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Best Iron Fallout Removers UK (Reviews) 2024

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Best Iron Fallout Remover UK

Iron fallout is caused by iron oxide particles that get stuck to your vehicle surface or in your alloy wheels and can be caused by several different things. The most common culprits are brake dust, iron particles from railroad tracks, and airborne particles from nearby factories or warehouses. When these particles are left untreated, they can cause imperfections such as paint swirls, dark spots, or even rust on your car paint. To avoid any damage to your motor by either dragging the particles across the surface of your paint or moisture setting in and causing permanent damage, a fallout remover solution is recommended as part of the decontamination process.

Fallout removers can be used for cleaning both your alloy wheels and the surface of your car, however; some removers are designed for either one or the other, and may not be suitable for use on both. If using a clay bar is part of your decontamination detailing process, then ideally you should try and use a fallout remover first for the best results. Check out our 5 top iron fallout removers below, so you know that your car coat is in prime condition for finishing.

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Best Iron Fallout Removers in the UK Reviews

#1. Autobrite Direct Purple Rain Iron Fallout Remover

Autobrite Direct Purple Rain Iron Fallout Remover

Autobrite’s Direct Purple Rain 2.0 Iron Fallout Remover is an enhanced formula from the original. It is pH balanced and is designed to dissolve brake dust and iron contaminants upon contact. It was created specifically for cleaning paintwork and wheels, but it is also safe for use on other exterior surfaces where iron contaminants are difficult to remove.

This advanced formula reacts instantly to iron contaminants and will work tirelessly to remove even the toughest and heaviest of iron contaminants including railway dust, which tends to be highly resistant to all but the most aggressive clays and chemicals.


  • Thicker sprayable liquid means less runoff during application
  • Created to handle fallout on wheels and bodywork
  • Dissolves iron contaminants and brake dust upon contact
  • Quicker reaction time, this formula begins lifting and loosening contaminants immediately
  • Safe for all exterior car surfaces where iron contaminants may be difficult to remove


  • Can be difficult to use

#2. Autoglym Magma Liquid Clay

Autoglym Magma Liquid Clay

Where would we be without an Autoglym product on our review list? Their Magma Liquid Clay is one of the best iron fallout removers on the market. Many customers, reviewers, and professional detailers feel that this is the best fallout remover that they’ve had the pleasure of using to date, purely based on the ability to remove contaminants.

Despite its name, you should use this product before claying your car with an actual clay bar. That is because this formula is made to remove surface and subsurface ferrous deposits, but it will not remove most of the bonded contaminants in your vehicle. Using the liquid clay formula and a clay bar will ensure the smoothest finish for your car.


  • Colour transforming technology reacts to iron oxide instantly
  • Loosens and lifts metal particles from the paint and wheels of your vehicle
  • pH neutral formula is gentle and safe on your car while being tough on iron fallout
  • Easy to use, just apply, wait, and rinse
  • The thick, clingy liquid doesn’t run off easily, aiding in the overall effectiveness of the product


  • This is one of the more expensive iron fallout remover products, but you’re paying for the high-quality of the formula and the trusted Autoglym brand name

#3. CarPro Iron X

CarPro Iron X

CarPro was one of the first manufacturers to come out with an innovative iron fallout remover made for safe use on all car surfaces, and it remains to be one of the best iron removing products available on the market. It can be used on all surfaces of a vehicle but tends to be used the most for wheels.

It has a particularly strong smell, but despite that, it works incredibly well. The scent added to the blend does little to nothing at all to mask the odor, but you can be sure this product works and continues to be one of the most popular and reliable formulas available.


