Why Is My EV Not Charging? (Troubleshooting Guide)

EV Not Charging with Charger Plugged In

According to some commentators, with the rapid increase in electric vehicle (EV) use, charge anxiety is set to replace range anxiety as the biggest fear of new or potential EV drivers – in other words, the inability to charge the vehicle when needed. Demand is growing rapidly, but as yet there is no great uniformity …

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Can I leave My EV Plugged in Overnight Charging?

EV Charging at Night

We are often told that leaving a phone or other device constantly plugged in is not advisable, as it may wear out the battery and waste electricity. It is legitimate therefore to ask if the same is true of an electric vehicle (EV). Will leaving an EV plugged in and charging overnight lead to a …

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Can You Park in an Electric Vehicle Charging Spot (UK)?

EV Charging Sign for Parking Space

To support the government target of ending sales of all new non fully electric cars by 2030, electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure is improving fast. According to Zap Map, there are now almost 30,000 public EV charge points in the UK (considerably more than the fewer than 9,000 petrol stations), and the number is still growing …

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How to Tow an Electric Vehicle if it Breaks Down

Towing an EV on a truck

While electric vehicles are more reliable than those with traditional combustion engines, there are still times when something will go wrong and it will need to be towed to safety. A flat tyre, brake problems or a flat battery are all examples of this.Can You Tow an EV?The simplest way of towing a vehicle is …

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Can You Turn On an Electric Car While Charging?

Turning on an Electric Car with Button

Yes, you can turn on an electric car while it is charging, however, you won’t be able to drive it away. Electric vehicles will not let you open the charging socket unless the car engine is off, although you can still power it on for other things such as using the heater, entertainment systems, apps …

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How to Charge an EV with No Driveway or Garage UK

Street EV Charging

The government has set a target of 2035 for all new vehicle sales to be fully zero emission. However, according to the National Housing Survey, over a third of UK homes have no garage or driveway. That means nearly a third of car owners do not have any off-street parking to use for plug-in charging. …

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Running an EV Charging Cable Across the Pavement

Running a EV Charging Cable Across Pavement

An electric vehicle (EV) owner might want to consider trailing a cable across a public pavement to charge their vehicle using the home electricity supply where there’s no off-street parking. The home supply is the cheapest way of charging an EV, and charging the car at or near home is convenient. However, there are some …

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How Much Does it Cost to Run an Electric Vehicle (UK)?

Cost of Running an Electric Vehicle

As things currently stand, an electric vehicle (EV) costs more to buy than its diesel or petrol equivalent. But what about running costs? Recent research suggests that even though the up-front purchase costs are higher, over an average vehicle lifetime an EV is now marginally cheaper than a conventional petrol or diesel car. This indicates …

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Best EV Charging Cable Floor Cover Protectors UK (Reviews) 2021

Best EV Charging Cable Floor Cover Protector UK

Charging cable floor covers are perfect If you plan on running an EV cable along the ground. Choosing the right spot for an EV charging station at home is not always easy. Depending on the layout of your garage, house, or even if you live in a flat, the cable may need to extend across …

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Best EV Charging Cable Tidies & Holders UK (Reviews) 2021

Best EV Charging Cable Tidy and Holder UK

An electric vehicle charging cable holder can be useful for managing and tidying all your messy EV charger cables at home. Many home EV charging stations lack a convenient way to store the cable and charging nozzle. The cable and nozzle typically hang from the side of the station, exposing them to rain and cold …

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