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Best Under Seat Subwoofers UK (Reviews) 2022

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Best Under Seat Subwoofer UK

An under seat subwoofer is perfect If you’re someone that can appreciate high-quality sounds and deep bass in your music, but might feel a bit put-off by your car’s standard sound system. Many cars come with a basic sound system that doesn’t quite have the bass depths or sound quality you may be looking for to play your music from. Subwoofers are much simpler and less expensive than replacing your whole sound stereo system and also take up very little space, hence the name, under seat.

You don’t have to place these subwoofers under your seat though, they are portable and slim enough to be placed anywhere in your vehicle, without having to take up any valuable space. With a large range of these booming audio additions around, we’ve selected our 5 top subwoofers for under your car seats below.

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Table of Contents

Best Under Seat Subwoofers in the UK Reviews

#1. Kenwood KSC-SW11 Underseat Subwoofer

Kenwood KSC-SW11 Underseat Subwoofer

The Kenwood KSC-SW11 Underseat Subwoofer is compact and affordable. This makes it a perfect option for those just starting to get into installing aftermarket equipment as well as for those that are familiar with the niche and want something easy to maneuver and install. This subwoofer sounds fantastic when it’s used as part of a mix, filling out the low-end sounds. However, with it being such a small unit, the bass isn’t nearly as tight or deep as it might initially sound within the mix – you may not notice it unless you isolate the bass, though.

The wired controller offers three controls. There are two dials, one for the volume and one for the crossover frequency, and then there is a switch for phase control. The wired controls give great access and a sense of control from the driver’s seat.


  • 150w peak power handling
  • Durable aluminum die-cast frame
  • Wired remote to control volume level, frequency, and phase control
  • Optional speaker level input
  • Provides quality sound range and bass


  • Some quality control issues here and there

#2. Pioneer TS-WX130DA In-Car Amplified Subwoofers

Pioneer TS-WX130DA In-Car Amplified Subwoofers

Pioneer is one of those brand names you should expect to see on review lists like this because their quality and reliability consistently land them in bestseller lists. Pioneer’s TS-WX130DA under seat subwoofer is one of those fantastic pieces of equipment that had to be involved here. It’s one of the best selling under seat subwoofers on the market.

Powered by 160 watts RMS, this 8-inch subwoofer is reasonably priced and will deliver impressive, quality sound for you to enjoy. It also boasts a high sensitivity, which means it requires less power to play at louder volumes and frequencies.


  • Digital bass controls allow you to tailor the frequencies, responses, and increased performance
  • 160w maximum, 50w nominal
  • Frequency response is between 40 and 200 Hz
  • Built-in class D amplifier
  • Small, compact design with a sleek, modern look


  • Remote doesn’t give great results sound wise

#3. Pioneer TS-WX210A 8-Inch Active Underseat

Pioneer TS-WX210A 8-Inch Active Underseat

Another fantastic Pioneer under seat subwoofer is the TS-WX210A model. This is an 8-inch subwoofer that has a unique design, making it great for not only under seat use but for uses wherever you can connect the unit, including in your home or in a workshop.

The TS-WX210A unit focuses on both functionality and performance. It can be positioned both vertically and horizontally, and takes up a minimal amount of space, even when compared to other 8-inch subwoofer models.


  • Unique design can be used under vehicle seats or around the home, workshop, or more
  • Maximum power of 150w
  • IMPP composite cone woofer
  • Built-in amplifier
  • A sensitivity of 101 dB


  • More bass from this unit would be nice
  • Expensive

#4. T1 Audio Beat BSW8ACT 900W Component Subwoofer

T1 Audio Beat BSW8ACT 900W Component Subwoofer

The T1 Audio Beat 900W Component Subwoofer is a surprisingly powerful little unit that can put out impressive levels of bass for a low cost and while taking up a minute amount of space in your vehicle.

This unit can easily be installed either under your vehicle’s seat, in the boot area, or even behind or under a panel.  This subwoofer is curably and solidly constructed and will ensure a powerful, clear sound while you play your music. It also comes with a control.