  • Acid-free and pH balanced to approximately 6.5pH
  • Safe for all car paints and finishes as well as all wheels including aluminum, chrome, anodized and alloys
  • Will not deteriorate clearcoats
  • Cleans paint and wheels deeply by forming a water-soluble iron complex


  • Despite being scented, it still has a strong, unpleasant odour

#4. Valet PRO Dragon’s Breath Iron Contamination Remover

Valet PRO Dragon’s Breath Iron Contamination Remover

The Dragon’s Breath Iron Contamination Remover by Valet PRO is one of the best iron fallout removers for your vehicle. It comes in a thick, almost gel-like consistency that will allow you to apply it to the affected surfaces and let it sit. The longer it dwells on the vehicle and the iron contaminants, the better it will work to dissolve the iron oxide on the paint and alloy surfaces.

This formula works so well that it will even help to prolong the life of your clay bars when you use them, as the bars won’t be scratched or worked up by the iron contaminants. The biggest drawback of this product is that it smells particularly pungent, which means you’ll want to work in a well-ventilated area and possibly wear a mask.


  • Reacts chemically and visually with iron contaminants
  • Safe for all painted surfaces and wheel types
  • Gel-like consistency clings easily to surfaces
  • pH balanced and neutral to avoid damaging or corroding your car
  • Easily removes contamination from metallic and painted surfaces


  • The smell of this product is particularly pungent, so make sure you can use it in a well-ventilated area

#5. Auto Finesse Iron Out

Auto Finesse Iron Out

The Auto Finesse Iron Out formula is one of the absolute best spray-on iron contaminant and fallout removers out there. It begins dissolving and lifting iron particles on contact. This solution makes quick work of brake dust that’s attached to even the most sensitive alloy wheels, without leaving any unneeded damage.

This pH neutral spray is safe for use on paintwork, glass, and wheel finishes. It will restore and refresh the appearance and texture of your vehicle and wheels, but you may want to decant it into a different spray bottle before trying to use it, as the bottle it comes in is not the best.


  • Works fantastically on rims and alloys
  • Safe for use on a vehicle’s paint and body
  • Designed and developed by professional detailers for optimal quality and trustworthiness
  • Bleeds purple when it comes in contact with iron contaminants
  • Can remove even tough, long-time contaminants


  • It may take more than one application of this formula to fully remove an iron contaminant
  • Bottle and nozzle design are reportedly not great

Fallout Remover for Iron Buying Considerations

Scent or Fragrance

There is really no way around it – iron fallout removers stink. It’s up to you to determine what level of odor you’re willing and able to tolerate to properly clean and protect your vehicle. Some manufacturers have tried to mix an iron fallout remover that smells pleasant, but the truth of the matter is that even the scented formulas are a bit hard to tolerate in terms of smell. Still, if you can find one that effectively removes fallout from your vehicle and doesn’t make you gag at the smell of it, that will be your best bet.

Reaction Coloration

Many of the iron fallout removers on the market today will have a reaction to the fallout on your car once it’s applied to the affected area. These chemicals will turn red or purple usually and will show you where exactly the chemical formula came in contact with the iron embedded in your vehicle. Not every remover will do this, however, and the red coloring has no bearing on how effective the remover actually is. It’s simply an indicator so you know where specifically you need to pay attention while detailing your car to be sure all the iron has been removed.

The pH Balance of the Formula

You want to be sure that your iron fallout remover isn’t heavily acidic. While the reaction the chemical with have to the iron oxide will be an acidic reaction, if the remover itself is acidic, this can result in heavy damage to your vehicle’s paint, body, wheels and more. You want a formula that will remove the iron but not your paint. The best options are the formulas that are pH balanced or pH neutral, as these are safer to use on your car’s paint, body, and alloys.

The Final Word

Iron particles might not be as obvious to spot on your car paint as other marks or dents, but certainly have the ability over time to do some severe damage to paintwork if left untreated. If you’re going to do some serious waxing and polishing, you need to ensure no contaminants or particles are left on the body first before finishing. Whether you’re using one of these wash solutions to remove brake dust on your alloys or iron oxide contamination on your paintwork, one of our best iron fallout remover selections above should be effective enough for you.