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Why Is My Car Overheating and How to Fix It?

All car engines get hotter as they operate, but the coolant in the engine keeps them at an optimum operating temperature and prevents them from overheating. However, when your car overheats, it’s time to take notice because this can be very serious for the engine.  Quick Navigation Is Your Engine Overheating?What Should You Do?What Causes […]

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How to Restore Faded Plastic Car Trim

Exposure to the weather can be unforgiving on the plastic trim of any car. These days, many cars use plastic trim for wing mirror parts, bumpers, and so on. All of these areas can become faded over time as they endure the harsh sun, the cold, and the rain. This can leave them looking faded […]

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How to Use Snow Foam to Wash Your Car

Snow foam is a technique that can help reduce scratches and swirls that may occur when you wash your car by hand. It’s a pre-wash that coats your car in a deep, cleansing lather to remove the contaminants that commonly cause scratches. By using a snow foam mixture, you can remove dirt and stains before you […]

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How to Unlock a Car Steering Wheel

​There is a fair chance that most of us have had the same thing happen: you sit down behind the wheel of your vehicle and the steering wheel is locked. When this happens, the car won’t start, so you’re pretty much stuck, right? Table of Contents Toggle Quick Navigation How to Unlock Your Steering WheelUse […]

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How to Test Your Car Alarm

An OEM product is something that was put there by the manufacturer. If your car didn’t come with a car alarm, and you put it there yourself, it’s considered an aftermarket item. No matter what type of alarm you have on your car, you should test it regularly to make sure it’s still working. A car […]

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How to Remove Swirl Marks From a Car By Hand

Swirl marks are frustrating; we get it. They don’t look great, and they’re even worse ​in dark colours of paint. Luckily, you don’t have to live with them. Here’s how to remove your swirl marks easily. Quick Navigation How Swirl Marks FormWhat You NeedRemoving Those SwirlsWashApply Paint CleanerPolishWax How Swirl Marks FormSwirl marks come from […]

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How to Refurbish Alloy Wheels [On Your Own]

Having tired-looking wheels on your car can make it look far older and more run-down than it actually is. That is why getting the wheels looking fresh again can make all the difference in the world from an aesthetic standpoint.Sure, you could spend thousands of dollars getting your car repainted or adding extras to the […]

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