Best Heated Rear Window Repair Kits UK (Reviews) 2021

Best Heated Rear Window Repair Kit UK

Repairing your car’s rear heated window defogger doesn’t have to be an expensive venture. You don’t have to hire anyone to repair or replace your whole window, or even fully replace the grid lines or electrical tabs on it. You can purchase a cheap, easy-to-use repair kit that will allow you to make repairs to your rear defroster or demister yourself, and it typically takes no more than about thirty minutes to do so.

You need to be able to see out your rear window clearly when it mists and fogs up, and although plugging in a little portable heater may be tempting, you should just fix your heated lines. We’ve selected a mixture of the 5 top repair kits for rear electric windows, ensuring that your defogger works and provides the clear rear view required when driving.

Best Heated Rear Window Repair Kits in the UK Reviews

#1. Permatex 09117 Rear Window Defogger Repair Kit

Permatex 09117 Rear Window Defogger Repair Kit

The Permatex 09117 Repair Kit is one of the best on the market. It will help you to repair scratched or broken rear window defogger grid lines and tabs. The complete kit contains everything that you’ll need to make a professional-quality repair to your defroster grid with only a fraction of the cost, and in only a few minutes of your time.

The easy-to-follow instructions, with clear, colored pictures, will guide you on your repair journey. This product will work on the tabs that have become detached from the side grid of the electronic defogger, but will not work on bare wires that have been soldered to the window grid or have been removed. You should be sure to read all of the instructions before use and make sure that the surface you plan to work on is clean, clear, and smooth.


  • Simple, easy-to-follow instructions with images and photographs for visuals
  • Great for repairing the tabs of your rear window
  • The paintable solution will repair grid lines easily
  • Low, budget-friendly cost


  • The original sticker guide is not that great for application uses

#2. Conductive Silver Ink Paste

Conductive Silver Ink Paste

This silver ink paste is fantastic for repairing your rear window defroster, particularly the grid lines. This kit includes 2ml of conductive varnish along with a fine micro brush for easy application. It is quick-drying, settling in about five to ten minutes depending on the thickness of the applied varnish. It is highly resistant to abrasion and is applicable to rear window heaters and electrical circuits as well as on plastics, glass, paper, metal, or whiteboards.

This varnish can be easily removed from a surface with the use of rubbing alcohol. It should be noted that this solution is highly flammable in its liquid form and when considering the initial vapors present after application. As a result, you should not apply this varnish in particularly high temperatures, nor should you apply it near any sort of heat or open flame. Once dry, it is safe to use to conduct heat on your window.


  • Has a variety of uses, including fixing the defroster of your vehicle
  • Can work on several surfaces, including glasses, plastics, metals and more
  • Resistant to abrasions
  • Quick-drying formula
  • Comes with a micro brush for easy, precision application


  • It is highly-flammable before being fully dry, so make certain it is dry before using with any heating elements

#3. Permatex Inc. 21351 Rear Window Defogger

Permatex Inc. 21351 Rear Window Defogger

When you need to specifically repair the defogger tabs of your rear window, the best kit for the job is the Permatex Inc. Rear Window Defogger Tab Kit. This kit will allow you to quickly and easily bond your defogger tab to the grid system on your rear window and is a low-cost, high-quality repair solution for damaged rear window defogger tabs.

This complete kit offers quick, easy repairs and is resistant to even the most extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains or winds. It should be noted that your defogger tabs need to cure and dry fully in place before they can be exposed to such conditions, however, and that you should closely read the application instructions before applying this repair to your rear window.


  • Complete tab repair kit for quick, simple repairs
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions
  • Low, budget-friendly cost
  • Quick and easy application, just follow the instructions


  • The manufacturer suggests that these tabs should only be applied or affixed in temperatures between 10 and 24 degrees Celsius
  • Can sometimes be difficult to apply this repair

#4. Granville Electro Connector Repair Kit

Granville Electro Connector Repair Kit

The Granville Electro Connector Repair Kit is a fantastic silver-based, do-it-yourself electrical repair kit that is specifically designed to repair broken rear window defrosters. It can also be used to repair printed circuit boards, radio antenna connections, and other low-voltage electrical systems. It will not, however, bond electric contacts to the windscreen glass, so you should take note of that before proceeding with this product.

To apply this solution, you’ll want to thoroughly mix it by shaking the container for about thirty seconds. This will ensure that it is properly mixed and there is no settling of the product within the container. Once applied, let it settle for about a half an hour before applying a second coat, re-shaking the container as before. Allow the solution to set and cure for approximately five hours before attempting to use your defroster. You should take caution to store this mixture in a cool, dry area that is between 5 and 30 degrees Celsius and make sure that it is stored away from any area that receives direct sunlight.


  • Not water soluble
  • Multipurpose and great for circuitry that receives a low voltage
  • Easy to apply
  • Weather-resistant


  • It is flammable when in a liquid form, so be sure it is completely dry before using your defrosters
  • This solution has a long drying time, so be aware to take proper precautions

#5. Electro-Conductive Adhesive Glue for Heating Circuits

Electro-Conductive Adhesive Glue for Heating Circuits

This excellent, silver-based adhesive is great for conducting electricity in several applications, from your vehicle’s rear defrosters to the contacts of circuit boards and other electromechanical components and links. This adhesive is indispensable to repairing your heating circuits on your rear windshield, and it is resistant to changing weather conditions including heat, snow, rain, and frost.

It should be noted that these conditions cannot be used to stick the joints by itself, and will not be useful in replacing soldered parts. You should take care to clean, degrease, and dry the surfaces you intend to use this adhesive on before applying it. Be sure to apply this adhesive only with the included application brush, as other brushes may disrupt the silver particles in the adhesive which could ultimately reduce the conductivity.

The best electrical conductivity is achieved by applying several layers of the adhesive at ten to twelve-minute intervals, and then allowing the finished application to dry for up to 24 hours.


  • The silver-based adhesive is electrically conductive
  • Resistant to a variety of weather conditions including rain, snow, and frost
  • Easy to apply
  • Multipurpose, it can be used for defrosters, amplifiers, computers, radios and more


  • Should not be used as a solder replacement
  • Conductivity is obtained after an 8 to 24 hour curing time, dependant on ambient temperature and humidity

Repair Kit for a Rear Heated Window Buying Considerations

Environmental Service Conditions

You want to carefully read the instructions on your adhesive for any instructions involving application during particular weather conditions. Some adhesives should not be applied during certain weather conditions, temperatures, or other particular conditions. This can weaken the bond or affect the overall conductivity of the finished bond or product.

Curing Speed

You should also take account of the curing speed of your chosen adhesive, as some will cure more quickly than others. Additionally, some adhesives may require multiple applications to conduct optimally, so you need to account for the curing time of each layer of application as well as the total ending cure time. The curing times may vary from less than an hour total to a day to fully cure, so you should make sure you can accommodate this process fully before committing to applying the repair.

The Final Word

A repair kit is cheap and easy to use and doesn't require you to take your car to a professional to fix. Electrically-conductive adhesives have a variety of uses overall, but you do want to choose one that is geared at least partially, if not primarily, toward defroster repair as that’s your intended use for it. These particular adhesives can withstand a variety of weather conditions, such as rain, frost, and more. Choose one of our selected best heated rear window repair kit selections above to suit your rear electric line repair needs.

Last Updated On: February 10, 2022.

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