Best Mechanics Gloves UK (Reviews) 2021

Last Updated On: May 20, 2022.

Best Mechanic Gloves UK

Gloves are lifesavers for mechanics who perform regular work on vehicles. Because of the nature of car and vehicle maintenance, you’re constantly using your hands to grip, pull, push and twist things on a motor. On top of that, you may be working with different chemicals, oils, and grease that can all cause long-term damage to your hands when constantly in contact.

A good pair of mechanics gloves are not only important for preserving the longevity of your hands for future garage work, but a decent pair should also give you a better grip and control over the job you are undertaking.

The Best Mechanics Gloves in the UK Reviewed

#1. VGO Dexterity Mechanic Gloves

VGO Dexterity Mechanic Gloves

VGO’s mechanic gloves focus on allowing the user to perform their job while also being adequately protected. While their appearance looks fairly standard, the various finishes make these gloves a must-have for most mechanics.

To start, they have thermal plastic rubber guards along the length of the fingers. They help to ensure the highest level of protection against pinching and impact events when doing extensive work in tight areas. There are also rubber patches along the palms of the gloves to enhance the user’s grip and protect against unforeseen hazards such as nails.

On the back of the thumb, you’ll also find a terry-cloth backing that is skin-friendly and enables you to wipe away sweat as you work. The reinforced fingertips serve as an additional benefit that allows for touchscreen use and takes into consideration the technological advancements often found in this industry.

What We Like

  • Made of synthetic leather
  • Includes thermal plastic rubber on knuckles and fingers
  • Reinforced fingertips
  • Leather reinforced palms

What We Don’t Like

  • Run a bit small compared to other gloves and products

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#2. BOLD Heavy Duty Nitrile Disposable

BOLD Heavy Duty Nitrile Disposable

Aurelia’s BOLD heavy-duty gloves offer a disposable option for those who may not perform mechanic work on a regular basis. The initial box includes 100 disposable gloves, which equates to 50 pairs and multiple uses available.

Though the material itself is nitrile which is known to be extremely tough and durable making it a suitable option for jobs that may require interaction with oil or other substances that may usually adhere to skin fairly easily. They also allow for easier movement as the material is non-restrictive and breathes easily.

Though they are not reinforced by additional materials or rubber, the overall makeup of the gloves is highly resistant to tearing and will provide substantial protection for most mechanic work.

What We Like

  • Sturdy material that proves to be extremely tear-resistant
  • Latex-Free
  • Prevents absorbance of various liquids including oil

What We Don’t Like

  • Little to no additional protection against impact or puncture

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#3. Professional Hygiene Nitrile Gloves

Professional Hygiene Nitrile Gloves

Another option for those who may want to focus on disposable gloves for their mechanical work, Professional Hygiene’s heavy-duty nitrile gloves provides a choice that is both practical and convenient. The package itself contains 100 gloves that can be used as preferred.

The exterior of the gloves is made of nitrile, which functions as a durable material that allows for a full range of motion while still serving their larger purpose. This also allows for liquids such as oil to remain on the gloves and avoids any skin contact or absorption.

Though it may not come with some of the reinforced aspects found in other gloves, the textured exterior on both gloves helps to add some protection against the possibility of tears and punctures.

What We Like

  • Heavy-duty
  • Includes a textured-finish
  • Latex-Free
  • Powder-Free

What We Don’t Like

  • No reinforced areas on fingers or palms

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#4. Ogrifox PU Coated Nylon

Ogrifox PU Coated Nylon

Ogrifox’s nylon work gloves provide a more reliable and durable option for those who would prefer to stay with one pair of work gloves for as long as possible. While the packaging does not include as many gloves as disposable products, users will still get 24 pairs of gloves that should last a reasonable amount of time depending on use.

In terms of material, these gloves are constructed from nylon coated in polyurethane. The polyurethane coating provides additional protection and resistance to protect against both tears and punctures that may occur with nails or metal. They are also highly malleable and tend to mould themselves to the user’s hands, making them less cumbersome than other gloves available.

What We Like

  • Reinforced palm and fingers
  • Coated with polyurethane to enhance grip
  • Compliant with EN388 and EN420 standards

What We Don’t Like

  • Sizing is very specific compared to other options
  • Comparatively not as durable

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#5. RevHeads Mechanic

RevHeads Mechanic

The mechanic gloves sold by RevHeads are an option that functions best for those who want to focus on one pair of gloves over an extended period of time. Made out of Lycra, these gloves allow for a large range of motion while also providing some of the more attractive safety elements found in more expensive work gloves.

The palms and fingers of each pair are reinforced with leather to both enhance grip and bolster protection. They also provide added padding in the knuckle and fingertip areas to provide additional protection against the possibility of punctures.

The material choice works well for those who may be working in colder climates and also prevents liquids and fluids from seeping or soaking into the material. They are extremely durable overall and have been shown to last for long periods of time compared to other product choices in the same category.

What We Like

  • Includes leather grip in palms
  • Lycra mesh exterior to allow freedom of movement
  • Reinforced leather on knuckles and fingertips to avoid cuts or punctures
  • Thermal interior to keep hands warm in colder climates

What We Don’t Like

  • A little bulky compared to other options

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Gloves for Mechanics Buying Considerations


Mechanic gloves come in a wide range of materials, and it is important to consider what materials will work best for your needs while taking into consideration any additional concerns you may have, such as allergies. Materials such as synthetic leather, spandex, rubber, and latex all present their own benefits and challenges so it will be up to you to determine what will work best for your specific needs. As a general rule of thumb for mechanics, it is always best to use a durable material that will also provide you with higher quality.


When choosing the right mechanic’s gloves, it is important to consider the specific type of work you will be doing and the dexterity that may be needed. The ability to freely move your hands will be more important if you are working on intricate components of a car such as the engine or other elements under the hood of a car. Choosing a glove that allows for a free range of motion will be extremely important with this in mind. Materials such as nitrile may be more beneficial in situations such as this.

Safety & Protection

Though there are several uses for work gloves, the most important is to provide protection from potential dangers and hazards. As a result, finding a work glove that adequately provides this should be a primary focus when making your final purchase decision. In general, synthetic leather is considered to be stronger and more durable than other possibilities such as natural leather or even nitrile. Gloves that are touchscreen-friendly are also more desirable to avoid having to remove them and expose yourself to potential harm, oil, or dirt.

The Final Word

Despite the multiple pairs of gloves available for mechanics, there are some very distinct features that should be evaluated prior to purchasing the right pair for you. As a mechanic, the type of work you do will ultimately determine the level of protection, movement, and material you’ll need to perform your job efficiently. By using the provided best mechanics gloves buying guide above, you’ll be able to narrow down the top options and personalize your search for the ultimate hand protection for working with motors.

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