Best Faraday Bags for Car Key Signal Blocking UK (Reviews) 2021

Best Faraday Bag for Car Key Signal Blocking UK

As the car industry has become more technologically advanced, the opportunities for thieves have opened up. No longer do we physically need a key to unlock our vehicles. For example, we can simply approach our cars, and once we place our hand on the door, they unlock (granted the key is on you). The most common form of unlocking a motor these days is in the form of pushing a car key button.

With each technological advance, however, come new ways for criminals to exploit the automotive industry and make off with stolen cars. Using the signals that our car keys emit, a criminal can obtain the frequency they may need to get into the vehicle and drive off. There is a way to combat these keyless theft acts, however.

By using a device referred to as a Faraday bag, you can omit the concern that a thief could collect the correct frequency of your key. You can take further protective measures and use a steering lock or wheel clamp, so that if a criminal did somehow exploit your signal blocking bag and get into the vehicle, they would not be able to make off with it.

Check out our reviews of the 5 top car key signal blocking Faraday bags for preventing keyless car theft wherever you are.

Best Faraday Bags for Car Key Signal Blocking in the UK Reviews

#1. 2 Way Faraday Key Pouch and Frequency Blocker

2 Way Faraday Key Pouch and Frequency Blocker

This single pouch holds a great deal of protection for your key fob. It can hold one key fob to protect your car key from being intercepted by someone with less than honorable intentions. As a Faraday Key bag, this option is great if you only have one key that you want to protect, however if you need to keep more than one key protected, then you may need to look at other options with bigger capacities.


  • Made from Leather
  • Great Reviews


  • Limited Space
  • Lined with Foil not Metal

#2. Lanpard 2 Pack Faraday Bag Key Fob Protector

Lanpard 2 Pack Faraday Bag Key Fob Protector

This two pack is a great deal for the peace of mind that comes with protecting your key fobs from interference on the side of a thief. One of the really cool features of this particular model is that it has an inner keychain and an outer hook. This gives you the ability to connect your key fob to the inside of the Faraday bag and to connect your Faraday bag to your keys themselves. This is a great feature for those of us who struggle to keep up with our keys on a daily basis.

However, the material that this particular bag is made of is not luxurious and it is not impressive. While this Faraday bag will likely protect your key fob, the less than ideal material may make this bag wear out before other options.


  • Hooks and Key Ring
  • Two Pack


  • Fabric Material
  • Less Durable

#3. Monojoy Faraday Bag for Keys, Cards, Or Cell Phones

Monojoy Faraday Bag for Keys, Cards, Or Cell Phones

The Monojoy Faraday Bag is made from a high quality Nylon fabric. Much like the fabric that holds suitcases together, this fabric is extremely durable and is relatively easy to clean. If that is a concern, then hopefully you will see that this Faraday bag has many positive aspects that should be considered.

Monojoy actually sells this bag as a two pack, so you will receive two separate Monojoy Faraday bags which doubles the potential for protection. Further, these bags are large enough to fit the average smartphone, multiple key fobs, and even your bank cards if you want to protect all of your technology in one product.

Because this product is larger than a single key fob, it does not fit well when attached to a key ring. It also does not come equipped with a metal hook with which to attach it, which may be considered a downside if you have a knack for losing important items.


  • Durable Nylon
  • Easy to Clean
  • Large Capacity


  • Fabric Lined
  • Larger Bag

#4. Samfolk 2 Pack Keyfob Signal Blocker

Samfolk 2 Pack Keyfob Signal Blocker

Made of high quality and classic looking leather, the Samfolk Faraday bag looks really nice when hung from your keyring. This small Faraday bag is perfect for slipping your key fob in to protect your car from remote break-ins using modern technology against you.

The Samfolk Faraday bag comes in a two pack which allows you to protect either your key and your spare, or your key and a key to another car. You can also protect credit and bank cards with this Faraday bag, but the credit card cannot fit into the Faraday bag at the same time as the key fob unfortunately.


  • Leather Material
  • Nylon Material


  • Multiple Materials Means Less Durability
  • Small Size

#5. Ticcon Upgraded Faraday Bag and Signal Blocker

Ticcon Upgraded Faraday Bag and Signal Blocker

Made from premium carbon fibre materials, the Ticcon upgraded Faraday bag is one of the strongest signal blockers on the market today. It successfully stops thieves from interfering with car fob signals, credit cards, etc. Though this particular model is built to hold a single key fob, it is double protected.

There is an additional measure of protection through the dual lining of the inside of this faraday bag. This model makes a great gift for a friend, boss, or relative. It even comes packaged in a gift box in order to ease the wrapping process.


  • Strongest on the Market
  • Upgraded Materials


  • Small in Size
  • Cannot hold multiple items

Car Key Signal Blocking Faraday Bag Buying Considerations

There are many different types of Faraday bags on the market today. Quite frankly, it can be a bit confusing to weed through all of the information available about the types of protection each bag offers. Further, this is a matter of security which should be taken very seriously. This is not a light purchase, as such the thought you put into the purchase should reflect its importance in protecting your possessions. 


Despite the way the name sounds, most Faraday bags are actually quite small. In fact, more often than not, Faraday bags are built to hold a very small number of items at one time. You may consider them more like Faraday pouches in most instances. 

If you are wanting all around protection, then you should consider both the size and volume of Faraday bags that you are ordering. In this review, we focused on car keys in an effort to protect your car from being interfered with by a thief. However, you may also want to consider protecting your cell phone and your bank and credit cards from interference as well. 

There are Faraday bags that are crafted for all of the above concerns. If you want, you may consider purchasing one large Faraday bag in which to pack all of the items of concern. However, you may also consider buying specially built Faraday bags for each of the items you want to protect. 


You want to ensure that the Faraday bag you purchase is built of a material that is meant to last. Especially if your small Faraday bag is meant to be attached to a keyring, losing it due to tearing would be a nightmare. Consider purchasing a Faraday bag built from leather or Nylon to discourage elaborate wear and tear on the item an to ensure durability in the long run with this important purchase. 

Type of Lining

There are many different types of lining. Most often, small Faraday bags will be lines with special types of cloth or hidden metal particles to protect your items from interference. Some Faraday bags are lined with aluminium and resemble a foil lunch box. These tend to be less durable than the others. No matter what, you will want to double-check that you cannot open your car’s door while the key fob is in the Faraday bag to ensure that the bag is, in fact, working properly.

Final Thoughts

Faraday bags are a trendy motoring purchase as can be seen online with the number of reviews and ratings. They aren’t an expensive purchase but are recommended if you can afford one, or are overly concerned about car theft in your area or when parked in an unfamiliar place. There’s nothing difficult about using one, it’s literally the same as protecting money or bank cards within a wallet. The best faraday bags we have chosen for car key signal blocking are all proven to work, however, nothing is 100% guaranteed when it comes to safety.

Last Updated On: February 26, 2021.

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