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Best Car Spray Painting Respirator Masks UK (Reviews) 2024

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Best Car Spray Painting Respirator Mask UK

Respirator masks are essential when using an automotive spray painting gun simply because they have to repel all types of unhealthy and even dangerous contaminants throughout the painting process. They usually have filters that not only do a great job of protecting you against chemicals and other particulates, but can be replaced regularly to make sure the mask continues to do its job properly.

They cover a large part of the face and stop you from breathing in these contaminants so that no long-term damage is done to your lungs or your throat. They usually have adjustable headbands to fit everyones face with two different styles available – full or half masks. Don’t worry though, we have included reviews from both types in our 5 top auto spray paint respirators picks below.

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Best Automotive Paint Respirators in the UK Reviews



Full or Half

3M 4251+

1. 3M 4251+

Top Pick









#1. 3M Spray Paint Respirator 4251+, A1P2

3M Spray Paint Respirator 4251+, A1P2

Our number 1 choice of respirators is this half-mask by one of the most popular manufacturers in the spray painting space – 3M. This makes the number 1 spot on our list thanks to the great breathability and comfort combined with the trusted fume protection it offers.

The breathability is an aspect that we want to highlight with this product.  The twin inhalation valves and large bonded carbon filters make this design much superior to similar single filter painting masks. Exhalation is also comfortable and easy, thanks to the low resistance exhalation valve that it has.

Like all 3M respirators, the product has been safety tested and certified to comply with European standards. There are, however, instructions and guidelines that you should read before using for different tasks and environments. It is designed for paint fumes and is does it’s job wonderfully for a lot of automotive spray painters, but if you’re in a harsh industrial chemical environment, you may need a stronger full-size mask.

Overall this is a great all-around half-mask, especially when it comes to breathability and design. Plus, the price tag is fantastic compared with other similar respirator models for spray painting.


  • Fantastic breathability
  • Comfortable design
  • Good price tag
  • Trusted manufacturer in this space


  • Disposable mask – no changeable filters or cartridges

#2. OHMOTOR Full Face Respirator Double Filter

OHMOTOR Full Face Respirator Double Filter

Unlike other face masks, this respirator mask covers the entire face and is made out of soft, durable silicone materials that are super easy to clean. The activated carbon draws in most of the contaminants you’ll run into as you work, and the multiple straps are there to make sure the mask fits properly the entire time. There is even a unique sound transmission device that lets you hear others clearly without removing your mask, meaning it will stay on like it’s supposed to until the job is done.

Perfect for welding, spray-painting, polishing, and working in a lab, this is a very efficient mask that protects you from danger as you work with chemicals and unhealthy particulates. The lens even has anti-fog and anti-friction properties so that the mask is comfortable regardless of how long you wear it. The filter cartridges are easy to find and fit the mask perfectly, and they can filter everything from asbestos to chlorine and so much more.


  • Full-face mask for extra protection
  • Filters out tons of contaminants
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Eye section can sometimes fog up
  • Could be better fitting

#3. NASUM Dust Face Cover Half

NASUM Dust Face Cover Half

With detachable filter boxes that make changing the filters a breeze, this is a great mask for spray-painting, welding, and many other tasks that involve chemicals and dangerous particulates. This is our budget pick but still offers top-notch protection against dozens of contaminants. The mask filters out 99.95% or more of these chemicals, which allows you to do the task at hand safely and without worry.

The mask also has both an adjustable headband and soft silicone material so that it fits properly without being uncomfortable. The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee and the mask is even specially designed to reduce wearer fatigue. It is also made out of reliable materials that help the mask last for a very long time, so whether you’re spray-painting your car or working in a lab, it is the perfect accessory to have to keep you extremely safe.


  • Extremely inexpensive
  • Replaceable filters for extra protection
  • Food-grade silicone materials for better efficiency


  • Filters could fit better
  • Not the best quality overall

#4. Dräger X-plore® 3300

This half-face respirator mask is lightweight and comfortable yet still fits tightly so that you remain safe regardless of how long the job takes. It has a great seal and a twin-filter system for extra protection against contaminants, and it is specially made not to fog up the glasses, which helps you see much better as you work. Whether you’re trying to avoid toxic gas, fumes, chemical substances, acids, or spray paint, this is a great mask that offers the ultimate in protection against those and other particulates as well.

Best of all, the mask itself is made out of soft TPE plastic material, keeping it super comfortable and skin-friendly as well, which means it will never irritate your skin. It won’t shift as you work but instead stays in place, and the flexible head harness, neck clips, and adjustable straps make it easy to get the perfect fit every time, keeping you safe and comfortable from start to finish. Use it both indoors and outdoors for all types of risky jobs, and it will never disappoint.


  • Good price
  • Specially made not to fog up and mess up your vision
  • Effective against lots of contaminants


  • Doesn’t have a seal test to confirm the right fit
  • A little heavier

#5. M301 Dust Half Face Cover

M301 Dust Half Face Cover

One of the least expensive picks, this face mask is made out of food-grade silicone material, which is soft enough to be comfortable but sturdy enough to stay on correctly the entire time you’re working. There is a flow valve in front of the cover that reduces heat and moisture so that breathing is a lot easier, and this feature also reduces the risk of fatigue as you work. The filter used in the device eliminates more than 99.95% of particulates, and the design of the mask is lightweight for ultimate comfort.

With an adjustable strap to keep the mask on properly, this mask has a balanced design that can accommodate all types of jobs, from welding to sanding and polishing to spray-painting. It is also low-maintenance because the only thing you have to do is replace the filter occasionally and nothing else. This is a well-made mask that fully protects you from anything harmful that’s in the air as you work, and it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee to boot.


  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight at only 410g
  • More than 99.95% effective


  • Straps could be better quality
  • Awkward fitting for some people

Respirator Mask for Car Spray Painting Buying Considerations

Chemical and Contaminant Resistance

The first thing you need to do when buying a good respirator mask is to determine what type of contaminants you’ll be working with, then match that up with the different masks so that you are sure the mask you want will get rid of that particular contaminant. Not all masks will eliminate all types of contaminants, so you’ll need to make sure the one you choose can accommodate your needs. That being said, most masks eliminate lots of different contaminants, so it should be easy to find the mask that suits your needs.


Because you could potentially have these masks on for long periods during the whole car painting process, they need to have a good, comfortable fit on your face. One of the most common complaints and problems with the models we see is that the straps and overall general fitting of the face masks are poor and uncomfortable. The best thing to do is read how actual real users felt when trying on the chosen respirator.

Half or Full Mask

As mentioned, there are two types of respirators that you will have the choice from. The first is a half mask, which will only cover your mouth and nose. The full masks cover the entire face, including the eyes, which will have a built-in visor to protect them and allow you to see at the same time. Choosing between a half and full model really comes down to your vehicle painting process, that’s why we’ve included a selection of both in our reviews above.


If you’ve went with a full face pick, you’ll have a built-in visor to protect your eyes. You obviously need to see clearly out of the mask when painting though, so it’s worth looking into models that are advertised as being anti-fog. A lot of the cheaper picks are notoriously bad for fogging up while being used for automotive painting jobs.

Final Word

Respirator masks are a must when working with any type of dangerous chemicals, though finding a good model that fits comfortably at a reasonable price can be very tricky. The first thing you should do is decide whether you want a full-face mask or a half-face mask. Both are efficient and keep you well-protected, so be sure to check out our detailed reviews of the best respirators for car painting above, with both types being covered comprehensively.