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Best Axle Stands UK (Reviews) of 2022

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Best Axle Stands UK

Axle stands are important for anyone looking to work underneath a car, as you can use a trolly jack to lift the car up, but you need something stronger and safer to hold the vehicle securely. Typically you would use the trolley jack to lift the car up, then you would move it onto the axle stands. Axle stands are the preferred choice for most people working underneath a car who don’t have access to ramps.

Axle stands are pretty similar in terms of design, the main things you want to consider is the weight capacity which obviously depends on the vehicle you’re working on, and the quality of the stand itself. We’ve listed our 5 top axle stand picks with different weight capacities and qualities to consider, for a safe experience when working underneath your car.

Best Axle Stands in the UK Reviewed



Weight Capacity

# In Purchase

Silverline 763620

3 ton per stand



2 ton as a pair



3 ton as a pair



2 ton per stand


Draper 54722

6 ton per stand


#1. Silverline 763620 3 Tonne Axle Stands

Silverline 763620 3 Tonne Axle Stands

It’s no surprise that Silverline makes the top spot, having such a large range of reputable automotive tools on the market. This purchase includes 2 quality 763620 3 ton axle stands that are easily adjustable.

The standout from this pick is the quality of the jacks themself. Silverline are well known for producing excellent tools in the UK, complying with international guidelines and going through strict safety audits, with this pair of jacks having heavy-duty cast iron support posts and a solid steel base that gives it reliable strength.

A pair of these axles combined have a reasonable weight capacity of 6 tons (3 per axle) and is suitable for most sized cars, or smaller to medium-sized vans.

It’s also very easy and quick to adjust the height of the jacks thanks to the quick release ratchet handle. You can adjust the height of the jack from a minimum height of 285mm to 420mm maximum.

The only letdown is that there are some quality control issues with this product, with some models having visibly poor welding. This issue however, is few and far between and can easily be returned if you receive one with welding issues.

Overall this is the best overall pick in terms of quality, except the mentioned quality control issues. It’s also one of the easiest to adjust in terms of height and is very secure and stable on the ground.


  • Strong and durable – overall great quality
  • Easy and fast to adjust height
  • Good weight capacity
  • Fairly priced


  • Some quality control issues with welding
  • A safety pin would be a nice addition

Verdict: Best Overall

#2. AmazonBasics Steel Jack Stands 2 Ton

AmazonBasics Steel Jack Stands 2 Ton

The second pick comes from the AmazonBasics range, which might sound surprising when talking about professional automotive tools, though these jacks should not be dismissed, and there really isn’t much between them and the top choice above. This purchase includes a pair of 2 ton (there is a 3-ton option) capacity jacks, which is the capacity when used together (1 ton each approx).

The design is fairly similar to the Silverline model above and is priced pretty much the same also. The only difference between these stands is that the AmazonBasics is slightly heavier and has a lesser weight capacity than the Silverline above.

The frame is another solid, durable steel design that has a rustproofing coating, ensuring that it’ll be around for plenty of time in your garage. Stability is not an issue either with this model, thanks to its large and wide shaped feet.

You can easily adjust the height as it has another similar ratchet style handle, allowing you to adjust the height to anywhere from a minimum of 26.5 cm to a maximum height of 40.2 cm (approx).

Although it’s decent enough in terms of quality and welding etc. it’s probably not got enough quality to be used in a professional garage setting unless used as an emergency or backup stand.

Overall if it covers the weight of your vehicle comfortably and you’re looking for a reasonably priced set of jacks for some car DIY work at home, then these are worth buying.


  • Great price
  • Durable design
  • Good stability
  • Easy to adjust height


  • Maybe doesn’t have the quality for a professional setting
  • Might need to purchase a few of them if you have a larger weight to hold

Verdict: Good for home casual use for the money

#3. BAHCO BHBH33000 Axle Stands 3T

BAHCO BHBH33000 Axle Stands 3T

BAHCO has plenty of automotive tools on the market, most notably their excellent socket sets that they offer. This set contains 2 slightly larger sized axle stands that have exactly the same type of design as the 2 picks above, with a weight capacity of 3 ton combined as a pair.

The standout from this BAHCO pick is the robustness and strength of the design, with the inclusion of a nice safety pin that ensures even more peace of mind when working underneath a car.

It has another all-round well-built design, that is slightly larger and heavier than the picks above, though it does ensure more security and reliability than other similar models. 

It sports another ratchet type handle for adjusting the height of the stands, which can be seen as potentially unsafe in some mechanics eyes, though this does have the added bonus of a safety pin for securely locking the desired height.

We find it hard to pick out any faults in the design of these jacks, the only things that may be of concern to some people would be the extra size and weight of the axles, aswell as it being slightly more expensive than other similar picks.

