Best Carb Cleaners UK (Reviews) 2021

Best Carb Cleaner UK

If you’ve got an older, classic car, then chances are it runs on a carbureted engine rather than a modern fuel injection engine. The carburettor mixes air and fuel together in the cylinder, which can naturally become clogged over time and need a little care. Carb cleaners are essentially the fuel injector cleaners of carbureted engines, ensuring there’s no unwanted build-up inside the engine.

These cleaners are relatively simple to use, give them a little shake then give your carburettor a good spray down. If you have an old carburettor engine, you should 100% be using one of these sprays to maintain it, as replacing one is an expensive deal these days. Check out our recommended 5 top cleaners for carburettors, giving your older vehicle a longer lifespan on the road.

Best Carb Cleaners in the UK Reviews

#1. STP Carb Spray Cleaner

STP Carb Spray Cleaner

The STP Carb Spray Cleaner is the best carburetor, choke, and PCV valve cleaner available on the market. This cleaner will keep your car working at peak condition. It’s a specially-formulated blend of cleaning solvents that will do all of the hard work of cleaning your car parts for you, quickly and effectively removing gums, varnish, sludge, dirt, carbon deposits, and grease.

When using this product, be cautious that none of this spray accidentally comes into contact with your car’s finish. It may cause streaking in the paint, wax, or clearcoat. If you do happen to get this product on your car’s paintwork, make sure to clean it off quickly and thoroughly so that it does not cause any damage to your paint or wax.


  • Works with cool or slightly-warm engines
  • Helps to keep carburetors in peak operating condition
  • Removes gum, sludge, varnish, grease, dirt, and carbon deposits
  • Great for use on both internal and external carburetor parts
  • Easy to use, fast-acting spray that maximizes an engine’s power


  • Instances of it corroding rubber O rings in the carburetor

#2. Wynn’s 1831014 54179 Air Intake

Wynn’s 1831014 54179 Air Intake

Wynn’s Air Intake and Carb Cleaner is the best cleaner to use in small, hard to reach areas and is fantastic for removing and dissolving all kinds of dirt and grime. It’s a fast-acting formula that will clean your air intake valves and carburetor with ease.

This is a premium quality product that is well-known for helping to keep your engine alive for extended periods, prolonging your car’s longevity and the quality at which it operates. It uses a powerful stream of cleaner to support and enhance the cleaning action.


  • Comes in multiple can amounts from one to four
  • Cleans the vehicle carburetor as well as other car parts
  • Dissolves and removes dirt from air intake assemblies without the need to disassemble the unit
  • Can handle all kinds of vehicular maintenance issues
  • Best carb cleaner for small car parts that are difficult to manually reach


  • Should only be used for petrol-driven vehicles

#3. 151 Products LTD. Choke and Carb Cleaner

151 Products LTD. Choke and Carb Cleaner

This choke and carb cleaner will clean all of the oil and dust from your carburetor and helps to keep your engine and carburetor functioning at optimal levels. It does this by cleaning both the internal and external surfaces of the parts. Additionally, it will remove oil deposits on linkages and cables, and does not have any negative side effects on the catalytic converter.

This cleaner is best used on petrol-driven vehicles and machines. It’s a fast-acting cleaner that helps your vehicle get rid of sludge, carbon deposits, gums, and grease.


  • Cleans sludge, oil, dirt, and gums
  • Won’t damage the catalytic converters or DPF of your vehicle
  • Great for internal and external parts use
  • Removes contaminants from linkages and cables
  • Does not leave any residue


  • 300ml spray is smaller than others on the list
  • Sometimes hard to get a hold of support from manufacturer

#4. Holt’s EGR Cleaner

Holt’s EGR Cleaner

Holt’s EGR and Carb Cleaner is an incredibly budget-friendly, highly-effective product that is sure to clean your EGR valves and carburetors with ease. Additionally, it will help to remove smoke from exhaust pipes. The results of using this product are that your engine will run better with a noticeable increase in performance. You can also use this product on other car parts as well to remove dirt, grime, dust, and more.

