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How to Keep Car Tyres Black, Shiny, and Looking New

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Keeping Car Tyres Black and Shiny

There are few things quite as aesthetically pleasing as a brand new car. It’s shiny, new, and unblemished, providing a completely clean look. Unfortunately, that look fades about as quickly as it takes to pull out of the lot.

The fact of the matter is that you can keep your car tyres shining brightly with a little bit of work and the right kind of product. It might be difficult to keep the rest of your car sparkling and new but at least your tyres will pop like they are brand new.

So, how do you keep your car tyres black and shiny? Here are a few things to consider to get the shine that you’re after.

Find a Tyre Shine Product

There are plenty of consumers out there just like you who are looking to get the optimal shine on their tyres. That is why there are a plethora of different products out there meant to help you achieve that shine.

There are some water-based solutions – which are easy to apply and aren’t too shiny – as well as gel-based solvents that provide a high gloss shine for a relatively good value. Generally speaking, you will want to avoid some of the stickier options out there.

Why should you avoid a sticky tyre shine product? While it will certainly make the ​tyre look great, that sticky quality will also pick up every speck of dust and dirt as you drive the car. This renders the cleaning absolutely moot and, in some cases, makes the tyres look worse than ever.

Finding your preference between a water-based and a gel-based product is the difference between not only getting the shine that you want but also getting the type of shine that you prefer. Don’t settle for less if you don’t have to.

How Long Will a Tyre Shine Last?

Generally speaking, even the best products will only give you about a week of shine. This is why finding value in a tyre shine product is so essential; no one should have to spend a lot on a shine that does not last.

It is unrealistic to expect tyre shine to stay in for a long time, given the general wear and tear that tyres are subject to, as well as all the dirt and dust that is on the average road. 

Also, try to find a product that completely dries after application. It isn’t a big deal otherwise, but you want the product to adhere to the tyres and not fly all over the body of your car the moment you start moving. 

Do Tyre Shine Products Offer Protection to the T​yres?

This can be answered in a couple of different ways. Will the tyre shine product protect your car from flats and blowouts? No, absolutely not. There isn’t anything out there that can completely protect your tyres from those issues and they will happen at some point.

Can tyre shine products remove stains and help protect against the elements? Depending on the product, yes, they can. Some of the best products out there can help protect your ​tyres from the elements. This means you can avoid certain aspects of wear and tear, as well as that nasty staining that looks so awful.

A proper cleaner should be able to remove some of those hard-to-clean stains and get your tyres back to their original blackness with a little time. Granted, there are a few shades of staining that may be too far gone for even the best product to get rid of, but with some time, it’s possible to remove most of those stains.

Really, the use of these products is meant to produce a shine (for a relatively short time) and nothing more. If you purchase one of these products with the idea that it is protecting your tyres, you may be in for a rude awakening.

Your tyres will still be subject to general wear and tear or punctures that can lead to a flat. But at least they’ll look shiny when dealing with those unfortunate circumstances, and that has to count for something.

How ​To Apply Tyre Shine Products

The most important tip to follow is to avoid doing this on a windy day. The wind could carry off some of the spray, potentially blowing it into your face or just wasting the product in general. It is also important that you do not get any of it on your windshield, so keep your rags separate and make certain to wash your hands to avoid getting prints with the product on your windshield. 

The best application tip is to spray directly onto the tyres and wipe with a small sponge or rag. There are some products that you can simply spray onto the tyres and let them dry; it really depends on what your cleaner does.

Curved sponges are very helpful for getting complete, even coverage over the entirety of the tyre. The last thing you want is to apply the product in a blotchy or uneven manner, and a sponge is a great way to combat that.

Another thing to avoid is over-application of the product. When you do this, it can create uneven spots that don’t dry properly. If you do notice spots that have too much product on them, make certain to wipe the excess off as evenly as you can. Again, you want the product on the tyre, not slinging all over the under portion of the car.

One last note: when you are washing your car in general, make sure to do the tyres first. This is because brake dust can accumulate on your tyres, and the dust is very abrasive. The last thing you want is for that brake dust to get onto the paint of your car, as it can result in dulling and imperfections.

Keeping your tyres shiny and black is relatively easy, but it takes consistency over time to combat the eventual dulling that will otherwise occur.