Overall our top choice for a professional garage or mechanic setting where safety is absolutely paramount due to the reliable, robust design aswell as the extra safety pin provided.


  • Very strong and reliable design
  • Locking pin offers extra safety and security
  • Stable and secure feet


  • A little heavier and larger
  • Slightly more expensive – though worth it

Verdict: Ideal for a professional garage setting due to its reliability and safeness

#4. Switzer Quality Folding Engine Crane 1 Tonne

Switzer Quality Folding Engine Crane

This is a simpler designed, singular axle stand purchase from Unitec. When purchased, you’re buying into 1 axle stand that has a 2 ton weight capacity, a minimum height of 27.6 cm and a maximum of 36.3cm.

The design of this red jack is very simple indeed and doesn’t have any fancy ratchet handle for adjusting the height of the axle, you just simply take out the holding pin and move it to the desired height.

It is a tripod style design rather than the 4 feet designs above, however, it does have as good stability as any of the other choices, and won’t move anywhere when weight is applied. Even though it is lighter than the other models at 1.76 kg , it’s strength and reliability can’t be knocked.

The main drawback to this purchase is the fact that it’s only 1 axle you’re getting with the purchase, with the majority of people working on vehicles requiring 2 stands. Although it’s only 1 basic stand though, we can’t knock the quality and manufacturing of it.

Overall if it’s just one jack you’re needing for working underneath your vehicle, and don’t need a pair, then this is a simple, safe and secure stand that’s light enough to store away.


  • Simple, strong and safe design
  • Good stability
  • Locking pin provides extra safety
  • Lightweight and foldable


  • Only comes with 1 axle stand

Verdict: A basic 1 stand purchase that’s secure enough for any type of under-vehicle maintenance at an ok price

#5. Draper 54722 6t Axle Stands

Draper 54722 6t Axle Stands

Draper is a well-known tools brand in the UK and has a tool for pretty much any type of maintenance, not just motor related. This is a very large and strong set of axle stands, with a weight capacity of 6 tons per stand, it’s ideal for larger vehicles.

The highlight of these stands is the weight capacity and the height that they can adjust to. They have a minimum height of 535 mm and a maximum adjustable height of 870 mm, this is significantly higher up than the average stand.

Manufactured with heavy-duty carbon steel, the design is another tripod style stand with 3, stable and steady legs. Due to it being made with heavy-duty material, it is the heaviest pick we reviewed at 20.1 kg.

Adjusting the height is very simple and can be adjusted by sliding the jack up and down by hand, with the extra addition of a holding pin for better safety.

The main drawback of this purchase is the price, it’s very expensive. There’s nothing we else we can pick out that let’s it down in terms of design, safety and ease of use.

Overall if you’re dealing with larger, heavier vehicles and needs that extra weight capacity and height in your stand, then if you have the budget, this should be your choice.


  • High weight capacity
  • Well made
  • Excellent strength and robustness
  • Very safe, especially with holding pin


  • Very Expensive
  • Quite heavy

Verdict: The right pick for larger vehicles

Jack Stand Buying Considerations

Weight Capacity

The number one thing that you should look at is the weight capacity of your stands. Most purchases come in a pair, but you need to look closely at the weight capacity, as sometimes the weight capacity advertised could be either per stand or as a pair. Obviously, the size and weight of vehicles you’re working on will determine the capacity of the axle stands you need.

Height Range

Every axle stand you buy should have the ability to have its height adjusted, with some models having ratchet handles, and others simply being adjusted manually by moving it up and down.

Every adjustable jack should have a specified minimum and maximum height that it can be adjusted to, check the official product page for the exact heights.


Of course, it goes without saying that any axle stand needs to be safe and secure, and manufacturers are all too aware of this. Because of the nature of what they’re being used for and the downside of what can happen if they give way, manufacturers are under strict safety guidelines and audits when producing any units for holding the weight of a vehicle.

Every model is produced with safety in mind, but some are more reassuring than others thanks to visibly stronger welding and the extra addition of a holding pin.

Base Stability

There’s typically two types of feet that you’ll get on a stand, either a tripod style or a 4 feet design. Both are pretty much even in terms of stability and it shouldn’t be too much of an issue what you choose. Most manufacturers have taken this point into considerations and the majority of units you find will be very stable on their feet with weight applied.

Final Word

We’ve established the importance of axle stands, whether it’s in a professional setting such as a garage where you need to work underneath the car for different types of work, or just at home doing a quick oil or tyre change, they’re necessary for holding the weight of the vehicle up safely. The important part is getting the right units for the job in hand, which hopefully our 5 best axle stand picks above will assist with, with a range of different units for different under vehicle work.