Before using this product, be sure to clearly read the instructions. If you follow the instructions of this product, you’ll have excellent results that will exceed your expectations.


  • Improves the efficiency and performance of your car’s engine
  • Removes all of the residue and carbon deposits
  • Low cost but efficient product
  • Great for cleaning EGR valves once removed from the vehicle


  • You do have to fully remove your EGR to clean it with this product

#5. Comma CAC500M Clean Aerosol

Comma CAC500M Clean Aerosol

The Comma Carb Clean Aerosol spray is ideal for cleaning caravans and carburetors and any small elements within the engine that may need cleaning. It’s great for use in lawnmowers, boats, and other engines as well that may be affected by grease, dirt deposits, oil, and grime. This cleaner is specially designed to clean areas of your vehicle that are difficult to reach, such as choke jets and linkages.

Its unique formula is adept at lifting, dissolving, and removing dirt. You can use this aerosol to restore your vehicle to its optimum effectiveness and efficiency, and as a result, that helps to improve vehicle fuel consumption and restore any power that may be lost when the vehicle tries to function with dirty or damaged parts.


  • Cleans even the most inaccessible parts of your vehicle
  • Greatly improves the efficiency of a running engine
  • Restores your engine and overall vehicle to optimum efficiency and effectiveness
  • Provides a superior clean to the carburetor, choke jets, and linkages
  • The heavy-duty formula is designed to remove and eliminate dirt and various types of build-up


  • Not as good quality as the other picks
  •  You might need to wear heavy-duty work gloves instead of regular disposable gloves when using this

Carburetor Cleaners Buying Considerations

Chlorinated vs Non-Chlorinated

When you start looking for carb cleaners, one thing you should definitely keep in mind is chlorinated and non-chlorinated varieties of cleaner. Chlorine is a major substance in cleaning agents and helps the remainder of the formula or solvent to easily break down dirt, grime, and other targeted contaminants.

Chlorinated cleaners tend to clean more quickly and thoroughly, but are also more abrasive. They are also regulated, if not outright banned, in some areas, so you need to know your local laws before trying to purchase a chlorinated formula cleaner. The non-chlorinated carb cleaners are milder, but they do get the job done. You may have to apply it more than once or may have to use some elbow grease, though.

Your primary concern should be the effectiveness of the product, how much work you’re willing to put in, and how dirty your carburetor is. Use these questions to figure out if a chlorinated or non-chlorinated product if better for your current needs.

Ease of Use and Multipurpose

You can’t readily use an aerosol spray if you need to dip your carburetor into a cleaning solution to clean it. You need to have an idea of how you intend to clean your carburetor and what that will entail.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your cleaner might be able to be used on other components of your vehicle. A carb cleaner that has multi-fabric content can help to maintain not only the carburetor but also the intake valves and fuel injectors as well.

Fast-Acting and Material Safety

Unless you’re cleaning the parts of an older vehicle that needs to be taken apart and have the components soaked, you want a fast-acting carburetor cleaner. This will free your schedule up to perform other maintenance tasks or simply to enjoy driving the vehicle you’re maintaining. Be cautious, as some fast-acting carb cleaners can be particularly potent and may have especially strong fumes or odors.

Additionally, the best carb cleaners should be safe to be used on or around other components near the carburetor, especially those that may not necessarily be constructed from metal. While you should always keep your carb cleaner from coming in contact with your vehicle’s paintwork, some of the best cleaners won’t negatively affect it. Additionally, if you don’t have to worry about spray back from your carb cleaner hitting other materials or surfaces within your vehicle, you can work more confidently and get more done in less time.

The Final Word

Considering how inexpensive these cleaners are, they are definitely worth using to help keep an older carbureted engine running on the road as long as possible. Carburettors aren’t as easy to replace these days, so maintaining them as best as possible should be a priority. All our best carb cleaner picks that we reviewed are all effective at cleaning out a carburettor effectively, just with a few minor differences between the models such as volume and other chemicals used.

Last Updated On: April 10, 2021.

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