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Best Hidden GPS Trackers for Cars UK (Reviews) 2024

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Best Hidden GPS Tracker for Cars UK

Having a personal tracking device for your car can be a lifesaver in some situations. If your car is stolen you’ll be glad that you have a tracker on it and can direct the local law enforcement on where to go to retrieve it. It can also be useful if you need to track where your vehicle is going when you are loaning it to other people or if you run a business that involves employees driving company vehicles.

GPS tracking devices use satellites to track the location of the device so all you have to do is attach it to whatever asset you want to track and the device will report its coordinates to your phone or computer. Most of the devices you can find for tracking will passively record where they have been and will turn on active monitoring once they detect that they are moving at a certain speed which works fantastically for tracking a vehicle’s location. Have a peek at our 5 top covert vehicle tracking device selections for peace of mind that you always have the location on hand.

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Best Hidden GPS Trackers in the UK Reviews



This is a GPS tracker that is specifically designed for tracking a vehicle. It works anywhere and is attached via a magnetic plate on the back of the device. There is also the option of hardwiring it to the vehicle so it can use the vehicle’s battery to keep itself charged. 

If you choose not to hardwire the device for a more covert hiding place, then you will be able to track its location for approximately 3 months if it is charged fully when you place it in its passive state. If it triggers active monitoring, then you will have about 30 days of battery life to track it with.

It is not locked to a specific region or country so it can be used anywhere in the world to track any vehicle it is attached to. To make full use of this device, you will have to pay for a SIM card to use with it and also pay a subscription fee to use the cloud tracking service that Rewire Security provides. Ultimately, a small price to pay for the price of mind that comes with knowing where your vehicle or your loved-one’s vehicle is at all times.


  • Has a long battery life
  • Isn’t locked to a specific location, works everywhere
  • Uses cloud-based live tracking so it can be monitored at all times


  • The subscription and application system is unintuitive and may result in confusion when getting the device set up

#2. TKSTAR Real Time Anti-theft GPS Tracker 5000mah Battery TK905

TKSTAR Real Time Anti-theft GPS Tracker for Vehicle Car with Strong Magnet 5000mah Battery TK905

As long as this tracker has a GPS signal it can be used anywhere as there is no requirement for it to be in a specific country or region. It is accurate up to 5 meters and reports its position every 10 seconds. 

The device will send an SMS message every time the vehicle stops and restarts so you always know when your vehicle is on the move and where it has stopped in the meantime. You can also set up a geofence and have it notify you any time the device enters or exits that location if you want to know if your vehicle has been to a specific location without having to constantly check where it has been.

The battery can last for 90 days in the passive state but could drain as fast as 7 to 21 days in the active state, so you may have to monitor this device closely while it is in use to ensure that it doesn’t lose charge at a crucial moment.


  • It is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof so you don’t need to worry about inclement weather interfering with it
  • Has geofencing functionality to monitor specific locations
  • Reports its location constantly with very little time in between so information is always up to date


  • Using the application to track the device will cost money in internet data fees, but it isn’t required

Invoxia GPS Tracker with anti-theft alert

Invoxia GPS Tracker with anti-theft alert - subscription included

This tracker is specific to locations that are covered by SigFox Europe, which includes England, Ireland, Spain, and Portugal. If you live in one of those places, then you can track this device using the Invoxia GPS locator. If the position of the device is changing, then it will report on it every 5 minutes. In the passive state, it will send a report every 4 hours. 

This device has a VIGILE feature that is very similar to geofencing. It allows you to determine a specific zone and the device will report any time it enters or leaves that area. 

When you purchase the device, you are also given a 3-year subscription to the service it uses. The battery will last anywhere from 1 to 6 months and can be charged in one-and-a-half hours.


  • Extremely lightweight and small for easy concealment
  • Comes with a geofencing analogue called VIGILE
  • Purchasing the device also provides access to the subscription services


  • The information on the battery life is vague which makes it difficult to know how often the device will need to be charged.

#4. BuFan Mini GPS Tracker, 4000mAh

BuFan Mini GPS Tracker, 4000mAh Tracker Real Time Anti-Theft Belt

The mini GPS tracker from BuFan is extremely small and easy to conceal, so you don’t have to be concerned that it will be discovered and you will lose access to your vehicle. This tracker also comes with a geofencing feature for monitoring specific locations and works everywhere as long as it can receive a GPS signal.

It is waterproof so, theoretically, you could attach it to the outside of your vehicle, though you would have to be careful to pick an inconspicuous location if you wanted to do so.

The device will record all travel data for approximately 3 months and displays it inside an app that comes with the device that you can monitor on your phone or computer.


  • Is protected from rain due to its waterproof nature
  • Can be attached magnetically to any iron surface
  • Reports on its location every minute for an accurate representation of its travelling and current location


  • Requires the purchase of internet data every month to use the application to monitor the device

#5. TKSTAR GPS Tracker Standby Anti Theft Device TK905B

TKSTAR GPS Tracker 5 Months Standby Anti Theft GPS Tracking Device TK905B

The TKSTAR GPS tracker is attached using a magnet that is already installed on the device. As long as the surface is made of iron, you can attach the device anywhere without fear of it falling off.

It has geofencing capabilities and it will send a message to the preferred number any time it enters or exits that location. It is completely waterproof, so precipitous weather shouldn’t be an issue.

It is accurate up to 5 meters and sends reports on its location to your mobile phone or it can be checked online at TKSTAR’s website.


  • Is waterproof and magnetized so it can quickly be concealed anywhere on a car that you have access to
  • Reports frequently on its location directly to your phone so you always know where it is
  • Has a long battery life so it won’t have to be charged too often


  • No option to hardwire the device to use the car’s battery

Car GPS Trackers That are Hidden Buying Considerations

Where does it work?

Some GPS trackers only work in specific locations, so it is important to ensure that you are buying a tracker that works in the place you intend to use it. This is usually displayed in the product information if you are purchasing online. If you are purchasing from a physical store, you may want to ask a sales representative.

Subscription Plans

Many tracking devices offer a subscription plan to record and actively monitor your device’s location. Some don’t work at all if you aren’t subscribed, so this is another thing you will have to look at and check into before purchasing.

Final Words

As long as you keep those few caveats in mind you shouldn’t have any trouble with any of these devices and can get the peace of mind that comes with knowing where your vehicles are at all times. Being discreet is important for alot of drivers, as if a potential security breach occurs in their car, they don’t want any potential thieves to spot the GPS tracker and remove it.