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Best Car Reversing Cameras UK (Reviews) 2022

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Best Car Reversing Camera UK

Car reversing cameras are as simple as they sound, to help you when reversing your car. If you’re not the most confident driver, especially when reversing into awkward spaces, then these rear-view backup cameras are a good way to help relieve any parking anxiety you have. They’re not just for parking though and can help you with your reversing in general, or even just give you some extra rear-view vehicle protection.

Most modern car manufacturers are now integrating these cameras into their car designs, but if you don’t have one built-in, then check our out recommended 5 top cameras for reversing your car in the UK, giving you more confidence when reversing your vehicle anywhere.

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Table of Contents

Best Car Reversing Cameras in the UK Reviews

#1. AUTO-VOX TD2 Digital Wireless Reversing Camera

AUTO-VOX TD2 Digital Wireless Reversing Camera

The AUTO-VOX digital wireless reversing camera provides most of the extra benefits you would possibly want to find in a product. Though it maintains a steady focus on safety for both you and pedestrians, it does so while incorporating a lot of the more sought after technological advancements.

In addition to the decently sized LCD screen, this reversing camera also includes night vision to make sure that you have the best possible view of your surroundings both day and night. The wireless capabilities found with this camera make installation even more simplistic and capitalizes on its digital transmission feature.

One of the most useful features included with this particular wireless reversing camera is its automatic display. Once the connected vehicle has started to move, the camera will automatically start to operate allowing you the peace of mind necessary to seamlessly transition in your vehicle.


  • Includes night vision capability
  • Waterproof exterior to allow greater placement versatility
  • Allows for digital transmission rather than hardwired


  • Not as durable as it could be

#2. BOSCAM K7 Digital

BOSCAM K7 Digital

Among the many reversing cameras available, the BOSCAM K7 reversing camera is one of the most versatile and high-quality options. In addition to its wireless setup, those who may prefer a hard wired connection can also use this to effectively suit their needs.

The 5″ LCD screen provides a widescreen angle of your surroundings, however, the camera also has 6 different adjustable angles to choose from. This alleviates any concerns related to blind spots or odd angles when trying to safely reverse your vehicle.


  • Large 5” LCD screen
  • Wireless connection which eliminates the need for multiple cables
  • Adjustable rear camera angle


  • Does not have recording capabilities
  • Installation is not as seamless as other options

#3. Uzone WiFi Wireless Backup

Uzone WiFi Wireless Backup

The Uzone backup reversing camera is a more unique choice. Unlike many of the other products available on the market, this reversing camera does not include a separate screen for mounting purposes. Instead, it transmits information wirelessly to your mobile device. This could prove to be convenient due to the lack of additional equipment needed for installation.

The camera base can be placed almost anywhere on the vehicle as it is magnetic and has been reported to be highly successful. Additionally, the camera includes night vision to illuminate your view in even the dimmest conditions. The battery for the camera is rechargeable with a charger that is USB compatible enhancing the convenience factor found with this product. This is highly ideal for someone who wants an effective yet minimal setup.


  • Connects to mobile device minimizing the amount of equipment needed
  • Waterproof rearview camera
  • Magnetic camera base
  • Rechargeable camera battery


  • Does not include separate screen and relies solely on cellular phone

#4. Uzone IP67 Car Backup Cam

Uzone IP67 Car Backup Cam

The Uzone IP67 Backup camera is similar to the previous Uzone model except for a few aspects. The rearview camera is waterproof making it suitable for multiple climates and environments despite weather concerns, and it also the capability of providing a 170-degree angle view when night vision is enabled on the device.

Though this does require that your vehicle already has a display set up in its console and is not wireless, it still provides a solid and reliable choice for those who may want a companion accessory to connect the dots or provide an additional element to their vehicle’s existing set up.


  • Includes HD output
  • Waterproof rearview camera
  • Includes up to 170-degree night vision angle


  • Requires more installation than other options
  • Doesn’t include separate

#5. AUTO-VOX M1 Reversing Backup Camera

AUTO-VOX M1 Reversing Backup Camera

The AUTO-VOX M1 reversing backup camera has a great many benefits. Similar to the previous AUTO-VOX camera on our list, it includes a waterproof rearview camera, as well as a fairly simple installation process. For those that are not the most technically savvy, you should be able to install this system using one wire that connects both the monitor and camera to the 12V light source in your vehicle.

As with many of the other reversing backup cameras, you will also have the benefit of night vision as well to ensure you have a full view of what you need to see when backing up. If you’re hesitant about the design of this particular camera, you’ll also get some additional comfort due to the 12-month warranty included.


  • One wire installation
  • Waterproof rearview camera
  • Both monitor and camera can use the same power source
  • 12-month warranty


  • Night vision feature is not as comparable to similar products

Reversing Camera for Cars Buying Considerations

LCD Screen

While rearview backup cameras are highly desired and, in most cases, efficient the layout of your dashboard could ultimately help to determine which reversing camera will suit your needs. Each car reversing camera available will use a screen to transmit data from the camera located at the back of your vehicle. In some cases, the installation kit will come with an LCD screen, however, there are times in which the camera you purchase may rely on your cellphone or existing vehicle dashboard display. When choosing your preferred camera, it is important to consider what is most convenient for you, as well as whether or not the screen size being used is big enough for you to view everything you need to see.

Camera Mounting

When choosing a reversing camera for your car, one of the most important elements to review is the location where the camera will be mounted. Just like there are many types of rearview cameras, there are numerous places where these devices can be mounted. It is important to purchase a backup camera that will allow you to get the greatest amount of visibility. Some brands offer brackets for mounting purposes, while others are magnetic or even require screws to complete the installation. Before making your purchase, make sure to evaluate your particular vehicle to see which option will work best.

Image Sensor

One of the main reasons to purchase a backup reversing camera is to prevent potential accidents or collisions that may occur due to a lack of vision. Most backup cameras use CCD or CMOS sensors. The type of image sensor included could greatly affect the quality of the output received in your display. Generally, CCD sensors are better adapted than CMOS sensors and rely more heavily on digital elements to provide the best possible quality. CMOS sensors can still be effective, but may not always provide the best quality picture would obscure some of the necessary vision needed in lower light settings.

Dashboard Space

The amount of space you have on your dashboard for a backup camera display will play heavily into your final decision. It is important to determine whether or not you would like to use hardware already included in your vehicle or if you have the space to accommodate one of the LCD screens associated with the various models. Additionally, you should also consider whether or not your dashboard will allow mounts to adhere to it easily or if your cellular phone may be easier to use as a screen.

The Final Word

Reversing backup cameras are growing in popularity and efficiency, especially considering most car manufacturers include them as part of their design now. Though each of these models are different, they all provide the safety needed to ensure you are aware of your rear surroundings and avoid any unnecessary or potential issues.

Whether you choose one of the newest reversing backup camera models or one that requires a little more installation and maintenance, the benefits of having one certainly outweighs not having that extra protection. Our list of the 5 best car reversing cameras will help you pick the right camera for your vehicle and give you more confidence and protection when reversing.