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Best Roof Box Hoists UK (Reviews) of 2022

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Best Car Roof Box Hoist

Roof box hoists are ideal systems to install in your garage if you want an easier way of lifting and storing the cargo box yourself. The majority of the time your roof box won’t be in use, therefore, a proper storage solution is required to save space in your garage as these boxes can be large and take up a lot of room. There’s also the safety aspect of mounting/dismounting these boxes, as they can be difficult to reach safely without a doorstep and can end in injury if care is not taken.

Most DIY hoist systems are designed poorly and end up damaging your cargo box, car, garage roof or even you. It’s vital to install a safety-tested hoist that’s proven to handle the weight of your box safely while avoiding any damage to your vehicle.

The Best Roof Box Hoists in the UK Reviewed

#1. Thule 572000 Multi Lift

Thule 572000 Multi Lift Review

Thule are the most popular name in the roof box space, and their lift is another popular choice to go along with their extensive roof box range.

This makes the top of our list because of the sheer amount of weight it can lift. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another lift that can hold up to 220 lbs / 100 kgs comfortably. This makes the Thule model perfect for holding other, heavier things such as kayaks and other cargo.

It sports an easy to use lifting system that uses rope to attach to the cargo rather than straps. The rope itself is of reasonable length and should allow you to lower whatever you attach right to the roof. In most cases, the rope will be enough to lower it right to the floor also if you require, although the string can be replaced with longer stuff if required.

The only thing we didn’t like about using just string to hold the box is that for more stability and positioning a pair of straps would be better. You can, of course, buy your own straps to go along with the rope provided if you’re concerned about the steadiness of it.

Installation and use is very straightforward with this model. You can attach the hoist to most garage and carport roofs easily thanks to the brackets provided. Everything needed to install it to your roof is included and it even comes pre-assembled with drilling templates so it can go up without any fuss.

Overall an expensive, but strong ceiling lift that should hold any roof box and its contents comfortably and is very easy to use and install. If you already have a Thule roof box then you know that you’re buying into quality.


  • Can hold very heavy weights – up to 220lbs
  • Ideal for hoisting other things in the garage
  • Strong, well-made installation brackets and holders
  • Rope is strong and reliable
  • Rope is long enough to lower to floor and roof in most cases
  • Easy to lower/raise for one person with simple turn handle provided


  • Expensive
  • Less stability without straps

Verdict: Strongest Hoist

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#2. StoreYourBoard Cargo Box Ceiling Storage Hoist

StoreYourBoard Cargo Box Ceiling Storage Hoist Review

This is our second choice because of how good the stability and positioning it offers is.

Designed to fit and hold any size roof box with the straps provided, the straps are a great addition to the hoisting rope to ensure whatever you lift is kept in position securely. 

The straps go around your cargo and have a centre strap that goes down the middle to provide an even more rigid hold. The straps are attached to the hoist rope at the top by either a hanging hook or square brackets depending on what you are lifting.

Installation is a breeze again and isn’t hard at all to attach the pulley system to your roof with the provided mounting attachments. An understandable set of instructions are provided if you get stuck or unsure, though it’s not difficult to set up or operate in any way.

The provided roof rope that holds the straps up is of excellent quality, being nice and thick so it doesn’t fray or snap. The rope does feel better quality than some of the other thinner, string type setups around. A decent length of rope is provided allowing you to lower and raise it as far as you need.

Lowering and raising the attached cargo is also simple and easy to do. All you have to do is use the attached rope which can be tied around the wall hook provided to adjust the height of the lift to where you need it.

It has a decent weight capacity of 60lbs which is sufficient enough to handle any roof boxes or cargo you will ever need to lift, though it might not be enough to hang other, heavier items from it.

Overall this is excellent value for money considering the quality, and especially the stability that this hoist offers.


