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Best Snow Foam Lances UK (Reviews) 2022

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Best Snow Foam Lance UK

Snow foam lances are attached to pressure washers and essentially allow you to cover your car in snow foam when giving it a good wash. Snow foam shampoo or solution is great for taking off that extra tough dirt that a normal water wash would not be able to tackle.

These pressure washer add-ons typically need to be purchased separately from a pressure washer and come in all different sizes, depending on your make of pressure washer. Also, make sure that the size and max pressure of the snow foam lance you buy is adequate for the pressure washer you intend to use with it.

Now it’s down to choose the right one, check out our reviews of the 5 top snow foam lances around today.

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Table of Contents

Best Snow Foam Lances in the UK Reviews

#1. Autobrite Direct Snow Foam Lance Karcher Connector

Manelord Auto Body Repair kit

This snow foam lance from Autobrite Direct is designed to work with Karcher machines – from K2 to K7. And it’s a solid, heavy-duty piece of equipment; it can reach a max pressure of upto 200bar and handle a max temperature of 60C. The spray end nozzle is adjustable, and you can customize it from a wide-angle spray fan to a thin pencil jet to find the exact size and shape spray you need to clean your car – whether that’s the broadsides or the nooks and crannies.

The nozzle is truly high-quality and durable, built from a solid brass manifold and made in Italy. Unlike a lot of foam lances out there, this is one you can count on to get the job done without breaking or failing on you. It has a stainless-steel injector for durability and easy-cleaning (and no clogging). AutoBrite even includes a can of their double-foam Magifoam Snow Foam – which makes quick work of dirt and grime on your vehicle.

One common complaint customers do have is that Autobrite Direct’s customer service is not very good. Another is that the device jams, even from just the smallest amount of dirt, and needs to be handled delicately.

But overall, this is a fantastic snow foam lance. It’s solid and well-built from premium parts, has an adjustable spray nozzle size, and should last years to come – even if it does jam easily. Our top pick for a Snow Foam Lance.


  • Solid, high-quality build. Brass + stainless steel injector.
  • Max pressure of up to 200 bar
  • Adjustable spray nozzle
  • Excellent performance
  • MagiFoam included


  • Jams easily with dirt
  • Bad customer service

#2. Pro-Kleen Snow Foam Lance + Cherry Snow Foam Kit

Manelord Auto Golden Dent Puller

Another super-high-quality snow foam lance from a well-known brand name, the Pro-Kleen Snow Foam Lance is a reliable device that performs like a champ and is built to last. It is compatible with Karcher K2, K3, K4, K5, K6 and K7 machines – just like the Autobrite Direct model – and can handle a maximum pressure of 220 bar.

It works with 1-litre fill bottles and has a fully-adjustable chemical dial for adjusting the rate of flow. It also has a variable spray nozzle, which goes from narrow to jet to spray for cleaning different parts of the vehicle. And, like the Autobrite lance, it’s manufactured in Italy from high-end parts – brass manifold and solid, heavy-duty plastic nozzle.

While a heavy-duty and reliable piece of equipment all-around, it does have some issues with compatibility. Some people have found it doesn’t work on newer Karcher K2 models, as the plate connector on new models is smaller. And some people find it doesn’t always put out enough pressure for a reliable spray over your car.

The Pro-Kleen it’s another excellent spray foam lance. It also comes with a large jug of their cherry snow foam, so it really does get the job done. Just check and be sure it fits your pressure washer model and will work for you.


  • Heavy-duty bras build
  • Made in Italy
  • Works with most Karcher models
  • 220 bar max pressure
  • Adjustable nozzle


  • Doesn’t fit some Karcher models
  • Doesn’t always put out enough pressure

#3. Karcher FJ 6 FOAM JET

Amtech J1870 Heavy Duty Dual Suction Cup

This snow foam lance, straight from Karcher itself, is a great choice for an inexpensive, no-frills snow foam jet. Like the best of them, it’s built from solid brass and stainless steel, with a plastic nozzle, and feels heavy-duty and balanced in your hand (and on your Karcher washer). It will fit most Karcher models well and has an adjustable spray nozzle for choosing the volume and shape you need most.

As you might expect from something built by Karcher itself, the FJ 6 FOAM jet works well and performs like a champ. It produces a thick, consistent foam that coats your car well, and allows you to control or customize exactly how much foam is coming in and out.

