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Best Tow Ropes and Straps UK (Reviews) 2022

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Best Tow Rope and Strap UK

Tow ropes and straps are used exactly for what you would expect them to be used for – towing! Most people probably don’t carry around towing rope in the back of their vehicle, but it can be a valuable thing to carry as part of your emergency kit. Not only can you use it to tow another broken down car to the side of the road, but it could also be used to give to another motorist to tow your vehicle off the road in the case of a breakdown.

You may or may not have breakdown cover, but in either case, if you’ve broken down in a bad place on the road and need to get to a safe spot, a quick tow is always a great solution. We’ve chosen 5 of the top towing straps and ropes that will allow you to clip them to your vehicle with ease and get to a safe spot.

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Table of Contents

Best Tow Ropes and Straps in the UK Reviews

#1. AA 5060114616226 Heavy-Duty, Strap-Style Tow Rope

AA 5060114616226 Heavy-Duty, Strap-Style Tow Rope

First up, let’s have a look at the AA 5060114616226. This heavy-duty, strap-style tow rope makes it easier than ever to tow vehicles up to 4 tonnes without worrying about fraying or lose of tension. That’s because this model’s strap is elasticated, allowing all 4 meters of its length to flex slightly as the towing vehicle and the towed vehicle move slightly closer and further apart.

Often, novice users worry that they’ll incorrectly setup their new tow straps, leading to unpredictable movements once they begin the towing process. The AA 5060114616226 takes some of the uncertainty out of this process by utilizing quick release metal hooks that remain tight under pressure, but open right up when you’ve reached your destination

For those who prefer their auto equipment be certified for their advertised performance, you can rest easy knowing that the AA 5060114616226 kit complies with the BS AU 187 standard. Better yet, its entire length is dyed a vibrant yellow hue to increase its visibility during the towing process.


  • 4-metre length fits comfortably in carrying bag
  • Bright yellow colour adds visibility
  • Quick release hooks provide for easy use by novice users
  • Complies with BS AU 187 standard


  • Cannot connect to tow ball hitch
  • Pole has a tendency to detach

Verdict: Best Overall

#2. Easma Heavy Duty Car Recovery Tow Straps

Easma Heavy Duty Car Recovery Tow Straps

Next up, the Easma Heavy Duty Car Recovery Tow Straps gives a new definition to the idea of “heavy duty” tow rope. That’s because this strap alone is capable of safely guiding a 12 tonne vehicle from the side of a highway to a safe repair location. In fact, few other straps are as capable of transporting cars, ATVs, SUVs, boats, and light trucks with enduring any types of wear and tear.

Interestingly enough, these Easma straps are made from a high-density polyester that is ultra-resistant to heat, corrosion, and wear – particularly due to its double-stitched webbing architecture. Moreover, these Easma straps actively prevent wear from putting your towed vehicle at risk due to their inclusion of reinforced double loops at each strap end.

Finally, these Easma straps come with almost everything you need to start towing at the drop of a hat. Specifically, it comes with a storage bag to prevent the straps from become tangled and gloves to prevent your hands from sustaining any abrasions while attaching the shackles.


  • Comes with gloves for use with towing rope and shackles
  • U-shaped shackles with closed bolts for more reliability when closed
  • Rope made from high-density polyester with great heat resistance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance
  • Can tow trucks up to 12 tonnes


  • Costs around 4x as much as other models
  • Shackle threading can wear down faster than expected

#3. FMS Towing Belt

FMS Towing Belt

You certainly couldn’t lose track of these FMS Towing Belts if you tried. That’s because they come in a fluorescent green colour that stands out particularly well in the dark. But better than that, this unit’s straps are woven from an extra thick nylon material that prevents them from vibrating excessively while in use. As such, these straps are far less likely to loosen or wear excessively, even when towing a 5 tonne vehicle over a moderate distance.

Overall, this kit is surprisingly lightweight, despite the heavy-duty construction of its straps and hooks. Accordingly, you’ll have no problem storing this kit in the bag that comes with it and storing it securely in your vehicle, just in case.

Just so you know, though, several previous users of the FMS Towing Belt kit have noticed that its shackles have a bad tendency to ship with problematic defects. As such, folks who don’t want to go through the hassle of returning their new tow strap kit more than once may want to try a different option.


  • Nylon rope material is both durable and treated to reduce vibrations
  • Fluorescent green rope colour is very easy to see, even at night
  • Suitable for use with agricultural vehicles up to 5 tonnes
  • Comes with round carrying bag


  • Shackles have a bad tendency to ship with defects

#4. AAJ Heavy Duty


AAJ’s Heavy Duty Towing Belt is another worthwhile option if you are looking to properly equip your vehicle on a budget. That’s because this strap’s kit cost right around £10 and provides a 3.5 meter long, 50mm wide strap that can be used to safely tow cars, 4x4s, and vans. These straps are even certified to tow small agricultural vehicles, making it a great multi-use option for farmers.

While this kits’s straps do tend to struggle a bit when exposed to water, its hooks won’t let you down when you need them most. That’s because their forged steel construction allows them to remain structurally sound, even after being used to service multiple 5 tonne plus tows.


  • Most affordable price for use with cars, 4x4s, vans and agricultural vehicles
  • 50mm wide strap is woven for more lateral strength
  • Forged steel hooks don’t wear down after repeated uses


  • Webbing doesn’t hold up to water well
  • Doesn’t operate well when towing uphill

#5. Tech Traders Heavy Duty Breakdown Recovery & Towing Belt

Tech Traders Heavy Duty Breakdown Recovery & Towing Belt

Finally, we come to the Tech Traders Heavy Duty Breakdown Recovery & Towing Belt. This kit also comes at a great value because its £10 price tag is complemented by a free shipping offer within the UK. As such, shoppers on a budget will be able to obtain a 50mm width, 3.5 meter length towing rope without needing to waste time (or money) at the auto parts store.

This kit’s strap only stands out slightly from the competition, particularly when it comes to its vibrant orange colour. But otherwise, it is able to tow vans, cars, and 4x4s up to 5 tonnes safely and without trouble. This includes on hills, which is where the Tech Traders towing belts perform best.


  • Vibrant orange colour reflects sunlight well for added visibility
  • 50mm width and 3.5 meter length provide up to 5 tonnes of carrying capacity
  • Remains stable and intact when used on hills


  • Steel hooks are a little sharp

Strap and Towing Rope Buying Considerations

You Cannot Tow an Automatic Vehicle

Before you invest in a top rope or strap, you should know that automatic vehicles cannot be towed using this method. Due to their internal architecture, an automatic vehicle’s wheels cannot roll freely, which is absolutely necessary when performing an amateur tow with a tow rope. Though there are ways of towing an automatic vehicle, doing so can cause permanent damage if it is mishandled. As such, you may be better off leaving your automatic vehicle towing needs to a professional.

Don’t Underestimate Your Vehicle’s Weight

Be sure to only use tow ropes and straps that have been certified for use with vehicle’s as heavy or heavier than your own. This because tow ropes and straps are put under a lot of stress while in use, which in turn can cause progressive wear. Using an under-qualified tow strap or rope to pull a heavy vehicle can cause it to wear more rapidly, if not fail instantly and cause a dangerous situation on the roadway.

The Final Word

If you’re considering a rope that we have on our list, as long as the towing capacity is adequate for the size of vehicle you intend to tow, and the length is enough, you should be good to go as every pick we have listed has a reasonable level of construction to it. The AA model is our best tow strap and rope pick as it’s from one of the most trusted recovery and breakdown companies in the UK, but above all, it’s the most reliable model on the market for an emergency.