Best Night Driving Glasses UK (Reviews) 2021

Best Night Driving Glasses UK

Night driving glasses are worn by some drivers to try and reduce the blinding glare that comes from oncoming traffic, traffic lights and other sorts of bright night light. Driving at night and in low light conditions can be a very anxious time for some people, with the fear of being blinded in traffic or not being able to see a pedestrian properly being a significant concern.

Nighttime driving glasses are yellow-tinted specs that reduce glare and essentially reduce some of the light getting into your eyes. The benefits and advantages of these glasses are debatable, with most of the science suggesting that they offer little to no benefit, however, some users swear by them and always wear a pair when driving at night. Check out our 5 top driving glasses for at night recommendations, but please note that if your eyesight is a concern, you should visit an optician or professional first before trying a pair of these.

Best Night Driving Glasses in the UK Reviews

#1. Bloomoak HD Night Driving Glasses

Bloomoak HD Night Driving Glasses

If you’re a fan of rimless glasses and need something to greatly reduce the glare you experience when driving at night, these are the perfect glasses for you.

100% polarized yellow lenses help to reduce glare and brightness of oncoming headlights, as well as the reflections of strong light on pavement, vehicles, and other reflective surfaces. These lenses have fantastic clarity in even rainy weather conditions.

Additionally, they offer impressive UV400 protection, which increases the resistance of surface reflections. It also, perhaps obviously, blocks both UVA and UVB radiation, which keeps your eyes safe and comfortable in any condition or time of day.

These glasses are comfortable to wear, being not only fashionable but lightweight. These are a great choice for any outdoor activities during the day, such as hiking, running, cycling, and more.


  • 400UV protection
  • Polarized yellow lenses
  • Attractive, modern design
  • Comfortable, lightweight rimless design
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a hard travel case and soft fabric pouch


  • Vision may seem dull in inclement weather such as heavy rain
  • Not the best for foggy or humid conditions

#2. Boolavard Night Sight

Boolavard Night Sight

A lot of people that wear glasses on a regular, daily basis experience the worst time trying to drive at night, when the glare from oncoming traffic only seems that much more intense coming through the prescription lenses of regular glasses. Worry no more, as Boolavard has come out with night driving glasses that will help.

These glasses fit right over your prescription glasses - you no longer have to make the choice of clear, precise vision or protecting your eyes from daunting lights and reflections. These HD Vision glasses are not only able to provide you perfect, crystal clear vision, but are incredibly cost-effective. They’re budget-friendly but not cheaply made, which is great for those who might be spending a hefty amount on their regular glasses as it is.

The frame of these glasses is lightweight, durable, and flexible. This makes it perfect for nearly any user. It also comes with a soft black microfibre pouch to protect them when you aren’t wearing them. As an added bonus, the pouch doubles as a cleaning cloth.


  • Fantastic polarization
  • Flexible but durable frame
  • Lightweight
  • Come in yellow or grey lenses
  • Can be worn over your regular prescription glasses where needed
  • HD Vision Technology produces a clear, concise image


  • The grey glasses are not recommended for nighttime use, as they can obscure your vision even when reducing the glare

#3. ZILLERATE Unisex


No matter your gender, these glasses are guaranteed to make you look and feel great while keeping your eyes from feeling fatigued from the strain of nighttime glares. The anti-glare, polarized HD lenses provide a clear, glare-free view while you drive or take part in nighttime activities.

The unique feature of these glasses is that their metal frame is meant to fit snugly. They feature spring-loaded hinges and rubber-padded arms to ensure that they’ll fit comfortably but snugly to your head. This keeps them firmly in place without sacrificing overall comfort.

They also come with a cool hardshell case and clip for storage convenience, whether you’d like to keep them on your person or keep them tucked away in your glove box for when you need them. They are anti-scratch and impact-resistant, and also come with a convenient cleaning cloth to keep them in top condition.


