How Much Does it Cost to Run an Electric Vehicle (UK)?

Cost of Running an Electric Vehicle

As things currently stand, an electric vehicle (EV) costs more to buy than its diesel or petrol equivalent. But what about running costs? Recent research suggests that even though the up-front purchase costs are higher, over an average vehicle lifetime an EV is now marginally cheaper than a conventional petrol or diesel car. This indicates …

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EV Charging Etiquette UK [Top Tips]

EV Charging Space Etiquette

With more and more EVs showing up on the roads of the United Kingdom, it is little wonder that the number of public charging stations is increasing. However, much like anything else in life, when you are using a public amenity, it is crucial to abide by specific rules to make the experience enjoyable for …

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10 Issues & Challenges for the Adoption of EVs UK

Future of EV Adoption

The government has now set a target date of 2030 by which all sales of new cars will be zero emissions capable (battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric or hydrogen). However, currently only around 5% of new car sales are electric. Why is this? Is it a general reluctance to embrace something new, or are there …

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How Does Cold Weather Affect EV Range & Performance?

EV Cold Weather Charging Range

Does cold weather reduce the range of electric vehicles (EVs)? The short answer is yes. There are various reasons for this, which are explored below along with exactly how great this effect is. However, it’s also true that the impact of temperature can be reduced with some planning, and there is a lot of variation. …

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How To Protect Your EV Charging Cable From Theft

How To Protect EV Charging Cable from Theft

Electric vehicles are gradually becoming more popular, and it is little wonder when we look at their positive environmental effect and ease of use. However, there is an issue with the theft of EV charging cables. Whether you have a charging point at home or you have plugged into one of the many around the …

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How to Get Rid of a Milk Smell in Your Car

Bad Milk Smell in a Car

If you have babies or infants, chances are milk is a staple of your weekly budget. Even if you don’t, you might like a bit of milk in your tea or coffee from the Starbucks or independent tea shop you frequent for that jolt of caffeine to get you going in the morning. Whether it’s …

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How to Clean an Engine Bay (Safely and Effectively)

Cleaning a Car Engine Bay

Maybe you drive to and from doing errands throughout the day, maybe you love to head out to the game or the theatre at night, maybe you drive solo and maybe you commute with family and friends. Whatever the case and wherever your travels take you, there can be no denying that you drive your …

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How to Make a Car Smell New Again

Car Smelling Brand New

Maybe you are a regular at the gym, where you change into your workout clothes and strip them off again after you’ve jogged and lifted and crunched and sweated for hours in them. Maybe you are a parent of several children shuttling them around in ​a car, to ​football or other sports practice and daycare …

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Car Clutch Problems and Issues Resolved

Car Clutch Being Repaired

The ability to shift between gears is one of the most basic yet essential functions of any vehicle. You need to make sure that you are going at the right speed, and in order to do that, you need to make sure you are in the right gear. In automatic transmission, your car handles this …

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