Best Ceramic Coatings for Cars UK (Reviews) 2021

Best Ceramic Coating for Cars UK

A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that can be applied to your car yourself without the need for an expensive professional coating service. Apply the coating by hand manually to add an extra layer of protection between your exterior and paintwork. These small bottles are meant to be longer-lasting and stronger at protecting your car's exterior from marks than standard waxing and polishing.

Regular car washers and cleaners may not be so desperate to use a ceramic coating as it may be viewed as a bit of a gimmick, however, real car detailers use the liquid solution in some form to help create and maintain the best possible exterior they can. Check out our 5 top car ceramic coatings below that are guaranteed to add an extra layer of protection and shine for a number of years.

Best Ceramic Coatings for Cars in the UK Reviews

#1. Migliore Strata Ceramic Coating

The Migliore Strata Ceramic Coating is a best-seller and one of the most popular ceramic coatings out there. This coating will leave a rich, glossy finish on your car that will protect it from UV damage, water, debris, dust, salt, and even bird droppings. It will protect your car for up to one full year if applied correctly.

Additionally, the application of this ceramic coating sealant is straightforward and comes with a self-cleaning effect. This helps to reduce the length of time you’ll have to spend washing your car after applying the coating, and ultimately results in a longer-lasting sheen. In between your regular car washes, the coating will keep your vehicle cleaner than almost any other wax or sealer could. This is by far the best option if you want the best ceramic coating, but make sure you do the preparatory work thoroughly and correctly for the best effects.


  • Extremely attractive, glossy finish
  • Offers up to twelve months of durable protection for your vehicle
  • UV resistant with fantastic water sheeting
  • Provides durable protection from weather, debris, droppings, and salt


  • A little bit of prep work needs to be done before applying this coating

#2. Tracffy Ceramic Car Coating

Tracffy Ceramic Car Coating

When applied correctly, another fantastic ceramic coating for your car is the 9H Ceramic Car Coating from Tracffy. This coating comes in a 30ml bottle, and the coating spreads well and will cover most standard cars easily. It has great scratch resistance, with a 9H anti-seizing hardness. The unique formula is great for creating a hydrophobic glossy layer of protection on your vehicle.

This coating will protect against staining, water spots, acid rain, UV radiation, static, high temperatures, and oxidation with ease. There are mixed reviews about the application instructions, but many reviewers also say they found easy-to-follow instructional videos on YouTube if they had difficulty understanding the included manual.


  • Excellent scratch resistance
  • Anti-acid rain, anti-wear, and anti-oxidation
  • Offers great UV protection
  • Manufacturer says it has a 3-5 year durability


  • Instructions for use not that clear

#3. Hendlex FS60

Hendlex FS60

The Hendlex Ceramic Coat FS60 is a long-lasting nano-ceramic protective coating that is designed for all vehicle types, including motorcycles. It can be easily applied to painted or varnished surfaces made of plastic or metal.

This ceramic coat will enhance surface hardness and provide strong hydrophobic properties to your vehicle’s surface, giving it a glossy finish and making it much easier to clean for up to three years, according to the manufacturer. It also highlights the colour of your car’s paint and provides a fantastic, glossy shine that won’t attract dust and will resist UV radiation, corrosion, and more.

Additionally, this coating is one of the best for handling extreme temperatures. It will endure through temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius and as high as 150 degrees Celsius. No matter what the weather conditions are where your car is, you can be sure this ceramic coat will protect your vehicle.


  • Comes with two microfibre cloths, an application cloth, an applicator, and protective gloves
  • Provides strong hydrophobic properties on the surface
  • Highlights paint colour and provides an attractive shine
  • Resists dust, UV radiation, acids, alkalis, salts, and corrosion


  • For larger vehicles you will need to purchase more than one unit of this product

#4. Greyghost


If you want a particularly impressive, shiny, glossy finish on your vehicle when you’re done applying the ceramic coat, you should give the Greyghost Ceramic Car Coating product a try. It has a high gloss, crystalline finish to it that will make any car look its best, without sacrificing any protective properties.

This coating will protect your car from several potential problems, including bird droppings, acid rain, salt fog corrosion, UV radiation, scratches, crushed stone, iron filings, and more. This coating is hydrophobic once applied and allowed to dry and will reject rain and make washing your car afterward a breeze.

The manufacturer does warn that you should not touch or wet the car in any way for up to twelve hours after applying this coating, to give it the proper time to cure and bond to your car’s paint. Their customer service team is available at any time should you have any questions regarding this particular ceramic wax.


  • Protects from salt fog corrosion, UV radiation, scratches, and more
  • Has a hydrophobic, high gloss finish
  • Colour retention and highlight
  • Diamond coating aesthetic with a high heat resistance


  • Not much in a bottle

#5. Onewell High Gloss Ceramic Coating Kit

Onewell High Gloss Ceramic Coating Kit

The Onewell High Gloss Ceramic Coating Kit is a great option that comes with the ability to buy one or two bottles. Depending on the size of your vehicle this can be a factor of convenience and not having to pay to ship two separate bottles of the coating.

This coating is reportedly easy to apply, though it should be applied slowly and methodically, and some reviewers even suggest working it into one panel of your vehicle at a time for the best results. Once applied, your car will have an attractive, glossy layer of protection that will keep it safe from UV radiation, corrosion, scratches, high temperatures, and more.


  • Easy to apply, but follow the directions and work slowly for best results
  • 9H hydrophobic hardness
  • Lasts for an average of 6-12 months
  • High gloss with anti-corrosion and heat resistance


  • The sponge in the kit is not very durable, and seems to fall apart once allowed to dry after applying the coating

Car Ceramic Coatings Buying Considerations

Weather Resistance and UV Resistance

Arguably one of the most important points to be made for ceramic coating is that it will protect your vehicle from UV radiation and a variety of weather conditions. You want a ceramic coating that is guaranteed to protect against at least the minimum, which includes dust, UV radiation, water, and debris. Additionally, depending on where you live, you might want one that will resist extreme temperatures, bird droppings, frost, and even acids. So consider the regular weather patterns of your location when looking for your ceramic coating.

Car Cleaning Frequency

Washing the car is viewed as an unpleasant but necessary chore to most, one that ensures your car looks its best and allows you to look for any scratches, dings, or other damage while it’s performed. Ceramic coating helps make this work much more enjoyable, as it reduces the time needed to clean your vehicle and greatly reduces the chance of scratches, stains, or other blemishes from settling into the paint of your vehicle. And because ceramic coating can reduce or reject dust, you typically have to wash your car less frequently. 

Car Usage and Terrain

When you drive your car frequently, you can be sure to benefit from a good ceramic coating. A frequently-driven car is exposed to more environmental elements that could diminish the aesthetic quality of your vehicle as well as the quality of the paint itself. Additionally, ceramic coatings can help to protect your car from the debris, scratches, and chipping caused by riding regularly on rough terrain.

The Final Word

Ceramic coating solutions typically come in small bottles and aren’t that cheap to buy, so we can understand that it might not be part of your regular car cleaning routine. If you have a newer motor and you want to maintain that fresh, glossy shine with your paintwork, then you should look to invest in one of these liquid solutions. They’re simple to apply, and every one of our best ceramic coatings for cars picks will last you several years, saving you from having to splash out on a professional service.

Last Updated On: February 26, 2021.

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