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Best Tyre Dressings and Gels UK (Reviews) 2022

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Best Tyre Dressing and Gel UK

Tyre dressing gel is used to bring out that black shine on the sidewall of your once new tyres. Tyres are one of the easiest things to neglect on a motor, and are rarely thought off when giving your car a little TLC. With the application of some shine products, you can bring out that new look again and even protect the tyre from looking worn out in the future.

If you look after your car rims by using a brake dust remover, then you should look after it properly and give the same amount of treatment to your black tyres. Once you’ve decided whether you want to have a wet or natural look, check out our 5 top gels and dressings for tyres reviewed below.

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Table of Contents

Best Tyre Dressings and Gels in the UK Reviews

#1. Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing

Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing

Autoglym is a name you’re likely familiar with if you do a lot of regular detailing or car maintenance on your vehicle. This is because they consistently provide high-quality products so that you can take the best care of your car – and that includes your tyres.

This tyre dressing can be applied by spraying directly on the tyre sidewall, or can be sprayed onto an application sponge. Applying it directly to the tyre is arguably faster, but may result in overspray or backsplash that you would then have to clean up. Applying the spray to a sponge, while avoiding those negatives, also has the added benefit of allowing you to get an even finish on your tyre. Additionally, you can either let it air dry naturally for a highly-glossy finish, or use a microfibre towel to get a deep, matte finish.

This dressing will last about three to five weeks before beginning to fade, and the fade will be gradual. This means you won’t have to rush to re-apply this dressing once you begin to notice it. But, considering it only takes about ten minutes to apply to all four tyres, and it can be purchased at such a low price, we don’t think that’s bad at all.


  • Low, budget-friendly cost
  • Leaves an attractive, new-looking sheen
  • Blends durable polymers and protectants
  • Quick, easy spray-on formula
  • You can leave it to air-dry for a glossy finish, or use a microfibre cloth to remove any excess and give your tyres a nice, matte finish


  • May result in overspray if applied directly to the sidewall of the tyre
  • Do not apply to the tread

#2. Meguiar’s G7516EU Endurance High Gloss Tyre Gel

Meguiar’s G7516EU Endurance High Gloss Gel

If you prefer a tyre gel to a spray dressing, look no further than Meguiar’s Endurance High Gloss Tyre Gel for your tyre restoration needs. This product continues to be a favorite among enthusiasts that are looking for a long-lasting formula with an impressive sheen.

This tyre gel and the gloss it produces will not last only days, like some other brands, but will survive weeks of washing, rain, and other inclement conditions. The gel formula eliminates the messes that can be caused by overspray, drips, or streaks and will not cause unsightly spots in your garage or driveway.

You don’t need to use very much product at all to cover your tyres, and the advanced polymers provide lasting, high-gloss protection.


  • Long-lasting formula
  • Stays effective even after heavy rains or washing
  • Easy to apply for a gel product
  • A small amount goes a long way
  • Reasonably priced


  • Gel-based products tend to take a little more work to properly apply and you may have to remove excess gel after application
  • Needs to be applied with a dressing applicator pad or another kind of soft brush

#3. Williams Racing WIL0023 Dressing

Williams Racing WIL0023

The Williams Racing Tyre Dressing is a premium, high-quality blend that will bring a gorgeous, glossy sheen to your tires. If you use a brush or applicator sponge to apply this dressing, it’s easier to manage and reduces any potential splash that might result from diluting the formula and using a spray bottle instead.

Reviews indicate that this dressing is easy to apply and has amazing results, and the 5 litre volume means that you will have plenty to use for months to come. Just apply this dressing liberally and allow it to dry naturally, and for extra-worn, tired-looking tyres, feel free to add a secondary coat. Once set, you can rinse the tyres. This will wash away any other dirt, dust, or debris that might have been on your tyres if you didn’t clean them before applying the dressing.


  • Premium, high-grade dressing
  • Glossy finish
  • Large-volume
  • Applies easily with a brush or sponge


  • Need to additionally purchase a spray bottle or application sponge or brush

#4. King of Sheen Eco Tyre Shine

King of Sheen Eco Tyre Shine

This tyre shine is extraordinarily quick and easy to apply to your tyre’s sidewalls. It cleans, conditions, and protects your tyres with an amazing slime-free and non-greasy finish. It’s a water-based formula with an attractive fragrance, so you won’t feel like you’re soaking your tyres in harsh, unforgiving chemicals. This formula contains no hazardous substances and being water-based, there’s no petroleum in it either.

This tyre shine will completely restore tyre surfaces and appearances, leaving them refreshed, sealed, and well-protected against future build-up of dust, moisture, and traffic film. It will only take one or two sprays to the application sponge to fully coat the tyre’s sidewall and will leave a perfectly glossy finish.


  • Attractive, glossy finish
  • Easy to apply
  • A small amount of spray goes a long way
  • No harsh chemicals or abrasives
  • Nice fragrance


  • Some customers are not a fan of the included applicator sponge

#5. Renault F1 High Gloss Tyre Dressing

Renault F1 High Gloss Tyre Dressing

This high-gloss tyre dressing is a great, large-volume dressing that will work best for you if you have multiple cars whose tyres need a little extra love and care. Reviews indicate that it seems to be a consistency somewhere between a sprayable fluid and an applicable gel. When diluted, it may be able to be sprayed from a bottle, but for best use, it’s easiest to use an applicator sponge.

The gloss can be determined by drying method, whether air drying or microfibre towel and will be either an attractive gloss or a nice back matte. It should be noted that some reviews stated the high-gloss shine seems to wash away easier in heavy rains or during routine car care and maintenance.


  • Budget-friendly and cost-effective
  • Easy to apply with great, even coverage
  • Provides either a high-gloss or matte finish
  • A small amount goes a long way


  • Some customers have had a difficult time of achieving the high gloss effect
  • Some reviewers say that the glossy shine, when obtained, washes away easily

Gel and Dressing for Tyres Buying Considerations

UV Protection

An important secondary benefit of tyre dressing, aside from making your tyres as attractive as they were the day you bought them, is that the dressing will provide some UV protection for your tyres. This is a fantastic benefit if you live somewhere with frequently intense sunlight that could lead to tyre cracking or other UV-related damage. The UV radiation can cause damage to the natural rubber compounds in your tyres, which makes them susceptible to a variety of problems such as discoloration, cracking, popping, and worse. So the added benefit of UV protection for your now-shined tyres shouldn’t be overlooked.

Ease of Application

Tyre dressings either come in a spray-ready formula or a gel-based formula. Both are incredibly easy to apply, though it should be noted that gel-based dressing may take a longer time to properly apply since they have to be applied with an application sponge. However, they are also easier to control and minimize messes and splashback.

Consider the Finished Look You Want

Tyre dressings and gels can leave a range of finishes after application, from super glossy to an attractive black matte or satin finish. Choosing the right shine for your preferences is a lot like choosing the right paint finish for your vehicle or bedroom – there are plenty of options, and none are really wrong if you like the way they look.

The Final Word

Let’s be honest, you want your car to be as aesthetically appealing as it can possibly be. That includes the often-overlooked and tired looking tyres. All of the tyre dressings and gels in our review guide here have been tested and proven to be great options for the vast majority of car enthusiasts. Our best tyre dressing pick overall is the Autoglym Instant solution as it offers the best shine and protection around.