  • Compact, 8-inch under seat subwoofer
  • Has 900w peak power
  • Includes a bass control remote and wiring kit
  • Built-in amplifier


  • More bass power from this unit would be nice

#5. Alpine PWE-V80 Active

Alpine PWE-V80 Active

The Alpine PWE-V80 Underseat Active Subwoofer is a great little under seat subwoofer backed by a name that comes with years of aftermarket sound experience under its belt. Alpine has been around for decades and was the brand to have if you were looking for a factory head replacement back in the day. And they’re still putting out high-quality products.

The V80 uses its built-in amplifier to handle up to 160w of peak power in a closed or sealed enclosure type. This under seat subwoofer is easy to assemble and install in your vehicle and will give you an accurate, deep bass from a convenient, under-the-seat location.


  • Enables you to upgrade and add decent bass to your factory stereo with little installation hassle
  • The shallow, compact design makes this subwoofer ideal for under seat installation, or use in small, tight spaces
  • 160w built-in amplifier
  • 100w RMS power rating
  • Provides an accurate, deep bass from a convenient, out-of-sight location


  • Expensive

Subwoofer for Under Car Seats Buying Considerations


An under seat subwoofer isn’t going to wake up your whole neighborhood, regardless of how powerful it may be. But they will add a significant amount of bass to your sound system and improve your overall sound quality during your drive. There are two power ratings that you should pay attention to in particular, and those are the peak power and the RMS power.

Peak Power

This represents the maximum wattage that the subwoofer can handle in short bursts. If an amp ever produces more watts than your subwoofer can handle, it can cause sound distortions. Additionally, your subwoofer can suffer actual damage and may even short out altogether.

RMS Power

This rating is just as important and has more to do with consistent sound quality. This is the actual wattage that the subwoofer can channel without producing distortion or suffering any harm to the actual equipment. You absolutely must consider the RMS power rating into account when you’re pairing an amp and a subwoofer. The closer the amp and subwoofer values are to one another, the better your sound quality will be. You want your amp to produce somewhere between 75 percent and 150 percent of your subwoofer’s watts for optimal performance.


One of the most important parts of buying a subwoofer is to sort out where it will be installed in your car before you even purchase it. If you don’t plan and prepare ahead of time, you may end up buying a subwoofer that won’t even fit in your vehicle where it should. Different makes and models and cars can accommodate different sizes and models of subwoofer, but there are some general guidelines you can follow.

For Sports Cars

You’re working with a smaller car off the bat. You should take that into account and assume you’ll be buying the 8-inch subwoofers. There are some 10-inch models that will also fit, but keep in mind that it’s very likely that they will reduce and restrict space for those riding in the car.

For Sedans

You have a bit more space to work with. Typically, though, you should still look to get either an 8- or 10-inch under seat subwoofer model. This is because the 12-inch models, while they might fit, will take up more space and restrict your usable space.

For Trucks and SUVs

You typically will have the maximum amount of available space to work with and can choose multiple smaller subwoofers or invest in the 12-inch models if you’ve got a large enough truck or SUV. You should still measure the space under your seats to be sure you can accommodate the subwoofer, just to be safe.


The size of your subwoofer is key in deciding how it will function and behave. There are three standard under seat subwoofer sizes that you’ll come across when you’re searching for the best fit for your car.


This will provide fantastic clarity and bass response, but they won’t typically add very much bass to the music you’re playing. These are the most common size of subwoofers and are the smallest size available.


These are fairly common as well for cars, and people purchasing aftermarket subwoofers tend to go for this medium-sized option. They are not difficult to install. These subwoofers have a great bass response and decent clarity, and will produce more bass than the smaller 8-inch models will.


They are not very common at all and are the largest of the available subwoofer sizes for under seat subwoofers. They produce decent bass response and clarity, but produce the most bass out of the three available sizes. However, these models are harder to install because of their large and non-standard size, so keep that in mind.

The Final Word

If you’re short on space in your car, don’t have the technical knowledge required for audio wiring, or simply don’t have the budget to invest in a new stereo system, an under seat subwoofer might be worth investing in if you’re after that extra bass sound. All of our best under seat subwoofer models reviewed above give off a nice bass sound and have a nice slim build to them. Just be sure to measure up the space you have available under your car seat or planned installation area before purchasing a model.