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Best Windscreen Covers UK (Reviews) 2024

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Best Windscreen Cover UK

Car windscreen covers aren’t just for those cold winter months, they can be used all year round and are even beneficial for protecting a windscreen from harmful UV rays in the summertime. Winter is where these covers really excel though, preventing a frost buildup on your windshield that requires an ice scraper to clear. In the summer, they can prevent sunlight from damaging your windscreen and also prevent the car from getting too hot inside.

Most covers you’ll find come in a standard size and are very simple to secure to your front window. The reason why most people invest in one of these sheets is for the cold weather, but they should be viewed as an all-weather, all-season purchase for protecting your windshield. Have a look at our 5 top windscreen protectors for your car underneath.

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Table of Contents

Best Windscreen Covers in the UK Reviews

#1. BEEWAY Heavy-Duty Car Windshield Cover

BEEWAY Heavy-Duty Car Windshield Cover

The heavy-duty windshield cover from BEEWAY is great for a variety of vehicles makes and models. The extra-large size will fit securely on most cars and SUVs, while the XXL size is fantastic for larger SUVs, vans, trucks, and minivans. You should still measure your vehicle and windshield before purchase to be sure this screen will fit snugly.

It’s easy to install and requires no additional tools. The side flaps should be fitted inside of your vehicle’s doors, and the cover will protect your vehicle from intense heat and UV radiation, snow, ice, and frost when used correctly. Additionally, you should always install it with the silver side facing up for optimal protection.

This cover can also be used for other purposes, such as a table mat while camping, a sitting mat for pets in the car, or more. But primarily, it is perfect for protecting your car in the cold or heat.


  • Available in extra large and XXL sizes for larger vehicles
  • Made of four layers: PEVA aluminum foil, spunlanced cotton, composite cotton, and soft non-woven lining
  • Offers heavy-duty protection from UV rays, snow, heat, freezing temperatures, and ice
  • Easy to install using side flaps
  • Fire retardant


  • It should not be used in heavy rain, as water will soak in and may enter your car along with the side flaps

#2. QcoQce Magnetic Car Windscreen

QcoQce Magnetic Car Windscreen

With this magnetic windscreen, you can protect both your windshield and your wide mirrors with ease. Not only does it have magnets to help keep it firmly in place on your windshield, but it also had elastic straps to affix the cover to your side mirrors and features covers for those as well. If you’re wary of magnetic installations, fear not, as the magnets in this windscreen cover are cushioned in a thick, soft material that will prevent damage.

This durable cover has a double-sided aluminum coating and is waterproof, temperature resistant, tear-resistant, and will protect your vehicle from UV radiation, heat, snow, hail, and ice. It’s foldable, making it easy to carry and move around, and comes in two sizes that fit a large range of vehicles.


  • Flame resistant
  • Has double-sided aluminum coating that is waterproof, windproof, temperature resistant, and winter resistant to snow and hail
  • Extra thick cover is made of PE aluminum film, needle cotton, silk cotton, and non-woven new material
  • Durable, tear-resistant, and ultra-thick
  • Convenient, easy to use magnets and elastic straps make installation simple


  • Some quality control issues

#3. Zenoplige


The Zenoplige car windscreen cover is an extraordinarily convenient and effective way to protect your car from a variety of environmental troubles. Using magnets and side flaps for a secure, snug fit, it will protect your car and windshield from rain, snow, heat, UV radiation, dust, wind, leaves, and frost.

With its wide range of coverage and protective capabilities, this cover is great for use throughout the year in any season. While it is waterproof, you should not try to use it in particularly heavy rainfall though.


  • Comes with additional side mirror covers for added protection
  • Features an extended front design that will cover and protect wiper blades
  • Great for use in all seasons against several weather conditions
  • Uses a combination of magnets and side flaps for a snug, secure fit
  • Flame resistant and durable


  • Some sizing issues, where a larger or smaller size cover was delivered after ordering

#4. Exqline Magnetic

Exqline Magnetic

Exqline has updated its windscreen covers with this model. It’s available in both small and large sizes, and features a remarkably thick cotton material that helps to protect your vehicle from extreme temperatures. It also uses PEVA aluminum foil, spunlaced cotton, blank non-woven lining, and composite cotton to ensure your vehicle is protected from the sun, heat, temperature extremes, and any debris that might land on your car.

