Best DAB Car Aerials UK (Reviews) of 2020

Best DAB Car Aerial UK

Imagine cruising down the road. It’s a bright, sunny day, it’s scenic and beautiful as you continue your drive. You reach to turn on the radio, but you’re limited to the same old channels. You don’t have a DAB car aerial to receive a signal and tune into some new, exciting channels you get with DAB.

Using a DAB car aerial is great for ensuring that you constantly receive signals for your DAB radio to work. It’s essential in some digital radio formats.

DAB car aerials also help older vehicles keep up with modern trends. Nowadays, you’ll find newer models of car Bluetooth and other streaming services. Don’t condemn yourself to a less-than-modern life. DAB car aerials help give your vehicle a boost of technology and allow your favorite DAB signals and radio stations to come in.

There are many different DAB car aerials on the market, but the list has been narrowed down to the 5 top DAB car aerials in the UK to buy .These products have their benefits and one may not be as suitable for one person over another.

Best DAB Car Aerials in the UK Reviews

#1. FIAMM Discreet Universal Car DAB

This FIAMM universal car DAB is meant to sleekly blend into the outside of your vehicle. It’s hard to notice, which retains the aesthetic of your vehicle.

If you’re tired of seeing the ugly car aerials that protrude out of the vehicles you see along the road, give this car DAB a whirl. You won’t be disappointed.

Beyond its ideal size and shape, it’s a relatively strong car DAB. It’s from glass and operates on the frequencies of 170MHz to 240MHz. It also comes with a 20dB amplification and phantom power supply of 5-12 volts. This means you won’t be using a lot of electricity or power to keep this active. The amplification will help you receive signals even as you travel through areas that aren’t the most DAB friendly.

The cable is three meters long, allow you plenty of room to adjust the car DAB to your liking.

To install this car DAB, stick it on either right or left side of your windshield. The product comes with about three meters of adhesive to help you get it on fine. From there, you won’t have to do any extra installation steps. You won’t even need any specific tools to get the job done. It’ll take only a few minutes.


  • Relatively long cord to ensure you’re getting the most aesthetically pleasing location
  • The size and shape of the product help preserve the integrity of your vehicle’s aesthetic. It’s meant to be seen as little as possible when someone is viewing your vehicle.
  • Allows you to pick up DAB radio, AM, and FM signals


  • It may be a bit awkward to install because of the extra-long cord.

#2. DAB Car Aerial, SAM Aerial Adapter

DAB Car Aerial, SAM Aerial Adapter

This DAB car aerial grants you an exceptionally strong signal with a robust offering of extra features. It’s great or all modern car DAB radios that use an SMA fitting.

The antennas are designed to enhance digital and analog signal strength. The base is made from glass, which is quite durable and easy to install. However, the base is magnetic to allow for easy placing and removal. One of the largest benefits of this car DAB aerial is that it won’t be fixed in position and unable to move. You can freely move it at your will and the magnetic strength is still powerful enough to keep it in place while driving.

However, the magnetic placement is only ideal when you’re installing this product on the outside of your car. If you’d like to preserve the outside aesthetic of your vehicle, simply place this antenna onto the central panel inside your vehicle using the double-sided tape. Put the double-sided tape on the bottom of your car aerial and stick it in place. You’re now good to go.


  • You have the option to install this car aerial on either the outside or the inside of your vehicle
  • It can be held in place using magnets. This makes moving the aerial from vehicle to vehicle a lot easier.


  • The antenna is rather large and noticeable. It sticks straight up into the air and is spotted easily. Consider installing this on the inside of your vehicle if you’re not wanting an antenna sticking out from your windshield.

#3. Eightwood DAB Aerial

Eightwood DAB Aerial

Eightwood is a well-known brand and trusted amongst the DAB aerial scene. That’s because they can back it up with their great products. This Eightwood DAB aerial is no exception.

It works as an SMB connector patch and is easily placed on the bottom of your windshield. It’s relatively discreet and won’t cause much attention to your car regarding aesthetics. The cable length is three meters, so you’ll have plenty of working room.

It can work on band III or the L band, whichever you prefer. You’ll receive DAB radio stations, AM signals, and FM signals.

Beyond the brand name and uses, it’s fairly reliable and durable. It’s known to last a significant amount of time.


  • It operates on both the L band and band III
  • Known to be reliable and durable in the long term
  • Relatively low-key and difficult to spot unless you know what you’re looking for


  • You can’t use it on reflective, coated, or heated screens

#4. High Gain DAB Car Aerial

High Gain DAB Car Aerial

This high gain DAB car aerial is designed with signal strength in mind. The amplifier and design of this car aerial help it receive signals that are fading or distant while also boosting the range of the signal at the same time. By increasing range and increasing the strength of distant signals, you’ll have a plethora of options to listen to.

Because it’s designed to be optimized for DAB digital reception, this product is ideal for someone looking to improve their DAB signals. However, you’ll also receive digital broadcasting stations all the same.

The base is magnetized to improve DAB reception by attaching to metal surfaces. The more magnetization the base receives, the more stable it becomes. In turn, more stability equals better signal strength. So ensure you have a suitable area to receive the most bang for your buck.


  • The magnetic base helps you receive an extremely powerful signal reception if you have the appropriate area
  • Designed to receive both distant and fading signals as well as amplifying the number of signals you receive
  • The aerial rod that provides signal can be detached from the base so you can adjust the signal on the fly


  • Requires a large enough metal surface to get the best signal possible

#5. CAMWAY Universal Roof Mount Active Amplified DAB

The CAMWAY universal mount is good for DAB signals and as an FM aerial antenna. It replaces the standard roof aerial to allow both functions to occur.

The signal strength and range is massive, so take full advantage of this if you’re wanting a good signal all the time. It also comes with a universal roof mount or easy installation.


  • Extremely powerful
  • Relatively long range
  • Gives you both FM and DAB signals


  • May cost extra due to having to remove the original antenna from your vehicle

Car DAB Aerial Buying Considerations


Determine what your needs are for a car aerial. Do you need a longer range? Do you need something that you can mount on the inside of your car?

Not all DAB car aerials are built the same. Some are better than others for different functions. Consider what you need from a car aerial and then make a purchase that reflects your functionality needs.


The features you find in DAB aerial antennas vary. At their base, they all provide DAB signal reception and will need to be attached to your vehicle somehow.

Consider if you need extra features such as access to AM and FM signals. Or, if you need something that can hide on the inside of your car rather than tarnish the aesthetic, you’ll need the appropriate DAB car aerial.

The Summary

In the end, not all car DAB aerials are going to be right for you and your car. Review the section on what you should consider before making a purchase. Once you’ve found the perfect DAB car aerial, your life will change and you’ll be cruising in style like never before!

  • Updated September 23, 2020
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