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Best Lumbar Supports for Cars UK (Reviews) 2024

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Best Lumbar Support for Cars UK

Lumbar supports are not something you see in the average motorist’s car, and shouldn’t just be considered if you suffer from back pain. If you sit in a computer chair all day at work and have a long commute ahead of you, then they’re an excellent health addition to your vehicle to help promote good posture and prevent future back trouble. Not only does a lumbar support aid your back, but it helps your overall posture and can also prevent leg pain, protect muscles and improve overall circulation.

If you have something similar for your posture such as a swivel chair cushion for hip and back trouble, a lumbar back support can complement it nicely to provide excellent spine support when driving. A professionally designed good back support by real health-focused companies will prevent future back pain or any existing problems being aggravated while driving. Check out our 5 chosen top car lumbar supports for improving your overall driving posture and spine health.

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Table of Contents

Best Lumbar Supports for Cars in the UK Reviews

#1. Supportiback Posture Therapy Lumbar Cushion

Supportiback Posture Therapy Lumbar Cushion

If you suffer from slouching or soreness in your back, hips, or legs, you need lumbar support made with excellent quality. This posture therapy lumbar cushion from Supportiback is a great solution for your car, home, or office – anywhere you might need to be sitting for long periods.

This ergonomically designed cushion will help to not only relieve your back pain but will also help to correct your natural posture to help with future pain and discomfort. This memory foam cushion comes with a breathable, stain-resistant mesh cover that helps to not only protect the cushion but keeps the memory foam cool and breathable so that you never sweat against it.


  • Premium high-density memory foam won’t wear down or lose shape
  • A breathable, stain-resistant mesh cover keeps your back sweat-free
  • Phthalate, latex, lead and BPA free, CE Certified
  • Helps with upper and lower back pain, poor posture, fatigue, pregnancy discomfort, arthritis, sciatica, and more
  • Comes with a free e-book and a 100% money-back guarantee


  • The adjustable strap of this product isn’t that strong

#2. Feagar Lumbar Memory Foam Pillows

Feagar Lumbar Memory Foam Pillows

The right memory foam lumbar support pillows can help you to effectively relieve mains, especially if you spend a lot of time driving or sitting at a desk. These orthopedic memory foam lumbar support pillows from Feagar are fantastic and versatile.

These support pillows are suitable for cars, office chairs, wheelchairs, desk chairs, sofas, or any seats on a bus, plane, or train. They are lightweight and easy to maneuver, so you won’t have any trouble moving them from one place to another if need be.


  • Ergonomic design is made for upper, middle, and lower back and spine pain relief
  • Great for relieving pressure while driving and working and helping to correct posture
  • 100% premium memory foam viscoelastic lumbar pillows
  • Dual adjustable strap keeps the back support cushion in place
  • Breathable washable velvet cover


  • Not as soft as some supports

#3. Memory Foam Lumbar Orthopedic Cushion

Memory Foam Orthopedic Cushion

As with the other products reviewed so far, this cushion is made of orthopedic memory foam. It has an easy-to-remove, breathable cover that makes it easy to wash and maintain. Additionally, this lumbar cushion can be bought along with a firm or extra firm seat cushion to give you the full effect of a great ergonomic chair.

The manufacturer claims that the product is proven to last for at least three years. They back up the superior quality of this cushion and the materials it’s made from with a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.


  • Helps to prevent and relieve coccyx pain from sitting
  • High-density memory foam with ergonomic, natural design
  • Fits in most types of chair or seat with ease
  • Breathable and removable back cover
  • 100% Money-back guarantee


  • There are some sizing concerns, where the cushion is too big the car seat

#4. Supportiback Posture Therapy

This is another great lumbar support for cars, homes, travel, or the office. It’s another cushion made by Supportiback, so you can expect the same great level of quality and comfort.

This cushion was designed to fit literally any seat and has doubly-long extendable straps. It also features heat-responsive technology to make sure that your back or bottom is always cool and comfortable while using this cushion. It’s small and easy to relocate, so you can have this cushion available to you at all times.


  • Designed to fit most standard chairs and car seats
  • Helps with lower back pain, sciatica, disc pain, and general back and spine discomfort
  • Trains and strengthens the muscles that affect your posture naturally
  • Doctor and chiropractor designed for your back health and comfort
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • The cushion might be too soft for some
  • The strap is of lower quality and may snap easily

#5. Sanlinkee Mesh Support for Back Pain Relief

 Sanlinkee Mesh Support for Back Pain Relief

The Sanlinkee Mesh Lumbar Support is a mesh back support with an elastic strap. It’s specifically made for office chairs and car seat back relief. It has an ergonomic design that will fit the contours of your waist, giving great lower back support and reducing all kinds of fatigue you might feel or experience in the spinal column. It’s extremely lightweight and easy to carry, meaning you can put it anywhere that you need some extra lumbar support.


  • Ergonomic design and mesh lumbar support fit your waist contours
  • Provides excellent back support and improves your sitting posture
  • Suitable for office chairs and car seats
  • Features comfortable massaging particles
  • Mesh lumbar support is made of high-quality breathable materials


  • The mesh back support isn’t as comfortable as the other picks

Car Lumbar Support Buying Considerations

When you’re shopping around for the best lumbar support for cars, there are many factors to consider. Below, you’ll find three of the ones we consider to be the most important things to keep in mind while you browse.

Type of Lumbar Support

There are many different forms that your lumbar support can take the shape of, but they primarily come in three types.

Ergonomic Chair

The ergonomic chair option is exactly as it sounds. It comes with lumbar support for your back and your bottom and usually comes in two separate pieces. This ergonomic chair provides a high level of comfort, especially if you will be traveling in your car for an extended time or tend to sit stationary for long periods. It provides the best back pain relief and is easily adjustable.


This type of lumbar support boasts a vast range of uses because its design and nature allow it to be used nearly anywhere at any time. It can be placed on the back of your seat or on the bottom depending on what kind of support you need primarily. They’re also much more affordable than the full ergonomic chair option.


Pillow type lumbar supports have benefits of both the ergonomic chair and the cushion type supports. It can be used virtually anywhere, in any sort of chair. Most of the time, they have memory foam inside of them that provides you with an extremely high level of comfort.


Another important factor to consider during your search for the best lumbar support for cars is the materials that the support is made of. This will help you to determine how durable and long-lasting the support will be. Most modern lumbar supports are made from a memory foam material that will remember the shape of your bottom or back, which makes the support more comfortable to use.

Additionally, the supports that have a mesh design on the outside of your lumbar support for your car will allow air to circulate freely. This will prevent your back from sweating against the memory foam and will keep you cool and comfortable while still supporting you.

Size and Compatibility

The size, shape, and compatibility are also important in the decision-making process. You want a size and shape that will fit your needs. You want a support that will fit not only the seat you want to use it in but will fit your back size and shape as well.

Since lumbar support comes in different shapes and sizes, you have to ensure that the support you choose is compatible with your car and seat. The compatibility will depend on the dimensions of your seat, so it’s a good idea to measure ahead of ordering your support.

The Final Word

If your spine health is something that you take seriously and you drive a car even casually, then a lumbar support for your back may be an investment worth making for your future health. If you do a lot of car commuting, business trips or general driving, then you 100% need to be purchasing something to ease the strain on your back. Our best lumbar supports for cars picks are all great in their own way, but you get what you pay for when looking after your health.