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Best Hose Pipes for Washing Cars UK (Reviews) of 2024

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Best Hose Pipe Washing Car UK

A standard hose is used to give your car a casual wash every so often. If you’re an avid detailer and have the budget, then you probably should consider a pressure washer as part of your detailing process as well. Every pressure washer needs a water supply such as a hose for the unit to work, making them both a great purchase for car detailers.

If you just want to hose away some of the nasty stuff that builds on the surface of your car, but don’t want to spend a fortune, then a typical garden hose is sufficient enough for cleaning. With most hoses on the market being pretty similar, we’ve gone ahead and reviewed 5 of the
top car wash pipes, with the differences between each selected water hose.

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Table of Contents

Best Hose Pipes for Washing Cars in the UK Reviews

#1. Flexi Hose Upgraded Expandable Hose

Flexi Hose Upgraded Expandable Hose

This might not be the longest hose on this reviews list, but if 50 feet is sufficient enough for your car washing duties, then this flexible hose has everything going for it.

The quality of the hose itself is what makes it such a great choice, also echoed by lots of consumers online who reviewed it. With it’s smart design it expands and contracts as you use it, ensuring that you don’t have a long hose pipe lying around when you’re not using it.

Because of its lightweight design, it is very easy to manoeuvre around your car when washing with it. It also won’t kink or coil like traditional rubber or vinyl garden hoses when constantly moving it around thanks to the extremely flexible and durable double latex it’s made from.

Leaks are also something that you won’t encounter with this pipe thanks to the solid brass connectors that are used to connect to your tap, and the durable, double latex pipe being able to withstand up to 12 bars of pressure.

The attachable hose nozzle has 8 different settings that can be used for different styles of washing and can easily be adjusted for different jobs.

Overall it’s the best quality pipe out there thanks to its smart design, contracting and expanding when needed, offering great space management. It’s also designed perfectly so it does not cause any leakages or bursts, which is common after a while with many hoses.


  • Very durable
  • Quality, non-leak and non-kink design
  • Lightweight
  • Expands and contracts depending on use
  • Easy to store
  • Great customer service


  • The most expensive on the list – only by a small fraction
  • No other length options

#2. Suplong Garden Water Hose Pipe

Suplong Garden Water Hose Pipe

The Suplong hose is the longest on the list coming in at 150 feet. It’s another expanding and contracting design, that expands to 150 feet when water is running through it and back to around 30 feet (approx) when not in use, making it easy to store away.

It is also another lightweight, strong design that is easy to move about with and won’t leak or burst on you, providing you look after it. It’s made with durable double latex inside and has a strong polyester outside.

Unlike a lot of other common water pipes, it’s another pick that has a non-twist design and won’t kink after several uses, weakening the hose.

There are also no leakages with this model thanks to the general design of the hose, but also the strong brass connectors provided ensure that you won’t get soaked when connecting it up to your tap.

The spray gun attachment is pretty much the standard type gun that you get with most hose gun combos. It has 8 different water settings for different levels and types of washes.

Overall it has everything you would want from a general hose for washing a car, a quality design at a reasonable price, but is the ideal pick for someone needing a long length of hose, expanding up to 150 feet.


  • Long length – 150 feet
  • Expands and contracts for great space usage
  • Non-twist or kink design
  • No leakages at tap with brass connectors
  • Reasonably priced
  • 180 day money-back guarantee and 1 year replacement warranty


  • Some quality control issues with some hoses bursting after a short period

#3. ANSIO Garden Hose Pipe Expandable

ANSIO Garden Hose Pipe Expandable

Another hugely popular model comes from the general manufacturer ANSIO. It’s another 50 foot expanding hose design that sits at around 16.5 feet when not in use. There is a 100 feet option as well if 50 feet isn’t enough.

It is very similar to the number 1 pick on the list, with the same expandable design, length of hose and ease of storage. Although it is tough and durable, it’s not quite as flexible and long-lasting as the Flexi Hose.

It is however, still made from the same type of tough, durable material, but this time with a triple layer of latex in the inner tube, making it very robust.

The design of the pipe also ensures that no leaks will occur with brass connectors for attaching to the water supply and a polyester webbed outer tube to ensure no water leaks.

Storage is easy thanks to the expanding and contracting design. It is also designed not to twist when used or stored away, which avoids any breakages from happening and ensures the longevity of the water hose.

The attachable water gun is your average gun like the other picks, with a comfortable grip and 9 different water settings for different jobs.

