Best Socket Sets for Mechanics UK (Reviews) of 2021

Best Socket Set for Mechanic UK

Socket sets are vital motoring tools for any mechanic when dealing with all those nuts and bolts that come with working on a vehicle. They’re used for connecting to a whole range of different mechanics tools such as ratchets, wrenches and other tools for turning nuts and bolts. They are very simple to use, but …

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Best Masking Tapes for Automotive Painting UK (Reviews) 2021

Best Masking Tape for Automotive Painting UK

Automotive masking tape is not the same as regular masking tape, as it is specifically designed to be used on vehicles to protect sprayed paint from going over the intended area and onto other car parts during the painting process. You can try and be as accurate as you want with a car painting gun, …

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Best Axle Stands UK (Reviews) of 2021

Best Axle Stands UK

Axle stands are important for anyone looking to work underneath a car, as you can use a trolly jack to lift the car up, but you need something stronger and safer to hold the vehicle securely. Typically you would use the trolley jack to lift the car up, then you would move it onto the …

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Best Air Compressors for Home Garages UK (Reviews) 2021

Best Air Compressor for Home Garage UK

Air compressors are used in home and professional garages for a whole host of different motoring jobs. When you need to convert power into potential energy for a wide range of tools and tasks, the right air compressor can make things much easier and more efficient. Best of all, air compressors can automatically shut off …

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Best Car Spray Painting Respirator Masks UK (Reviews) 2021

Best Car Spray Painting Respirator Mask UK

Respirator masks are essential when using an automotive spray painting gun simply because they have to repel all types of unhealthy and even dangerous contaminants throughout the painting process. They usually have filters that not only do a great job of protecting you against chemicals and other particulates, but can be replaced regularly to make sure the …

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Best Engine Cranes and Hoists UK (Reviews) 2021

Best Engine Crane Hoist UK

Engine cranes, or engine hoists as they are sometimes called, are commonplace in auto repair shops and even some serious DIY enthusiasts’ garages. Even if your work area is small or crowded, these cranes are designed to remove or install vehicle engines, and you can even work on them in midair thanks to the crane’s …

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Best Exhaust Repair Paste UK (Reviews) of 2021

Best Exhaust Repair Paste UK

Exhaust paste, sometimes called exhaust cement, is made so that gas-tight seals can be formed over joints when you’re making any type of repairs to your exhaust system. Getting the perfect seal isn’t difficult if you have the right product, but it is still important to remember that you have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions …

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Best Ozone Generators for Cars UK (Reviews) 2021

Best Ozone Generator for Cars UK

Car ozone generators are one of the more professional options for clearing bad odours and smells in vehicle. No one likes a smelly car, and if your vehicle has gotten to the point where it is unpleasant to be inside of it, it’s time to do something about it. Ozone generators for cars can be …

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Best Car Body Fillers UK (Reviews) of 2021

Best Car Body Filler UK

Regardless of how careful you are with your car, it is inevitable that it will get scratches and potentially dents at some point. When that happens, and a dent puller isn’t an option, a good car body filler can make it look brand-new and smooth again quickly. These fillers fill in those dents and dings …

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Best Engine Degreasers UK (Reviews) of 2021

Best Engine Degreaser UK

Engine degreasers are ideal for cleaning all the grease and dirt that builds up on a car engine bay without having to lift it out with a hoist. Over time the engine bay can get dirty and have a build-up that many people never even bother cleaning. You should give your engine bay a clean …

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