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How to Increase Headlight Brightness

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Increasing Car Headlight Brightness

One reason why many people enjoy their cars is that they can customize them in several different ways. Whether that customization is for the sake of practicality or simply to turn your car into the vehicle that you have always wanted, there are so many ways that you can go about doing it. One example of this is the headlights. Within reason, you can change the color of the lights as well as the brightness. For some people, changing the brightness of the headlights is one of the top priorities. After all, if you are changing your headlights because your current ones have simply become too weak, then it is incredibly important that you replace your headlights as soon as you can. There are four different ways that you can go about getting this done.

Restoring Your Current Headlights

This process is going to be the cheapest way to get brighter headlights as you won’t have to worry about purchasing a new bulb. It can also be one of the quicker methods of getting the job done as you won’t have to research specific light patterns, bulbs that are compatible with your make and model, or how to install the bulb yourself. All that you will really have to do is find a restoration kit and you will be ready to begin.

Over time, your headlights will become fogged because of buildup, dirt, grime, and tiny particles that get inside your headlights. This is a natural part of owning a car, as annoying as it might be. However, with this being said, cleaning and restoring your current headlights can often provide a noticeable difference in the brightness. If you believe that the condition of the lights is fine and that their dimness is only due to a buildup of grime, then cleaning out the headlights is going to be the quickest, cheapest way to get the results that you want.

Replacing the Bulbs with a Brighter or Newer Equivalent

If you realize that the bulbs in your car are relatively old but you enjoyed how they performed when they were new, you might want to consider either searching for the equivalent model of headlights that are new or almost completely unused or search for the same headlights but at a brighter level.

As one can imagine, over time headlights will dim. This happens as the light dies slowly due to wear and tear and basic use. A new headlight of the same kind is not only easy to replace but can be well over 70% brighter than your current bulbs. This is a step that is easier than completely replacing the bulb with something else but it requires a little more work than simply restoring the current lights in your car.

As a half-step above this, you can find a direct-replacement bulb for your car that simply burns brighter than the current one does. This is by far the easiest way to upgrade your headlights and it is often the easiest in terms of trying to find the bulb that suits your car. Certain aftermarket lights can burn up to 80% brighter than a set of new headlights. However, with this method, you will need to remember that the brighter the bulb burns, the shorter its lifespan will be, so be prepared to make a regular purchase if you choose to go down this route.

Upgrading to HID Headlights

From here, you have two choices. You can either choose to upgrade to HID or LED headlights. Both have their benefits and disadvantages compared to the other. HID headlights are a wonderful choice in between typical halogen lights and the ultra-bright LED headlights. They use capsules, making them easier to install. However, there are a few problems that might come with trying to install HID headlights if you are not prepared. For one, you are going to have to refit the headlights to fit the HID capsule, which usually means installing ballasts. Depending on your car, it might even mean that you have to have a new projector headlight assembled. This is something that you would have to talk about with your mechanic and figure out what your car’s options are.

With all of this being said, HID headlights are a wonderful upgrade from traditional halogen lights. Headlights classified as HID, which stands for High-Intensity Discharge, do exactly as the name might suggest. They can be about three times as bright as a halogen bulb, are more energy efficient than a halogen bulb, and can typically last about five times as long. There are also a number of temperature ranges to choose from in terms of the headlight’s color. HID bulbs with a white color can be comparable to LEDs, making them a great alternative and well worth the work it takes to get them installed.

Upgrading to LED Headlights

If you want the brightest of the bright headlights, then LED is the way to go. LEDs emit a bright white that is spectacular for nighttime vision, especially if you have a hard time driving in the dark. They are about five times brighter than a halogen bulb and, depending on the strength of the lights, can be even stronger than that. These are the most effective way to brighten up your headlights. Do keep in mind that installing them can be troublesome, much as with HID bulbs. If you are unsure, you can always talk to a mechanic.

With any of these bulbs, you can rest assured knowing that you will be able to drive in peace and safety when the sun sets and night comes.