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Best Car Trim Removal Tools UK (Reviews) 2022

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Best Car Trim Removal Tool UK

Car trim removal tools and kits are exactly what you need for safely removing car trim, door panels, mouldings, dashboards, radios, audio fittings and lots of other different plastic coverings. There are lots of different tools and kits to choose from when it comes to automotive trim and plastic removers, however, most of the tools you’ll find on the market either break, or worse, cause damage or scratching to the parts when trying to remove them.

As long as you know how to remove car trim, which can be tricky in itself, you’ll definitely be needing one of these tools. Depending on what fittings and plastic you intend to remove in your car, you may want to consider a kit with a range of different sizes of removal tools for different jobs. We’ve selected our 5 top removal tools for car trim below that should be up to the job without causing any damage.

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Table of Contents

Best Car Trim Removal Tools in the UK Reviews

#1. VNEED Car Trim Removal Kit

VNEED Car Trim Removal Kit

If any single car trim removal tool kit could be called both “complete” and “versatile”, it would be this collection from VNEED. That’s because this 23-piece set comes with nearly every tool you’ll need to complete major and minor car modification projects of this type, including fastener removers, clip pliers, U-shaped removal tools, and needle removers. Every one of these 23 tools are built to last, as well, because they are made from and impact-resistant nylon fibre material that won’t bend, warp, or break when put under pressure.

Along the same lines, every tool in this VNEED set is easy to hold due to its ergonomic shape. This includes this set’s key tools, which are the absolute best in their class when it comes to quickly and efficiently removing and replacing a radio unit. Because every tool in this set comes with a 1-year warranty, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to get your money back or a replacement tool should a piece break or bend during their first few uses.


  • 23 piece set includes fastener removers, clip pliers, U-shaped removal tools, needle removers, and more
  • Most tools made from impact-resistant nylon fibre material, while the clip removers and screwdriver are made of Mn-steel and PC plastic
  • Ergonomic shape does not wear down user’s hands
  • Key tools are the perfect option for removing a radio unit
  • 1-year warranty


  • Unpredictable availability online
  • A bit on the heavier side when compiled together into storage wallet

#2. UTOOL Auto Trim Remover

UTOOL Auto Trim Remover

Meanwhile, the UTOOL Auto Trim Removal Tool Kit keeps it simple by providing only 9 tools, 6 of which are different shaped trim tools. Also, in this kit, you’ll find a fastener remover and radio removal keys, each of which are perfect for ensuring that your next car modification project goes off without a hitch. Each of these tools are materially made up of around 35% glass fibre and 12% nylon as well, thus ensuring that they remain durable beyond compare.

The UTOOL Auto Trim Removal Tool Kit really emphasizes convenience above all else, which is why it comes standard with a drawstring storage bag. This bag is sized such that you can easily slip it into your pocket while you work, even with all 9 tools packed inside. When it’s time to take your tools back out, though, you won’t need to worry about forming yet another hand cramp while gripping the ergonomic bodies of these tools.


  • 6 different shaped trim tools allow you to complete the job without damaging your vehicle
  • Tools made from a unique mix of nylon and fibreglass
  • Entire set fits in your pocket when loaded into the drawstring storage bag
  • Ergonomic design provides a greater amount of leverage


  • Tools are slightly smaller than competitors
  • Some tools flex when pressure is applied

#3. Flintronic Car

Flintronic Car

Sometimes, going over the top is exactly what you need when it comes to preparing for a big car trim removal job. This Flintronic Car Trim Removal kit will help you to do precisely that because it provides a whopping 27 tools for one flat price. Inside this expansive collection, you’ll many of your standard screwdrivers and prybars, as well as several rarer trim removal kit inclusions such as a light gun and several rockers. All of these tools are rather robust, too, so you can double their usage by working them into your bike maintenance routine.

Flintronic has managed to recreate the feeling of metallic hardness with these tools, all while using only POM and nylon in their material construction. These 27 tools aren’t heavy like metal tools, though, so you’ll have no trouble organizing them and totting them about in their purpose-built storage wallet.


  • Absolute largest set includes rockers, a light gun, screwdrivers, needle removers, key tools, and more
  • POM and nylon material construction imitates metallic hardness effectively
  • Robust use allows for compatibility with bike components
  • Storage wallet makes it easy to grab the tool you need without searching


  • May be more tools than DIYers need

#4. ACENTIX Removal and Moulding Set

ACENTIX Removal and Moulding Set

You’re going to have a tough time finding a more affordably-priced 12-piece car trim removal tool kit than this collection from ACENTIX. Much of this kit’s affordability derives from its use of ABS plastics in each tool (though each tool is not cheap at when it comes to durability and performance). When it comes to car modifications, ABS plastics are actually among the very best options due to their ability to contact a car’s outer surface without leaving a scratch.

Also, though you may not guess it at first, this ACENTIX kit is actually among the most favoured by luxury car owners. That’s because the universal compatibility of these tools allows them to treat luxury brand cars with care, both internally and externally.


  • Most affordable 12-piece set
  • ABS plastic pry tools can contact a vehicle without leaving scratches
  • Each tool designed for universal compatibility, allowing them to work with almost every major consumer and luxury brand
  • Includes small, medium, and large pry bars, as well as a long awl for use with special radio sets


  • Plastic may chip or warp over time

#5. Silverline Tools 382239

Silverline Tools 382239

Material construction is incredibly important when it comes to picking out car trim removal tools. Though other materials will suffice, POM is often prized above other options due to its high mechanical strength and rigidity. This kit from Silverline is one of the only options on the market today that uses a pure POM construction that is sure to provide more stability and reduce fatigue during your next modification project.

As for the functionality of this kit’s tools, you can use them to complete most of the usual car modification jobs such as upholstery and moulding removal. All 11 pieces fit comfortably into its storage wallet as well, making it easy to take your car trim removal workshop on the road.


  • Pure POM material construction provides for better sliding while minimizing wear
  • 11-piece set includes standard tools needed for regular consumer vehicles
  • Handy storage wallet keeps all the tools organized and within reach


  • Unclear if these tools work with luxury vehicles

Trim Removal Tools for Cars Buying Considerations

Get the Right Tools for the Job

If you’re planning on completing specific car modification jobs, be sure to take some time to research what types of tools you’ll need to complete your desired task. Online sources often provide useful insights on this front, as can a trusted mechanic or car body specialist. Once you know which tools you need, you can isolate the kits that include those tools and shop around for the best price on each.

Keep Storage in Mind

Most DIY car modifiers have a lot of tools laying around. Without proper organization and storage, this can make it exceedingly difficult to keep the tools you need within reach. As such, you should pre-plan where you intend to store your new car trim removal tools. Many kits make this planning process exceptionally easy by including a storage bag or wallet that keeps your new purpose-built tools organized for you. 

The Final Word

As long as you know how to remove automotive trim, purchasing a good set of removal tools or a kit is the next step. With the majority of kits out there being branded as cheap plastic rubbish, we’ve spent a great deal of time selecting 5 of the best car trim removal tool kits that money can buy. Each kit should offer a range of different sized tools for different jobs, all being strong enough to remove the trim without snapping, at the same time, the tools should not leave any scratches on parts tackled.