  • Fantastic price
  • Excellent stability thanks to provided straps
  • Brackets, mounts, straps and rope all included
  • Simple installation and use
  • Heavy-duty and strong
  • Rope is nice and thick to avoid breaking or fraying


  • Weight capacity could be higher to offer more versatility
  • Hanging hooks would be a nice inclusion, though still cheap enough overall

Verdict: Best Stability and Value for Money

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#3. H2o Canoe/Kayak Storage Hoist System

H2o Canoe/Kayak Storage Hoist System Review

The last pick on our list is from H2o who have actually designed this as a kayak hosting system but deserves to make our list as a roof box lift as it can comfortably hold cargo boxes and is quite cheap.

The maximum lifting weight is 50lbs which again, is enough to comfortably and safely hold kayaks, canoes, bikes and roof boxes, but a cargo box full of heavy equipment might be a struggle, so be sure to double-check the overall weight.

Considering it comes in at a cheaper price point, the overall quality of this ceiling hoist is fantastic. The roof hanging rope is strong and won’t break on you, with the extra straps provided offering extra stability for your equipment when hoisted in the air.

Everything is provided in the purchase that you’ll need, including some hanging hooks which are used to connect the rope to the straps securely. All the brackets, mounts, rope, screws etc. are all included and ready for you to get it installed straight away. One thing to note though is that the screws provided aren’t very good and may require a bit of DIY or other purchased screws to secure it properly.

That being said, installation is extremely easy just like all the other models reviewed above, with an extra bonus of having readable, easy to follow instructions. The manufacturer offers the instructions in other languages from English if you get in touch with them.

It’s got a simple operation and just requires you to use the rope to raise and lower the system.

It is a slightly smaller build overall than the other picks above, so we wouldn’t advise it if you are using it for larger sized cargo boxes, especially if you are storing other heavy equipment in it.

Overall it’s a great budget pick. Even although it’s designed for kayaks, it can hold all your small-medium sized car roof boxes comfortably and has a simple and easy to use design. It also includes some nice straps to help hold it in place which is fantastic for the price.


  • Very cheap
  • Reasonable quality rope, attachments, mounts and straps
  • Straps provided offer are more rigid hold when suspending
  • Straight-forward roof installation
  • Simple rope operation


  • Screws aren’t very good
  • Shouldn’t be used for heavy or larger loads

Verdict: Great Budget Option

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Cargo Box Lift Buying Considerations

Weight It Can Lift

Your lift doesn’t just need to just be able to hold the weight of the roof box, in most cases, there will be stuff inside the box to add to the overall weight. Every hoist has the maximum weight that they can lift clearly stated, so be sure that you know not only the weight of your cargo box, but the overall weight with everything included inside of it.

Thule boxes are the most popular and come in all different sizes and weights. All the hoists we have listed above should comfortably handle a filled-up medium-sized box, though the first 2 options can handle the largest, heaviest cargo boxes.

Ease of Operation

Most of the models you will come across are operated with a rope pulley system to either lower or raise the hoist. These systems are as straightforward as operating a set of blinds and will turn it into an easy 1-man job. You sometimes get a different operating system such as the Thule at the top of our list, this is much the same but uses a winding handle to raise and lower instead.


Every lifting system we have selected is easy to attach to a garage or carport roof. Everything you need to complete a proper, safe installation is provided with all the purchases, though depending on your roof situation, you may need to do a little DIY or slight adjustments. All the known models and brands have understandable installation instructions provided, and if you still get stuck there are lots of YouTube videos out there.


Straps are sometimes provided as an extra with some purchases to help with the positioning of your car roof box when suspending. Straps offer greater stability than just running rope around your box, ensuring a rigid hold. Not all manufacturers offer this as part of your purchase, though if you’re concerned about your cargo, kayak, bike etc. moving, then you can always purchase a pair of straps on the cheap.

Other Things You Can Lift

  • Surfboard
  • Kayak/Canoe
  • Bicycle
  • SUP

Final Word

Hoists are essential for lifting and storing roof boxes in car garages. Providing you have a safety tested and quality hoist installed, you should have no issues mounting and dismounting your box. Most of the time you will probably have it dismounted, so storage is one of the biggest issues hoists can resolve. To get the job done yourself safely and avoid any potential damage, choose one of our best roof box hoist selections above.