowing you to foam up your vehicle for a good washdown. This pre-solution may be an extra expense you don’t want to shell out for, but if you want the absolute best clean possible for your car, you need to be using a top snow foam car shampoo solution.

Best Car Snow Foam Shampoos in the UK Reviews

Image Shampoo Volume Price
Pro-Kleen Cherry

1. Pro-Kleen Cherry

Top Pick


Autoglym Polar Blast

2. Autoglym Polar Blast


Turtle Wax 53111 pH Neutral

3. Turtle Wax 53111 pH Neutral

2.5L, 5L

Dirtbusters Car Candy

4. Dirtbusters Car Candy

5L, available in 1, 2, 3 quantity

CarPlan CDW201 Demon

5. CarPlan CDW201 Demon


#1. Pro-Kleen Cherry Snow Foam with Wax

Pro-Kleen Cherry Snow Foam with Wax

If you want a way to safely remove or soften stubborn dirt, contaminants, or general grime from the surface of your car, you should consider getting the Pro-Kleen Cherry Snow Foam with Wax. This car snow foam shampoo has been designed and engineered to be perfect for use on all kinds of vehicular bodywork, windows, mirrors, and alloys.

This super thick, non-caustic foam will cover every inch of your car evenly, making sure it’s clean while simultaneously leaving a glossy finish. That’s because this foam has a generous amount of wax included in it, helping to protect your car from the handwashing portion of your washing routine.

Additionally, this foam comes in a range of fragrances to suit your needs, including cherry, orange, apple, watermelon, and pineapple.


  • Super thick, non-caustic foam slings to your car for an optimum cleaning experience
  • Contains a rich blend of high-quality ingredients and wax to give your car a gleaming finish
  • The non-caustic formula is great for use on all exteriors and in all lances
  • Available in a variety of fragrances to suit your preferences
  • Safely removes even the most stubborn contaminants


  • Foam is sometimes not thick enough for some vehicles

#2. Autoglym Polar Blast

Autoglym Polar Blast

When you want to get a full line of fantastic detailing products for your car, you can count on Autoglym. Autoglym’s Polar Blast, Wash, and Seal are all you’ll need to complete a routine wash on your vehicle. The pre-wash car snow foam, Polar Blast, is what we’ll be looking at today, however.

This rich, snowy foam has a superior cling that will attach to your car and clean it thoroughly, loosening up all kinds of grime, dirt, and other contaminants or debris. This is a pH neutral formula that won’t corrode or damage your car with acids, and it’s safe to use on all kinds of paints, coatings, and waxes. Using this snow foam will help to reduce the risk of any scratches or swirls that may develop as a result of the vehicle being washed.


  • Can be easily applied with any pressure washer and foam lance
  • The pH neutral formula will not damage or corrode any existing layers of paint, polish, or wax on your car
  • Is part of a complete line-up of car wash and care products, so you get consistent and fantastic results
  • Loosens and helps to remove dirt, grime, and other debris and contaminants
  • Superior cling allows it to stay on your vehicle and really loosen dirt


  • May not smell the best

#3. Turtle Wax 53111 Snow Foam pH Neutral Thick Car Shampoo

Turtle Wax 53111 Snow Foam pH Neutral Thick Car Shampoo

Turtle Wax is a brand that’s known for making great detailing products. The 53111 Snow Foam pH Neutral Thick Car Shampoo is a shining example of the quality you’ll get from Turtle Wax.

The foam, once active and sprayed onto your car, will encapsulate any traffic film, grease, oils, and grime before lifting them from the surface of your car. The advanced hydrophobic polymers allow for streak-free rinsing after the pre-wash foam has settled and been allowed time to work and be agitated.

This formula is safe for all types of paintwork, alloy wheels, and trims.


  • The thick foam shampoo will remove traffic film, dirt, and grime with ease
  • Comes in 2.5L and 5L, and also has an option to purchase two 5L containers
  • Formulated with advanced hydrophobic polymers for a streak-free rinse
  • Safe for all types of trim, paintwork, and alloy wheels
  • Pleasant cherry scent


  • Instructions for use a little inclear

#4. Dirtbusters Car Candy

Dirtbusters Car Candy

If you’re looking for a professional quality finish on your car, the Dirtbusters Car Candy Snow Foam Shampoo is a fantastic choice. This foam shampoo is used frequently by professional detailers and shops to give you the ultimate shine on your car.

