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Best Windscreen Ice Scrapers UK (Reviews) of 2022

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Best Windscreen Ice Scraper UK

A windscreen scraper should be in every motorist’s car for when those icy winter months hit. Scraping ice off a windscreen isn’t the most pleasant job, especially when you’re out in the morning before work freezing and scraping away. The fact is, you need to clear all your car windows fully, ensuring all the ice is scraped and cleared away with whatever method you choose to use. Although a scraper is the most popular way of clearing windscreens of ice, other alternatives such as using a car cover, de-icer or running your heaters are effective enough.

The only issue with running your heater is that if you’re in a hurry to set off, then you might not have the time to sit and wait until the engine has warmed up, therefore a plug-in heater may be a good option for convenience instead. Either way, we still recommend keeping an ice scraper in your vehicle as they aren’t expensive and are guaranteed to work. Ice scrapers are generally quite basic, but there are a few differences and things to compare as we have highlighted below.

Best Windscreen Ice Scrapers in the UK Reviewed





1. RevHeads

Top Pick

6.2 inches

Carpoint 1723239

6.7 inches

Swedish ICE06

6.7 inches


9.8 inches


12.2 inches

#1. RevHeads Ice Scraper for Cars and Pick Up Trucks

RevHeads Ice Scraper for Cars and Pick Up Trucks

This RevHeads ice scraper is ideal for getting larger pieces of ice and other winter debris that offer your windscreen. The handle is relatively short – only about six inches. While it may be a bit small, you’ll get a lot more power behind each push because of the reduced handle length.

This combined with the design of the scraper, helps you tackle enough the toughest ice that’s attached itself to your vehicle. You’ll spend less time in the cold and more time getting warmed by your heater.

The scraper is intended for those who live in extreme weather climates. This is because those areas are likely to be impacted the most by a heavy sheet of ice. However, you can use this ice scraper anywhere. It’ll be that much more efficient as its job.


  • Extremely durable and reliable. It’ll last your years, perhaps even longer than the life of your vehicle
  • It’s tough and strong enough to get the hardest and thickest sheets of ice off your windscreen, you won’t need another scraper
  • Designed to crush chunks of ice to make the process of removing them easier


  • The relatively short handle means this won’t be ideal for those who own a larger vehicle or truck

#2. Carpoint 1723239 Ice Scraper Vileda

Carpoint 1723239 Ice Scraper Vileda

The Carpoint Vileda is a great little ice scraper that is relatively affordable. It’s not the toughest thing around, but it can get the job for those in moderate climates.

This scraper looks a bit like a squeegee but with a short handle. You’ll scrape a plastic stick across your windshield to remove general snow and some ice. However, don’t expect this thing to pack a lot of punch. If you live in an extremely cold area, you’re going to want something with more power.

However, it’s a great tool if you just need a little bit of assistance with clearing off your windscreen.


  • Affordable and cheap which makes it ideal for someone who doesn’t need the best quality scraper on the market
  • Allows you to put a lot of pressure on your scraper when removing ice to help get a bit more power behind it
  • Designed to scrape office with a lot of force but uses a smooth plastic line to prevent damage to your windshield


  • Not ideal for those who need a lot of power for the tough ice found in their areas

#3. Swedish Ice Scraper ICE06

Swedish Ice Scraper ICE06

The Swedish Ice Scraper ICE06 has a unique taste in the design of an ice-scraper. It almost looks like a credit card, but with a slanted edge to give you more cutting power to tackle ice.

The handle of this scraper is not what you’d typically expect. You’ll have to wrap a finger or two through a centre hole and push with your hand. This allows you a little bit of extra power from your body. The distinctly shaped edge on the ice scraper also allows you to cut and dig out ice much easier.

If you want a superior ice removal tool that’s relatively small at the same time, you’ve found your product. It’s functional, small, and doesn’t back down from the thickest and toughest sheets of ice that you find on your vehicle.


  • The unique design helps cut into the ice and remove thicker ice better
  • Will help you get the job done faster


  • Because the handle to this scraper is extremely close to the actual edge of the tool, you may find yourself getting frosty hands quite often

#4. MIGICSHOW Ice Scraper


The MIGICSHOW ice scraper is made from stainless steel, putting it a bit higher up in terms of durability and strength. The handle is rubberized to add additional grip to it as well.

This type of ice scraper is ideal for those who live in extremely cold climates. If you’re needing something to constantly remove several inches of ice from your windscreen, the MIGICSHOW ice scraper can get the job done.

There are four major functions of the MIGICSHOW:

  • Snow shovelling
  • Ice shovelling
  • Frost scraping
  • Windshield wiper protection

No matter what you need an ice scraper for, this product gets the job done.


  • The stainless steel blade makes this scraper tougher and more reliable in the long term
  • Is suitable for snow shovelling, ice shovelling, frost scraping, and windshield wiper protection
  • Ideal for those in extremely cold climates


  • The handle is relatively short. It allows for great grip strength over the scraper, but you may catch bits of snow and ice as you peel them away.

#5. Ankier Cars Ice Scraper

Ankier Cars Ice Scraper

This Ankier ice scraper is designed to remove ice and snow from your vehicle without damaging the integrity of your windshield. It scoops up the ice and pushes it away from both your hand and the windshield. This helps reduce knicks and scratches along with your vehicle while also keeping your hands from getting too gold.

The grift isn’t made of rubber, but it is designed with ergonomics in mind to help your hand feel comfortable. It’s also non-slip, so you’ll get the benefits of rubber without actually having a rubber handle.

The way that the head of this ice scraper is designed helps it remove ice and snow easier. It does half the work for you, so you won’t be stuck outside all morning trying to get thick sheets of ice off your windscreen.


  • Designed to help keep snow and ice from damaging your windshield and preventing your hand from being cold
  • All the benefits of a rubber handle without the extra weight of rubber
  • Does most of the work of removing ice and snow for you


  • The handle is short enough that this won’t be suitable for larger vehicles or trucks that have elevated or elongated windscreens

Ice Scraper for Windscreens Buying Considerations 

Length of the Handle

While the length of the handle of an ice scraper may seem like a trivial matter, it’s incredibly important to get a good product.

If you’re driving a small car or another vehicle, you likely won’t need a long handle as you can reach the majority of your windscreen without having to reach far. However, if you own a large pickup truck or SUV, the length of the handle can quickly become a problem.

This is especially true if the vehicle is raised more than normal. In this case, you’re going to want to purchase an ice scraper that is capable of reaching the entire windscreen. You must remove all ice, snow, and debris from your windshield to be as safe as possible.

Material of the Scraper

The material that your ice scraper is made out of is going to determine how much value you get from it over time. ABS plastic is strong and durable, but so is stainless steel.

Stainless steel will likely cut through ice and snow easier, but it may end up rusting after being exposed to water. On the other hand, ABS isn’t known for its cutting power, but it’s extremely durable and is known to last for years and years before breaking.

There are also other materials that ice scrapers are made out of, but ABS plastic and stainless steel are the two best options.

Final Verdict

Ice scrapers are a must in our opinion for every motorist providing you have a robust enough quality model, they are guaranteed to work and clear ice with a bit of manual work. There aren’t many things to compare from model-to-model, and they are pretty straight forward, though there are a few things to consider, such as plastic quality, ergonomics and length. Take a look at our best windscreen ice scraper picks above, with all the picks being effective and well-priced options for clearing away ice on those chilly days.