This windscreen cover uses elastic straps, side flaps, and magnets to make sure you have the most securely-fit windscreen cover around. It fits on most vehicles, from cars to mid-sized vehicles and even trucks and SUVs. Additionally, Exqline has a full one-year warranty along with a 90-day money-back guarantee, so you can purchase and try this screen with confidence.


  • Anti-acid rain, anti-freeze, anti-sand, and anti-UV radiation
  • Uses side flaps and elastic straps to fully secure onto your vehicle
  • Has a magnetic edge to keep the screen cover firmly on your windshield
  • Easy, safe, and secure design meant to protect your vehicle from a variety of conditions
  • Multi-functional comfort design is also great for use as a pet or baby mat


  • Can have some difficulty keeping this screen on in high winds

#5. FREESOO Windscreen Protector Cover

FREESOO Windscreen Protector Cover

This car windscreen cover is effective for a variety of uses and incredibly easy to install. With it, you can keep the internal temperature of your car cool and comfortable on even the hottest, most sun-intensive days. It will also keep frost, snow, or ice from building up on your windshield, so you don’t have to waste any time in your morning routine scraping ice free from your car’s glass.

In addition to being easy to put on your car for daily use, it comes with a convenient bag that can be used to store the cover. It is easy to fold up and is perfect for protecting any kind of vehicle, including SUVs and crossovers.


  • Fantastic for all weather, including temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celsius
  • Easy to use with side flaps that secure in your vehicle door
  • Has four layers of cotton, lining, and aluminum for a thick, durable, tear-resistant cover
  • Can be folded and stored or carried in the convenient, included bag
  • Comes in two sizes with a third option that has additional magnets for extra security


  • The magnets are a hit or miss
  •  The rain could enter the vehicle during heavy rains due to the side flaps of this cover

Cover for a Car Windscreen Buying Considerations

Size and Coverage

The size of your windshield matters when choosing a windscreen cover, as they come in a variety of sizes to protect a vast range of vehicle models. Some covers are one-size-fits-all, which may work for a lot of vehicles, but you can also order specific sizes for your vehicle. They may also come in measured sizes to better fix smaller and larger vehicles.

Additionally, consider what all you want to be covered by your windscreen cover. Some windscreen covers will cover not only your windshield, but will protect your rearview mirror, roof, or even the rear windshield. Consider the type of weather conditions where you live and work, and what kind of coverage your vehicle needs for effective protection.

Ease of Installation and Attachment Options

The amount of ease you have in installing or attaching your windscreen cover depends on your preferences more than anything. There are many options available to choose from.

Door Flaps

Are additional lengths of material on your cover. They are meant to be closed into your car doors to hold your windscreen cover firmly in place. They are arguably one of the most secure screen covers available, but many people find them difficult to install, especially by themselves.

Elastic Straps

They are incredibly unlikely to cause any kind of damage to your vehicle’s paint during installation. The straps fit right around the mirrors of your car for easy installation.


These are an increasingly common way to attach your windscreen cover to your car. The magnets are typically wrapped in the fabric of the cover to avoid damaging your car, but this type of cover shouldn’t be used in high-wind areas.

Rearview Mirror Pockets

Cover the mirrors at the sides of your car. This not only protects the mirrors from ice and snow but also keeps the cover in place.

Tie-Down Straps

Use hooks to connect to the wheel well or hubcap to secure the windscreen cover to your car. These straps are easily adjustable.

Heat Reduction and UV Protection

Many windscreens and windshield covers are also called sunshades, and in times where that is the case, it doesn’t make much sense to have one that doesn’t reduce heat or block out the sun’s intense UV rays. Many sellers on the market say their screen covers will reduce heat and protect your car from UV radiation, but their products may not stand up to those elements. Keep this in mind and carefully read the manufacturer’s description as well as the reviews of previous customers to be sure that you’re getting a quality product.

The Final Word

The market for windscreen covers is huge, with every auto manufacturer out there offering a protector sheet of some sort. They really are simple investments that can protect the long-term health of your windscreen and are easy to attach. Choose wisely from our best windscreen covers above, allowing you to protect your front window when your car isn’t in use anywhere you want.