With that said, it just doesn’t have the same kind of long-term durability as higher-end models. Some people have found that it will give out after a year or so, especially if you use it often, and eventually the seals and such will wear out. Maybe that’s just to be expected from a less expensive model like this one.

But overall, we’re big fans of this thing. It’s pretty no-frills, but produces a nice thick, consistent foam for cheap, and works with most Karcher pressure washer models. 


  • Affordable and inexpensive
  • Solid build
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Works with most Karcher models


  • Not as durable as many other options

#4. Karcher FJ6 Foam Nozzle Jet

Mookis Car Body Dent Repair Tools

This is the smaller, cheaper, plastic version of the FJ6 foam jet. Unlike the other models, it’s made of plastic, which means it isn’t quite as heavy-duty or durable as metal (but still pretty good for a plastic bottle). It still does a great job at spreading a nice, even foam spray across your vehicle.

Unlike many other models, it comes with a transparent detergent container – so you can see how much detergent and foam is left during use. And it’s compatible with a number of power washers, including all Karcher K2-K7 models. Best of all, it’s very reasonably priced.

Problems? Some people find the plastic foam container a bit too small for washing down an entire car, and wish it was more convenient. Others find that it does not fit all the power washers it claims it will, like the Karcher K5, and has some compatibility issues. It’s slightly shorter than the old metal models, which might explain why that is.

Overall, the Karcher FJ6 is an affordable, lightweight and compact snow foam lance that stacks up with some of the best of them, even if it doesn’t have all the nice features. 


  • Compact, lightweight
  • Transparent foam container
  • Works with most power washers, including K2-K7
  • Inexpensive and reliable


  • Has some compatibility issues with some power washers
  • Foam container too small for large vehicles, inconvenient

#5. Detailer’s United Karcher Snow Foam Lance

Manelord Auto Body Paintless Dent Repair Tool

This snow foam lance from Detailer’s United is another high-quality, high-end foam lance that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. It’s built from a sturdy brass manifold nozzle, with high-end plastic nozzles, and is capable of max pressure of 200 bar and a max temp of 60C. It comes with a large, 1-litre bottle – much larger than the Karcher FJ6 above, for example.

When you pick up this snow foam lance, you can really feel the quality in your hands; it’s just that good. Spraying with it creates a wide, sweeping spray of foam, with no gaps. And it’s very powerful. It even comes with a 12-month warranty.

Just be careful when ordering. Some people have reported getting the wrong one in the mail, ending up with a plastic manifold instead of the high-quality brass one. Some people also do not like that it requires assembly when it arrives in the mail; you may need some Teflon tape to get it all fitted properly.

All in all, however, it’s another solid and reliable option for a snow foam lance. It’s cheaper than similar brass models out there but holds up and performs just as well. 


  • Solid brass manifold
  • Large capacity foam bottle
  • Sturdy construction
  • Wide, even foam spray


  • Needs some assembly
  • Wrong model sometimes shipped (plastic fitting)
  • Does not fit all high-end power washers 

Snow Foam Lance Buying Considerations

Snow foam lances seem like pretty simple contraptions, so how difficult can choosing them really be?

Not too difficult, thankfully. Just keep an eye out for a few crucial things:

Construction and Quality

Many cheaper snow foam lances are made entirely from plastic, but the best -and several models on our list – use solid brass or other metal to construct the manifold and fittings. This results in a much tighter-fitting, higher-quality and more durable lance for longer use. Also look for higher-quality, thick detergent bottles – and avoid cheap or thin plastic ones.

Bottle Size

A seemingly minor consideration, but an important one. If your bottle is too small, it can’t hold much detergent – and can be inconvenient when you need to refill in the middle of spraying down the car.

Spray Width + Strength

A snow foam lance that doesn’t create a thick, even spray of foam – and can’t coat your car – won’t do you any good. The higher quality the lance and nozzle, and the more powerful it is, the thicker, heavier and more consistent the foam will be – and the easier it will be to spray your car and wash it down.

Final Word

Snow foam lances are great to have for giving your car that extra bit of a shine when washing it. There are lots of cheaply made lances out there that will not last you long at all, especially the all-plastic models. We recommend the Autobrite Direct as our top choice as it has an overall solid design and it performs excellently. This is echoed online with a lot of users rating and reviewing the snow foam lance so highly.