Overall a solid pick much like the number 1 choice on the list, but is just slightly less flexible, however, is slightly cheaper and has a 100 foot option.


  • Expanding and contracting design
  • Strong triple latex inner tube
  • Non-leak and twist design
  • Available in 50 feet or 100
  • Slightly cheaper than most picks on here
  • 1 year replacement warranty


  • Slightly less flexible than other top picks on the list

#4. AIGUMI 100ft

AIGUMI 100ft

AIGUMI have produced a hose that’s again pretty similar to the other design listed on our reviews list, but with only 1 available size option of 100 feet and 3 colours – red, black and blue.

It has the sought after expandable design, expanding to 100 feet as water runs through it and contracting to around 30 feet when not in use for easy storage.

It also has a design that ensures it won’t twist, kink or tangle, which can easily lead to the bursting of the hose pipe. Leakages also aren’t a problem thanks to the material that the pipe is made from and the brass fittings that also ensure water doesn’t splash out from your water supply.

The attaching spray gun is simple to use and is pretty similar to most of the hose gun models on here, with 8 different settings you can use it for the car and other jobs around the garden.

Overall it’s a good middle of the road hose pipe for washing a car at a decent price and should last you a while with casual washes.


  • Decent price
  • Ideal for casual washing
  • Expandable and durable design
  • Designed not to tangle or leak
  • 180 day money-back guarantee and 1 year warranty


  • Only 1 size option – 100 feet
  • Quality not as good as our other top picks

#5. Avyvi


Our final choice comes from Avyvi and is our budget pick, with it being the cheapest model we have reviewed on the list. There are two options to choose from with this black hose – 50 feet or 100.

It is exactly the same as the other picks on here with an expandable, non-twist design. It’s lightweight and easy to carry and manoeuvre around. Easy to store and use with a standard spray gun that has 8 different settings to choose from.

It is designed to avoid any leakages at the tap, water supply or pressure washer that it connects to. It is also meant to be strong enough to withstand water pressure and be durable enough to avoid any bursts or leakages happening from the actual pipe, however, the quality itself of the water hose isn’t as good as other picks on the list.

Overall a good budget option if you clean your car once every so often, if you’re a more serious and regular car detailer, then it probably won’t have the quality to stand up to the usage.


  • Low price
  • Expandable, non-twist design
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Easy to store


  • Quality of the material simply isn’t as strong or flexible as other picks

Car Hose Pipe Buying Considerations


We have listed all the lengths of the watering hoses that we have listed in our reviews above. The shortest length on our list is 50 feet which should be more than enough for most people when cleaning their car. There are however, plenty of models listed that have over 100 feet of hose in case you need something a little longer.


All our picks above that we have reviewed are expandable. They all expand when water is run through the hose and contract when not in use to ensure maximum storage efficiency. 


Most of our choices are made from the same material – inner double or triple latex tubing that’s designed to be robust enough to withstand water pressure and not burst. The outer material also needs to be strong enough to ensure that no cracks or leaks occur when the water is supplied through the hose. The material quality varies from manufacturer-to-manufacturer.

Non-Twist Design

This leads to ensuring that your hose cable does not twist, kink or tangle when you use it or store it away, especially if it’s a longer length hose, as this is one of the main culprits for reducing the lifespan of a wash hose.

Lightweight and Easy to Manoeuvre

A general rule of thumb is that any model should be light to move around when washing your car and easy to store away. Just because a hose is light, that doesn’t mean it’s not strong and durable.

Durability – Casual Use or Detailer

Each model varies in terms of durability and usage. The top picks on our list are designed to be used often and can handle regular washing with no problems whatsoever, making them perfect for regular car washers or detailers.

The lower quality, cheaper pipes are generally designed for casual washing and will not have the durability to withstand rigorous, constant usage.


All watering hoses have some sort of connections to connect them to a water supply. You want good fitting, solid connectors that ensure no water will leak from the connection to the water supply.

If you use a pressure washer, you’ll also want to check if your chosen hose pipe has a connection to hook up to it. Most standard models are able to connect to pressure washers easily, but be sure to double-check with the manufacturer.

The Final Word

Whether it’s just a straight-up watering hose for cleaning your vehicle or to connect up to a detailing pressure washer, most of the hoses are very similar in terms of quality and price. We have selected the 5 best hose pipes for washing cars, ensuring they have a reasonable length to them, are made from good quality material, will not burst, are durable and can be manoeuvred around easily.