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Best Car Ramps UK (Reviews) of 2022

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Best Car Ramps UK

If you’re a fan of handling maintenance and detailing yourself, chances are you might have skipped certain aspects if you don’t own a good set of car ramps. Negligence like that can result in high repair costs and even irreversible damage to your vehicle. It’s much cheaper in the long-run to invest in a set of quality car ramps so that you can manage these aspects yourself if you’re so inclined. Alternatively, you may just need a set of quality ramps to get over curbs, or to position your vehicle up onto a lift.

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Table of Contents

Best Car Ramps in the UK Reviews

#1. Heavy-Duty Metal 2.5 Tonne Ramps

Heavy-Duty Metal 2.5 Tonne Ramps

These heavy-duty metal ramps are solidly built and are great for all makes and models of vehicles. If you have a vehicle with lower ground clearance, these ramps are compatible with the Ramp Mate extensions, though they are sold separately. The good news is that these ramps have an extra-wide design from the very beginning, which will allow cars with wider, sportier, or performance wheels to fit just as well as any standard-width wheels would.

These are not expensive car ramps and are particularly budget-friendly for most enthusiasts or mechanics. However, it should be noted that some customers received ramps that had particularly sharp edges and welds along the bottom of their ramps. These are easy to file or trim down, but be careful when initially receiving your product in the post.


  • Combined weight capacity of 2.5 Tonnes
  • Extra-wide design for vehicles with wider wheels
  • Durable blue finish
  • Compatible with Ramp Mate extensions for vehicles with lower ground clearance
  • Great for home or professional use


  • Upon arrival, many customers found that the edges along the bottom of these ramps were sharp and needed to be filed or trimmed down for safe handling

Verdict: Best Overall

#2. Cougar 2.5 Tonne Ramps

Cougar 2.5 Tonne Ramps

If you want a pair of car ramps that have a traditional style and colour scheme, the Cougar CRW25 car ramps will perfectly suit your needs. These ramps are suitable for most cars and vehicles, though their lightweight design might work more favourably with smaller, lighter vehicles. Their manageable 5kg per unit makes them easy to move around as needed, as well.

Extensions are available when required through the same manufacturer, so don’t worry if your car happens to have a lower profile. Otherwise, they work really well for most needs and, additionally, have a budget-friendly cost.


  • Weight capacity of 2.5 Tonnes
  • Wide ramp design for use with wider wheel types
  • Suitable for cars, SUVs, and vans
  • Extensions are available


  • Some customer reviews say that these ramps don’t look as sturdy as they claim to be, though others insist that they comfortably carry the weight despite appearances

#3. SwitZer Metal Car Ramps

A well-known name in the world of car ramps, SwitZer has made it a point to stand out with these impressive metal car ramps. These are by far the most costly ramps on our review here, but they absolutely live up to the quality that you would expect with such a price tag.

For starters, these ramps have built-in hydraulic jacks. That increases their ground clearance significantly, from 270mm to 375mm. The wheel grooves are solid, hatched plates that will comfortably accommodate wheels that are up to 245mm wide.

These ramps may be a bit on the heavy side, but that’s due to their heavy-duty steel construction. This heavy-duty construction allows each ramp to easily, confidently hold up to two tonnes apiece, so you shouldn’t have to worry about overbearing the weight capacity. These are perfect for use in any environment, from your home to your workshop to even a professional mechanic garage.


  • Ramps have built-in hydraulic jacks
  • Individual lifting capacity of 2 Tonnes per ramp
  • Height is adjustable from 270mm to 375mm
  • Great for use at home, in a professional environment, or within workshops
  • Durable steel construction


  • Some reviewers were not happy with the shipping arrangements of this product but claim the product itself is outstanding

#4. Rhyas Heavy-Duty

Rhyas Heavy-Duty

If some of the other choices on our list here didn’t make you feel, at first glance, as if they were the most stable choices, then the Rhyas should help to alleviate your worries. With ten cross beams for increased stability, these heavy-duty car ramps will accommodate wheels that are up to 210mm wide and will give you a height clearance of approximately 270mm.

These ramps are great for use anywhere, from your home to a professional garage, and will allow you to feel safe and secure while working under your vehicle. The packaging may not seem ideal upon delivery, but rest assured that the vast majority of reviews for this product were overwhelmingly positive despite that fact.


  • Multiple cross beams for added stability
  • Ideal for workshops, garages, and home use
  • Combined 2 Tonne weight capacity
  • Good value for the product quality


  • Some customers felt that the ramps had a short length and were not optimal for lower-profile vehicles
  • Some customers had issues with the way this product was packaged and delivered but enjoyed the product itself.

#5. Carpoint Cougar

Carpoint Cougar

These ramps are a fantastic addition to any home or workshop where you might need to crawl under a vehicle for regular maintenance. With a low price tag, these won’t break the bank and will allow you to keep your car in great working condition.

These car ramps are fairly lightweight and incredibly simple to store, as they will stack on top of each other perfectly. Despite their low weight, these are sturdy, durable ramps with great welds that will hold up to two tonnes of weight.

Keep in mind to drive your vehicle slowly up these ramps, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper operation and usage.


  • Can be used along with CDRM1 ramp extensions for low-clearance vehicles
  • Low, budget-friendly cost
  • Combined 2 Tonne weight capacity


  • Many customers had to purchase extension ramps for this item if their vehicle was smaller than the average 4×4
  • Some reviewers felt the width of these ramps was not wide enough for their tyres

Ramps for Cars Buying Considerations

Maximum Weight Capacity

The maximum weight capacity of your ramps is one of the most important factors you should take into consideration while shopping. You need to know your car’s natural curb weight, that is the weight of the vehicle without any extra cargo or passengers in it. Once you know the weight of your vehicle, it’s best to shop for ramps that can handle at least double that number. But don’t go too far past double the weight, or your car may not stay on it well due to the ramp’s increased capacity limit.


The height of your chosen ramps is also a critical factor in deciding what ramps will be right for you and your needs. If you only need the ramps to help you clear a curb, they won’t need to be nearly as high as ramps you’ll use to work under your vehicle. Having the added clearance of a higher ramp will also help you to alleviate any extra heat put off by the vehicle, which will help you to avoid unnecessary burns. Additionally, you should keep in mind that any low-profile vehicles could be damaged if they’re lifted too high and can’t properly be counterbalanced to compensate.


For the most part, regardless of the initial length of the ramp, you’ll want to get length extenders just to be on the safe side. A vehicle with a low profile will need a longer, more gradual incline than a lifted vehicle will need. This will help to reduce any potential for damaging the bottom of the car or the ramps themselves. Extensions can help compensate for the gradual incline your vehicle may require.

The Final Word

Whether you’re looking to do an oil change on your vehicle or just climb up over a particularly stubborn curb, the right car ramp can be an excellent investment in protecting and maintaining your vehicle. The car ramps highlighted in this review are some of the best ones available and will suit most of your car ramp needs with ease.

If these ramps don’t seem to meet your specifications, whether in height or weight requirements, our tips on what to keep in mind for your ramp shopping journey should help alleviate any confusion and get you on the right track.