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Best Engine Degreasers UK (Reviews) of 2022

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Best Engine Degreaser UK

Engine degreasers are ideal for cleaning all the grease and dirt that builds up on a car engine bay without having to lift it out with a hoist. Over time the engine bay can get dirty and have a build-up that many people never even bother cleaning. You should give your engine bay a clean every so often, just like you would with every other part of your car if you’re a detailer.

Engine degreasers are simple, safe and effective to use. A clean engine helps keep all your parts in better working order and generally gives your engine a better lifespan. Degreasers are pretty cheap to buy, but you should still look for a well-reputed brand.

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Table of Contents

Best Engine Degreasers in the UK Reviews

#1. STP Engine Degreaser Professional 500ml

STP Engine Degreaser Professional 500ml

STP has a huge range of car maintenance and cleaning products that are highly rated in the UK. This heavy duty engine degreaser is part of their professional range and is one of the most effective solutions out there for cleaning an engine.

An EU made spray, it comes in a 500ml can and can be used on nearly any type of vehicle engine. Like most degreasers, be sure not to get it anywhere near the paintwork as it can damage it.

This is probably the most effective degreaser we reviewed, as it has strong grease stripping and metal cleaning solvents. It is able to remove the toughest of grease and grime on your engine without trouble.

Overall a very strong degreaser that’s up to any engine cleaning job at a reasonable price, it’s also backed by lots of great reviews online by consumers.


  • Strong degreaser
  • Suitable for nearly any engine
  • Trusted manufacturer in the space
  • Fairly priced
  • Easy to use


  • Nozzle could be stronger

#2. Gunk 6868 5L Ultra Engine Degreaser

Gunk 6868 5L Ultra Engine Degreaser

Gunk doesn’t sound like a great name for cleaning does it? Well, gunk has one of the largest range of degreasers for engines on the market, with our pick being their highly-rated 5L ultra degreaser.

It’s another highly trusted name in the industry, with this formula being strong enough to take on the tough grease, grime, oil and dirt build-up on engines.

This is a solution that has to be applied to the engine and parts manually with a brush or cloth rather than spraying with a can.

It isn’t as strong as our top pick, but is still good at getting tough dirt, grime or oil to loosen. You do have more control over what you do with a brush-on solution, it should also last you longer.

Overall a great pick for the money if you want a paint-on solution, with 5L lasting a long time.


  • 5L lasts a long time
  • Great for brushing on
  • Strong solution
  • Value for money


  • Solution could be a bit stronger

#3. Autoglym Engine & Machine Cleaner, 1L

Autoglym Engine & Machine Cleaner

Autoglym are no strangers in the automotive business with quality products for improving your car’s performance and aesthetics everywhere on the market. This is their engine cleaner spray-on solution that combines a detergent and degreaser.

This is a water based cleaner that is biodegradable and solvent free. It is a reasonably strong degreaser, but has other cleaning properties that can be used on alloys for brake dust removal, rubber and plastic.

It’s a simple, fast-acting spray-on cleaner that just requires a little brush or wipe around, before being hosed down with water.

Most degreasers that you find are not safe for the paintwork of your car and can cause damage, whereas the Autoglym degreaser and cleaner is safe enough for paintwork and other surrounding engine components.

Overall this is a great pick for cleaning other things as well as your engine, as the solution is safe enough for other things such as alloys, paintwork, rubber etc.


  • Safe enough for paintwork, alloys etc.
  • Can also be used to remove brake dust
  • Water-based biodegradable
  • Trusted brand
  • Good price for 1L


  • Could be stronger as a degreaser

#4. WD-40 Specialist

WD-40 Specialist

Everybody has probably used a bit of WD-40 in their time for D.I.Y purposes, this is their special degreasing spray for dealing with oil, grime and grease. It comes in a 500ml can and works extremely fast.

This is a simple spray-on method that’s fast acting and gets to work quickly in tackling the toughest of grit, grime, dirt and oil on your car engine. It can also be used to tackle other things such as alloys, flooring, metal, glass, garden objects and bike chains.

With a smart straw design, simply flip the straw up or down when using or putting away. The straw is also perfect for getting into harder to reach areas of the engine, with its narrow design you can get into anything.

It has a simple formula that can be easily wiped away and will not leave any residue behind. 

Overall a great pick for some quick engine degreasing as it evaporates quickly and can also be used on pretty much anything that needs a bit of elbow grease, it is, however, a little more expensive than other picks.


  • Fast acting
  • Doesn’t leave residue and evaporates quickly
  • Can be used on lots of different things
  • Trusted brand


  • Slightly more expensive

#5. Maddox Detail 40101

Maddox Detail 40101

The last pick is another spray-on formula, but this time from Maddox who are fully involved in the car detailing product world. This is a 500ml bottle of specifically designed engine cleaner.

Suitable for any engine type, this is another biodegradable degreaser that can be used to remove pretty much anything from the engine, aswell as leaving a nice polish effect on the applied area. It’s reasonably strong, but isn’t as tough as other picks on the list.

You can also use the spray on other things without causing any damage such as rubber, plastic, aluminium etc. You only need a tiny amount of this solution to wipe around with a brush, cloth or sponge.

Overall a reasonable pick that might not be the strongest degreaser, but is safe for use on other things at an ok price point.


  • Specially designed for engine degreasing
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe for use on other things
  • Decent price point for 500ml


  • Maybe not be the toughest of engine degreaser

Degreaser for Car Engines Buying Considerations

Cleaning Properties

Any product you pick has to be strong enough to degrease car engines, removing dirt, grime, oil etc., without having to use a full bottle or can. You may also want your chosen cleaner to have other cleaning properties for using on things such as alloys, plastic, trim, rubber, other metal etc.

Some degreasers are notably stronger than others, but the strong ones typically need to be kept away from other things such as paintwork, plastic, rubber etc. Most degreasers can be used on other things, not just car engines such as bike chains, power tools and anything else that needs a tough clean.

Biodegradable and Waterless

Most of the engine cleaners you’ll find on the market are biodegradable and waterless, evaporating quickly and not leaving behind any type of residue. This may be of concern to you if you are especially conscious about your carbon footprint or simply want a safer degreaser to use.

Spray-On or Apply Yourself Solution

Most of the cleaners we have chosen on our reviews list are spray-on degreasers, which just means you spray on the area you want with the bottle, then use a brush or cloth to spread the solution around.

Some solutions and formulas need to be applied manually though, and require you to use a brush, cloth, sponge or whatever you use, to apply the degreaser to whatever area of the engine you want.

Volume of Solution

Most of the degreasers you can buy come in around the 500ml-1L mark in terms of volume. 500ml is probably the most standard volume you’ll get when it comes to spray-on cleaners, but apply it yourself solutions may be larger due to the nature of the application process.

Final Word

Degreasing car engines is a somewhat overlooked process by most people, but if you’re going to spend the time detailing a car, having it looking brand new inside and out, then you ought to take care of the car’s health itself. We have listed 5 of the best engine degreasers for purchase, each from a different, reputable manufacturer that all have different cleaning properties for vehicle engines.