  • Anti-glare HD polarized lenses
  • Lightweight metal frames
  • Spring-loaded hinges and rubber-padded arms provide a snug but comfortable fit
  • Attractive, Italian design


  • People that are more accustomed to plastic frames may find them to be a bit heavy

#4. Occffy


If you want a classically stylish pair of night driving glasses, look no further than the Occffy night Driving Glasses. They have an almost retro bookish feel to them that will make you look good while keeping your eyes relieved from high nighttime glares.

They’re extremely comfortable to wear with a lightweight frame and lens type. With a comforting anti-glare lens and an additional UV400 coating, your eyes will be protected from any kind of high-glare, intense light that you may encounter. The yellow resin lenses soften the harsh stimuli caused by strong, uncomfortable light.

They come with a soft protective pouch for storage when not in use, as well as a cleaning cloth to keep them bright and clear.


  • Lightweight
  • Anti-glare and UVA/UVB protection
  • Stylish
  • Soft pouch included


  • Won’t fit over normal glasses

#5. Duco Night Driving Glasses for Women

Duco Night Driving Glasses for Women

Want some stylish glasses that don’t seem too geared toward men? Ladies, we’ve got you covered. Duco’s Night Driving Glasses for Women are as stylish and fashion-forward as they are functional.

These glasses are tested individual with more than 11 parameters before leaving the manufacturer. This is to ensure the quality and functionality of each pair, as well as to make sure that they reduce glare. These glasses make your nighttime vision softer and more clear, which means you are guaranteed a safe, comfortable driving experience.

The high-quality polarized composite tac lenses have multi-layered polarization, providing not only the best glare reduction but also the best UV rating. Additionally, these glasses are impact and scratch-resistant.


  • Scratch and impact resistant
  • Attractive, stylish design
  • Tested to ensure optimal glare resistance
  • Multi-layer polarization for maximum efficiency
  • Ultra-lightweight and comfortable
  • Includes a tool kit and storage pouch


  • May be a little tight on some users

Driving Glasses For At Night Buying Considerations


When you’re looking for the best nighttime driving glasses, the polarization of the lens should be your top priority for consideration. But what are polarized lenses, and how do they help you to drive at night?

Polarized lenses are made to limit the glaring issues that you come across when driving at night, whether in the form of other motorists’ headlights or in the reflection of street lamps on your windshield or hood. The lenses limit the glare by restricting the kinds of light that make it to your eye - they only allow vertical light, not horizontal.

There are two kinds of polarized lenses that you’ll see primarily when shopping. Note that there is a third option, but it is extremely costly and must be handled by a professional specialist. The two primary kinds of polarized lenses are coated lenses and the all-natural lens made of naturally-polarized materials.


Tinting and polarization are two very different things, and it’s important to keep them both in mind when you go shopping for a new pair of night driving glasses.

The tint of the lens can help or inhibit usability and visibility. There are many different colours of tint, but the one you’ll come across the most when searching for glare-reducing lenses is the yellow-coloured tint.

At night, the yellow lenses are anti-glare, which allows you to more easily see the road. White and blue lights will be nullified through these lenses. Silhouettes will be clearer even if particular colours are not, which actually will help to keep you safer, as you will have a broader view of the things going on around you while you’re behind the wheel.

Lens Material

The most common lens materials on the market today are polycarbonate and Tivex. Of the two, polycarbonate lenses are the most commonly used and seen and are more affordable than any other option out there.

Along with affordability, polycarbonate lenses are highly-durable and shatter-resistant. This is fantastic news for people with small children or those that are naturally more clumsy. Polycarbonate is categorized as a plastic in terms of quality, though it is noticeably lighter.

Conversely, Tivex is a new, exciting product in the lens world. It is made of a rare material that will cost you a bit more, but the clarity you’ll have is unmatched by any other lens material. They’re also lighter than polycarbonate, so you’ll barely notice they’re there.

The Final Word

Night driving glasses are not an alternative for correcting an eyesight problem and not the only solution to helping you see while driving in the dark. If you do think you would like to try a pair and see if they can reduce blinding light for you, then try one of our recommended best night driving glasses picks above. They're nowhere near as expensive as prescription glasses, but should never be used as a substitute.

Last Updated On: April 10, 2021.

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