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How to Remove Swirl Marks From a Car By Hand

Swirl marks are frustrating; we get it. They don’t look great, and they’re even worse ​in dark colours of paint. Luckily, you don’t have to live with them. Here’s how to remove your swirl marks easily. Quick Navigation How Swirl Marks FormWhat You NeedRemoving Those SwirlsWashApply Paint CleanerPolishWax How Swirl Marks FormSwirl marks come from […]

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How to Refurbish Alloy Wheels [On Your Own]

Having tired-looking wheels on your car can make it look far older and more run-down than it actually is. That is why getting the wheels looking fresh again can make all the difference in the world from an aesthetic standpoint.Sure, you could spend thousands of dollars getting your car repainted or adding extras to the […]

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