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Best Socket Sets for Mechanics UK (Reviews) of 2022

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Best Socket Set for Mechanic UK

Socket sets are vital motoring tools for any mechanic when dealing with all those nuts and bolts that come with working on a vehicle. They’re used for connecting to a whole range of different mechanics tools such as ratchets, wrenches and other tools for turning nuts and bolts. They are very simple to use, but there are lots of these sets out there, making things very confusing, especially for a casual buyer.

Socket sets come in different sizes and range greatly in terms of price. You have to consider things like whether you want a 6 or 12 point set and the number of gear teeth of your set. A lot of this depends on what your use will be for the socket set, and whether you want to invest in an expensive set with lots of sockets, or keep things simple with a smaller, less expensive kit. We’ve tried to present a varied range of the 5 top mechanic socket sets to buy, hopefully with an option for every mechanic and budget.

Best Socket Sets for Mechanics in the UK Reviews

Image Set Piece Price

Top Pick

AmazonBasics 2. AmazonBasics 145
Mannesmann 3. Mannesmann 215
Bahco S240 4. Bahco S240 24
Mannesmann 5. Mannesmann 130

#1. WORKPRO 450-Piece Drive Socket Set

The WORKPRO 450 is a large toolbox with 4 trays of everything you’ll ever need when it comes to vehicle repair socket sets. The secure case is blow moulded and is designed to hold every socket piece and tool perfectably, while also shielding them from any damage or impact. The case itself is 45cm(L) x 32cm(W) x 30cm(H) and weighs 18.8kg with everything in it.

This is our number one pick as it is the absolute best starter kit for anyone looking for a huge range of sockets and tools that will cover nearly any job. With over 450 pieces in the box, including both metric and SAE sockets that have a nice, clean chrome plate finish that protects them from corrosion. In terms of socket sets, it has a large range of different sizes, with all your standard 6, 8 and 12 point sockets included.

WORKPRO have been producing quality tools that are tried and tested for over 20 years, with the quality of manufacturing being a standout in this pick. All the tools are extensively tested and are designed by CR-V and high quality carbon steel with a heat finish to ensure that it lasts you a long time.

Overall this is a large set of sockets and may be too much for some mechanics who are looking for a specific socket, for specific motoring jobs. However, if you’re looking for a great starter set with nearly any socket you’ll ever need, all organized and manufactured with quality, then we recommend this set as an investment.


  • Massive range of different sockets, with some useful tools included
  • Includes SAE, Metric, 6, 8 and 12 point sockets
  • Sturdy and protective storage case with organizer trays
  • Quality manufacturing finish on all sockets, bits and tools


  • Case is quite heavy and big
  • May have too many sockets and tools for some needs
  • Expensive set – though understandable for the amount provided

Verdict: Best Starter Set

#2. AmazonBasics Mechanic’s Socket Set 145 Piece

AmazonBasics Mechanic's 145 Piece

Our second choice comes from Amazon themselves, with not quite as many pieces as the above pick, but still a respectable 145 piece set. The set comes in a nice convenient, portable and sturdy carry case that’s easy to store away or carry around. The case measures in at 46 x 33 x 9.1 cm and weighs a reasonable 5.95 kg with everything included inside.

The set itself includes all the popular and most common sockets for motoring jobs, with some nice extra tools included such as wrenches, hex keys and screwdriver bits. The set contains both SAE and metric sized sockets, with a large range of different sizes that can be viewed on the product page.

Although this is one of our cheaper budget picks, the quality of finish on the sockets and tools is very impressive. Every piece included in this tool set has a chrome-vanadium steel forged body and a polished chrome finish to avoid any corrosion of rusting.

Overall a great budget pick with most of the common mechanic sockets included, matched with a great quality finish that’s designed to last, it’s a fantastic purchase for any level of mechanic backed by lots of positive user reviews.


  • Lots of socket sizes included
  • Great price
  • Nice, secure carry case with handle
  • Quality finish on all tools and bits


  • Might not have all the socket sizes required for some jobs

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#3. Mannesmann Socket Set (215 Pieces)

Mannesmann Socket Set (215 Pieces)

Somewhat of a more higher end set, but at the same time, one of the most popular socket sets you’ll find on the market currently in many countries, the Mannesmann 215 piece set oozes quality. This neat socket set comes in a nice easy to carry case that measures 36 x 51 x 12 cm and weighs 11.8kg.

