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Best Portable Garages UK (Reviews) of 2022

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Best Portable Garage UK

Whether you have outgrown your house and need to use your garage for storage and need somewhere else to store your car, you’ve bought an extra vehicle, or you are looking for a quick, undercover way to work on your car, a portable garage may offer the shelter you’re looking for.

A portable garage shelter is also ideal for mechanics or people who regularly work on their vehicles on the spot. They avoid the need to use a real garage, which can be very expensive to have built and requires alot of space if you don’t already own one.

Because these shelters are on the expensive side, you’ll want to consider a few points carefully before buying, such as how often will the shelter be used, what it will be used for, and the size required. Don’t worry though, as we’re here to help you spend your money right, so check out our 5 top portable garages for sheltering your vehicles below.

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Table of Contents

Best Portable Garages in the UK Reviews

#1. OutSunny Garden Garage Marquee Party Tent

Whether you are looking for a temporary place to store your car or hosting a party, the OutSunny Garden garage and Party Tent has you covered. With a heavy duty base plate, this structure can stand freely on a lawn or on a paved surface.

This tent is waterproof and also has removable side windows so you can let the air in on a nice day. Arguably the most versatile option on our list, this tent both looks good enough for a party and is functional enough to serve as a garage for your car. Get this tent and you will have a place to store your car as a well as a backup option should you ever plan on hosting an event and bad weather arrives on the big day.


  • Decorative and can serve as a party time for hosting large groups of people in inclement weather
  • Wing nuts on the joints give it greater stability
  • Windows can open providing ventilation


  • Strong winds can blow it over

#2. FoxHunter Heavy Duty Waterproof 3×6 Carport Party Tent

FoxHunter Heavy Duty Waterproof 3x6 Carport Party Tent

This heavy duty option is made primarily from steel, so it can withstand strong winds. While there are no windows, there are roll up front and back doors that can be open or closed depending on your needs and weather, as you can get a stiff cross-breeze flowing through the ten on a hot day. The steel frame makes this tent very durable and sturdy.

The material is designed to stand up to harsh weather conditions for the long haul, as it is both waterproof and UV resistant. This tent works well on either a soft lawn for a party or on hard ground to store your car or boat.


  • Front and back doors roll up
  • Waterproof material is UV resistant
  • Works on different surfaces to serve different functions
  • Very easy to put together


  • No windows to offer ventilation and fresh air
  • Condensation sometimes seeps inside the tent

#3. Quictent 3×6 Heavy Duty Carport

Quictent 3x6 Heavy Duty Carport

Next on the list is the carport made by Quictent. While this would not be a great option for a party in inclement weather, as it does not have side walls, it is a solid option for use as a carport. This carport provides great shade and top cover for a vehicle stored underneath it. The cover that goes over the steel poles is made from an industrial grade fabric, so ripping and tearing should not be a concern.

Joint connectors are made from heavy duty steel, making this one of the sturdiest options on our list. Since there are no side windows to worry about, assembling this carport is very simple. The foot base plate and elastic ball strap are installed to add stability to the legs, meaning this tent shouldn’t tip over or blow away in the wind. The poles are rust resistant and the cover protects against UVs, so this carport should last a long time without being damaged by the elements.


  • Heavy duty steel joint connectors
  • Foot base place and elastic ball strap offer added stability to the carport
  • Industrial strength cover material


  • No side windows to protect against the elements
  • Only ships to UK mainland

#4. Rowlinson Shelterlogic 10×20 Round Style

Different in shape, this Carport made by Rowlinson is actually round in style. If you’re interested in using this as a party tent, that is a great option as it will give your guests more room to mingle. The ratchet tensioning for the cover and cross rail system means this canopy can always be tightened and secured easily. This is the best option on our list for securely tightening and not letting any elements inside the tent.

The front panel has a double zipper so it can be secured snugly, ensuring that your car will always be protected from the weather. Since the panels zip so tightly, and there are no windows, it can get hot and stuffy inside with everything closed up. It also is heavy and not easy to move once you have it set up and in place, so choose wisely where you want to set it up.


  • The round style makes this one of the more spacious options.
  • Ratchet tensioning to keep the cover on
  • Double zipper front panel


  • Assembly can be difficult
  • Limited ventilation can make it hot inside

#5. Toolport 3,3 x 4,8 Portable Garage Shelter

Toolport 3,3 x 4,8 Portable Garage Shelter

This shelter made by Toolport is a little bit unique in its design. While it is a steel frame like the others, the shelter is a tarpaulin that is very resistant to bad weather and will keep your car protected. This tarpaulin is a little bit thicker than some of the other options on our list, which offers a bit more protection from the elements for your car.

The roof and sides are all in one piece making for easy assembly and maintenance. The seamless roof helps protect against wind and rain and makes the entire shelter sturdier. The ground pegs that come with this tarp make it easy to secure to the ground, so you do not have to worry about it blowing away in the wind. Coupled with the rope system that tightens the tarp, this shelter will not blow away except in the highest of winds. There are some small windows on the panels that can be used for ventilation.


  • Easy assembly and maintenance
  • Ground pegs and safety instructions included
  • Thick tarpaulin offering shade and fends off the elements
  • Seamless roof section


  • It can get hot inside

Garages That Are Portable Buying Considerations

Primary Use

Consider what the primary use of your shelter is. While these shelters can be used to put cars inside them, some are better than others at being used as a temporary garage, whereas some can be used to permanently store your car.

The option with a lot of windows that open would be ideal if you are looking for a shelter that will have a lot of mechanical work going on. Whereas, if you are primarily storing a vehicle inside the shelter, you might prefer an option that is a little more airtight and could withstand higher temperature and higher winds.

Weather Resistance

Consider the weather where you live. If this structure will be up for the long-term, will it face a lot of stiff winds or high temperatures? If so, pay the extra money and get one with straps, pulleys, and heavy duty material. 

Also, consider how often you will use the shelter. Using it on an almost full time basis to store a car will be different than using it for a couple of repairs here and there. Make sure you get the right shelter to match the conditions that it will ideally be used in.

The Final Word 

Portable garages are essentially gazebos used for car maintenance or storage, however, we do recognise they are expensive and might not be an option for a lot of people. If you do decide that you want one, then hopefully, our detailed reviews cover enough information to help you make an informed choice. A lot of the models are very similar in terms of quality, so the next best thing would be to look at sizes and dimensions, choosing one that fits what you will primarily use it for. If you don’t like the look of our best portable garage recommendations above or don’t have the budget for one, you can always look into building one yourself if you have the time and skills.