Best Speed Camera Detectors UK (Reviews) 2021

Best Speed Camera Detector UK

Speed camera detectors not only save you from being fined or gaining points on your driving license, but can also help keep you safe and legal on the road. Though you shouldn’t be speeding in the first place, you may be in an area that you’ve never driven in before and are unsure of certain speeds and restrictions in place. These detection systems will alert you to any speed cameras in the area and sometimes even let you know traffic police hot spots.

There’s different types of speed cameras out there, but for this review we’ll be focusing on the 5 top dedicated speed camera detection systems that you attach to the front of your vehicle. Every road you drive on has different traffic rules, so don’t get caught out unnecessarily. Remember though, they should only be used to help you drive within the legal limit, not for avoiding getting caught out while speeding.

Best Speed Camera Detectors in the UK Reviews

#1. Cheetah C550 GPS Speed & Red Light Camera Detector

Cheetah C550 GPS Speed & Red Light Camera Detector

The Cheetah C550 speed and red light camera detector is one of the most heavy-duty products available on the market. Aside from the many awards it has received, it is also one of the most reliable options. When purchased, you receive a lifetime membership to the Trinity 3.0 network which provides not only GPS navigation but also speed camera locations nationwide

This is also a speed camera detector that has many customizable options including over 25 different voice translations for both instructions and alerts. There is also a "whisper mode" that will only provide you with alerts in situations where you are driving over the speed limit for designated areas. This alleviates the need to be constantly on alert and only notifies you when you may run the risk of a violation.

You also have the option to customize the brightness of the display and mute your car stereo during operation based on your preferences. Overall, this particular speed camera detector not only provides you with the basic functionality needed but also with additional benefits that help it stand out among other products.


  • Includes voice warnings when a speed camera is detected
  • Easy installation
  • Multiple customizable settings


  • Menus and screen are reportedly difficult to navigate

#2. Snooper MySpeed XL Camera

Snooper MySpeed XL Camera

The Snooper MySpeed speed camera detector includes many of the features found to be both useful and necessary. In addition to the voice alerts and brightly colored display, users will also benefit from the compatibility with multiple speed readings. Able to read speeds in both MPH and KPH, this camera detector is a great option for those who may travel regularly.

Similar to the Cheetah speed camera detector, the Snooper also comes with the ability to sense speeds only when traveling through areas at a higher rate of speed than what is posted. This removes the possibility of becoming desensitized due to constant alerts that may not be necessary.

The installation for this camera is also fairly simple which only adds to the convenience it already provides. Ultimately, this is a great choice for a wide range of users and functions at a fairly reliable level.


  • Compatible with speeds in both MPH or KPH
  • Lifetime free updates for both MAC and PC
  • Speed sensitive feature notifies you when speeding in specific areas
  • Visual display changes when going over the speed limit


  • Reported concerns regarding accuracy
  • Not known to pick-up some of the more popular frequency bands

#3. DriveSmart Alpha Radar

DriveSmart Alpha Radar

The DriveSmart speed and red light camera functions as a reliable red light and speed detection camera. This is one of the more solid speed camera detectors in both functionality and features. Though it may not include some of the more robust visual aspects, you’ll still receive visual notifications when nearing a red light or a speed camera respectively. This information can be updated multiple times throughout the year for free to ensure continuous accuracy

In addition to constant updates, you will also receive notifications of high-risk locations based on historical data. One of the more unique features found in this model is the ability to adjust the warning distance associated with your detector. With relatively simple navigation options, you will be able to the preferred distance associated cameras that you would like to be notified of. This minimizes the risk of surprises that may arise during normal travel.


  • USB Charging compatible
  • Includes both voice and visual warnings
  • Radar can be turned on and off when needed
  • 12-month warranty included


  • Not the most appealing visually
  • Bigger than other comparable options

#4. Road Angel Pure Detector

Road Angel Pure Detector

The Road Angel pure camera detector has a lot of technical benefits that surpass other products on the market. In addition to commonly found voice alerts and detection notifications, the information associated with your camera detector can be saved for future reference in a cloud account. This can help to identify trends and assist in making you a more effective driver.

Additionally, this camera detector also comes with both bus land and camera van protection to give you a better line of sight when driving and notify you of any possible roadblocks. The highly colorful display also serves to provide you with your average speed and changes when there is an upcoming speed camera around.


  • Ability to connect to the cloud
  • Includes bus lane camera detection
  • Ability to display your average speed
  • Includes camera van detection


  • Manufacturer customer support is not as reliable as other brands
  • History of battery issues

#5. DriveSmart Pro GPS

DriveSmart Pro GPS

The DriveSmart Pro speed camera and GPS makes for a reliable and solid solution to your speed detection needs. Though it may not have some of the more appealing aspects such as a full-color screen, this is a good choice for those who may want a basic model with robust functionality.

In addition to adjustable volume controls that allow you to customize your preferences, this model also includes voice alerts when coming within a certain range of speed cameras. The night vision mode also provides an added peace of mind when traveling in the later hours.


  • Includes adjustable volume options
  • Includes voice alerts and whisper tone
  • Includes “Dark Mode” for night time driving
  • Comes with “over speed” alerts


  • Visual warnings are lacking compared to other products

Speed Camera Locator Buying Considerations

Smart Phone Compatibility

Though it may not seem extremely important, deciding whether or not to purchase a speed detector that is smartphone compatible is crucial for many people. This particular decision affects whether or not you may require additional equipment for your detector or if you can use your existing phone as a mechanism for your desired outcome. This may also make your detector less conspicuous when mounted to your vehicle’s dashboard. As many people are familiar with speed cameras, having one that functions in tandem with a cellular device may blend in better and draw less attention

Types of Radars

Just as each speed detector is unique and functions differently, police radars can also operate on multiple frequencies making it more difficult to locate a product that may work well for your particular situation. While there are frequencies that are more common than others, it is important to be familiar with the types of frequencies available on the speed detector you choose. If you are unsure of which frequency bands are used in your local area or where you'll be traveling, it is important to find a product that will function on multiple bands to ensure the best chance of success


Next to making sure that your chosen detector can function on the necessary frequency bands, ensuring your chosen detector has an adequate range is important. It is highly recommended that you remove any metal from your windshield and have a clear line of sight. This includes minimizing any window tint that you may be thinking of installing. Each detector has a range associated with it and, in most cases, having a range that exceeds a few miles is ideal to make sure you detect the greatest number of speed cameras possible while driving

The Final Word

It’s debatable as to whether you need one of these in your car, however, there’s no doubt that they can be beneficial, especially if you do a lot of long-distance driving on unfamiliar routes. They can save you from the financial and general stress that comes with being caught driving over the legal speed limit. Our 5 best speed camera detector picks all have different features and mounting styles, but every model reviewed offers value for money and will help you detect speed cameras within the UK.

Last Updated On: April 10, 2021.

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