It contains a polymer finishing gloss treatment that will adhere to the bodywork of your vehicle during application. This powerful cleaner contains no caustic or otherwise harmful chemicals, but will leave your car looking cleaner and shinier.


  • Premium-grade thick snow foam with a glossy wax finish
  • The safe formula is suitable for all snow lances
  • Cherry candy scented fragrance is pleasant
  • This formula is frequently used by professional detailers
  • Emulsifies and encapsulates dirt and grime deposits for easy removal and rinsing


  • The application of this foam can sometimes be annoying with the foam sliding off their vehicle prematurely

#5. CarPlan CDW201 Demon Foam

CarPlan CDW201 Demon Foam

This is one of the best pre-wash snow foam shampoos that you can use on your car to get it showroom ready. It’s suitable for all exterior surfaces on your car including plastics, alloys, and metals as well as any kind of paint finish.

This specially-formulated foam is dense and clings effortlessly to paintwork and vehicle surfaces, lifting dirt and other contaminants for easy removal and rinsing. The high-performance detergents will remove all traces of traffic film as well. It leaves a spotless, streak-free finish on your vehicle that’s guaranteed to shine.


  • Available with a car wash mitt or just the foam shampoo
  • Pleasant cherry fragrance
  • Dense foam clings to your vehicle to lift dirt and other contaminants
  • Powerfully removes traffic film, dirt, grease, and grime


  • This formula may cause allergic reactions or skin irritation if you come in contact with the concentrated formula

Shampoo Snow Foam for a Car Buying Considerations

Fragrance and Wax

While this should probably not be the most important factor to consider, it’s one you may want to account for so you aren’t stuck waiting for the foam to work its magic while smelling something unpleasant. Many snow foams are made with scents like cherry, apple, and melon to make the washing process more pleasant.

Additionally, you may want a snow foam that offers additional shine and protection. Many formulas will have some kind of wax added into the foam concentrate. These will not only clean your car but will produce a glossy finish that will help to protect your vehicle during the handwashing portion of your maintenance routine.

Safety and Dilution Ratios

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a car snow foam shampoo that has ingredients that will damage your car, but it’s still good practice to check anyway. You should be able to clean the paintwork, windows, and wheels of your car without any worry that the snow foam you’re using will damage any wax or protective coatings. Finding a pH neutral snow foam is also advised.

You also want to pay attention to the dilution ratio of the foam you’re buying. These ratios will usually determine how long your foam will last. Some formulas do not need to be diluted, while others need to be heavily-diluted. It boils down to your preferences and how you plan to apply the foam to your vehicle.

What Type of Snow Foam Do You Need?

There are three primary types of car snow foam shampoo. The type of foam you’ll want to buy is dependant on what you want it to accomplish during your regular car washing maintenance routine.

Decontaminating Foam

Decontaminating car snow foam is made up of ingredients that will loosen tar or iron fallout specifically. It’s great for removing particularly stubborn contaminants on your car without having to scrub or buff your car excessively.


Cleansing Foam

This is the most commonly used snow foam type. Cleaning foam will loosen up general dirt and grime without damaging your car’s wax or clear coat.


Deep Cleansing Foam

The deep cleaning foams are the strongest of the three types of car snow foam. It will remove everything from traffic film to dirt and grime, and will even help to remove tar and iron fallout under most circumstances. Unfortunately, it will also typically remove most wax and sealants from your vehicle’s surface and can negatively affect any coatings on your car. Because of how powerful this form of foam is, you want to exercise caution and discretion when using it.

The Final Word

Having a proper pre-wash should be an essential part of any casual or detailing car wash routine, and can be the difference between a beautifully slick-looking motor, and one that’s covered in swirl or streak marks from an incomplete wash. We’ve picked out the best car snow foam shampoos out there on the market, ensuring the best-looking finish to your vehicle after a wash down. The Pro-Kleen cherry solution is our number 1 choice overall, being a very popular choice for a reason.