Mannesmann are known for quality with over 30 years experience behind them manufacturing tools, also being VPA / GS approved this is a standout set in terms of manufacturing quality. Made with strong chrome vanadium steel, this 215 piece set should have more than enough sockets for most mechanics. Be sure to check out the product page for a full list of all the sets and tools included with the purchase.

This is one of the most expensive sets out there, but it is designed for professional mechanics that are looking for a reliable tool set for working on motors, this is backed by a 10 year warranty by Mannesmann which shows the belief they have in the set.

Overall this set has the best manufacturing quality out of any of the sets on the list, though it is quite expensive. If you’re a professional mechanic looking for a serious set that won’t let you down on the job, then this should be your choice.


  • Exceptional quality
  • Has a large selection of sockets for most jobs
  • Impressive 10 warranty
  • Very popular set


  • Expensive – but worth it
  • Heavier set

#4. Bahco S240 24 Piece

Bahco S240 24 Piece

The Bahco S240 is a pretty basic, small socket set, being the smallest pick on the list with only 24 pieces. That shouldn’t put you off though as it’s still up there in terms of quality with other mechanic tool sets. The case is small, but extremely strong and is able to withstand having tools stacked on top of it, measuring in at 43.51 x 39.5 x 23.5 cm and weighing just 4.72 kg.

There are larger sets available from bahco, but this only has 18 metric socket pieces in this set, with most of the popular and most commonly used mechanic sizes included. It also includes a few other useful tools such as a ratchet, extension bar, T-adapter etc.

It obviously doesn’t have as many pieces and tools as the other sets on the list, and it may be seen as an expensive purchase by some only having the 24 pieces.

Overall it’s a very reliable basic set, one of the best in terms of quality that we reviewed, and as long as it has the pieces needed for your motoring jobs, it is a purchase worth considering.


  • Fantastic in terms of quality
  • Lightweight
  • Strong, durable case


  • Not alot of sockets available
  • Might be seen as expensive – but is great value for money

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#5. Mannesmann Socket and Bit Set (130 Pieces)

Mannesmann Socket and Bit Set (130 Pieces)

Our last pick comes from the trusty Mannesmann with a very popular, cheap 130 piece set that has a lot to offer. The set comes in another solid, robust smaller plastic case that can take a bit of a beating and measures in at 25.6 x 4.8 x 15.2 cm, while also weighing a light 1.52 kg.

Made from quality alloy steel, this set has the trademark top manufacturing quality that Mannesmann have with their socket sets, with the 2nd pick on our list from them being our top pick for a mechanic socket set in terms of quality. The fact that you’re getting 130, quality manufactured pieces at such a low price is why this has to be considered by anyone looking for a smaller set on a tight budget.

Obviously it’s limited in the amount of pieces you’re getting, but it should have enough sockets for most standard motoring jobs. You can check out the product page for a list of everything included in the set.

Overall you won’t find a cheaper set that matches this in terms of quality, with Mannesmann being a trusted name in the space and offering an excellent 10 year warranty, it’s worth considering, even just as a spare kit.


  • Top manufacturing quality
  • 10 year warranty
  • Strong, compact case
  • Great value for money


  • Limited amount of sockets

Mechanic Socket Set Buying Considerations

Number of Sockets

Depending on whether you’re a professional mechanic or just casually repair motors, will determine how many sockets you need at your disposal. Each set we’ve listed above has a different number of sockets included, with some larger sets having more than what you need, it all comes down to requirements, and whether you’re using it on a regular basis or just keeping it as a spare in the car.

SAE and Metric Sizes

Most kits include both these sizes of sockets, but there are some sets that may only include one or the other. SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineering and measures sockets in fractions of inches. SAE will typically be the standard used for domestic cars, whereas metric usually is used for foreign or imported cars.

Final Word

There’s no need to state how important a socket set is to any mechanic, but, the importance of having the right set for the corresponding motoring job shouldn’t be ignored. Whether you’ll be using it to remove nuts and bolts on a regular basis in a professional garage setting, or just keeping it handy in your car for some casual mechanic work, we’ve tried to cover every base with our 5 best socket sets for mechanics selections above, with every pick offering quality and value for money.