Best Car Paint Sealants UK (Reviews) 2021

Best Car Paint Sealant UK

Car paint sealants are designed with man-made synthetic properties as opposed to normal waxes that are more natural in terms of ingredients. Sealants are made with polymers and other ingredients to effectively provide a longer-lasting shield around your car’s paintwork than standard wax. Waxing is good for giving your motor a nice shine, but it doesn’t offer the same long-term protection that a good sealant does.

These synthetic sealants are great for helping to protect your car’s paint from UV rays, acid rain, grime etc. They’re also very easy to use, all you have to do is apply a little solution to an applicator or polishing machine for going over the paint with. Find the right solution below with our 5 top sealants for car paint selections below for giving your car the right layer of protection.

Best Car Paint Sealants in the UK Reviews

#1. Boora Permaseal 10 Year Sealant

Boora Permaseal 10 Year Sealant

Perhaps the best thing about this product is that it comes with a ten-year guarantee. The system contains two different steps in the sealant process. Step one helps to remove any paintwork impurities while step two seals paintwork with a PTFE layer.

This sealant was developed by German nanotechnology researchers and protects your paint enough that you may never need to wax it again. The manufacturer claims this is even the case with regular car washing. You can also use the product on caravans and boats.

The ten-year guarantee includes protection from salt, the sun, grim, dirt and bird droppings. The product really works and will keep your car shiny for years to come. The application is quite easy as well. Simply rub on Stage 1 with a micro cloth and then use Stage 2 to buff to a nice high shine.


  • Very long life
  • 10-year guarantee


  • Very small bottles don’t last long

#2. Turtle Wax 53139 Hybrid Sealant Wax

Turtle Wax 53139 Hybrid Sealant Wax

This product uses proprietary sealants to produce a really incredible shine and slickness that you’ve likely not experienced with another spray wax. It is hard to match the shine you get with this product, even with some of the other items that made our list of the top 5.

The mirror-like shine you get with this product is partly do the carnauba wax included in the sealant, which also serves to protect the surface. There are also streak-free drying agents used so that you can apply the sealant on both dry and wet vehicles. It can also be applied to any exterior surface without any worry of residue buildup or over spraying.

The application process can be a bit tricky, but it’s worth it for the shine you get when you’re done.


  • Can be applied to all exterior surfaces
  • Can be used on wet or dry vehicles
  • Mirror-like shine


  • Can be challenging to apply

#3. G3 Pro 7210 Surface

G3 Pro 7210 Surface

This sealant is great for use after you’ve restored the bodywork on your vehicle. It helps to protect the paint finish and it is easy to wax over. It creates a hydrophobic, invisible seal and protects against everything from road salts to bird lime, tree sap and acid rain.

You don’t need to be a pro to apply this sealant. Its application is quite easy and just about anyone can do it. You also should have no issues with residue.

You will have trouble trying to buff this off if you decide you want to do so, which can be a bit annoying if you get tired of the look. You’ll also want to keep in mind that the formula does contain silicones.


  • Doesn’t leave behind a residue
  • Easy to apply


  • Contains Silicones
  • Very hard to buff off

#4. Speed Guard Nano Coating Spray

Speed Guard Nano Coating Spray

This spray offers an incredibly quick and easy application that really just takes a few minutes. It instantly bonds to both dry and wet surfaces so you don’t need to dry your car when you’re through.

It provides a coating that repels water, dirt and even harmful UV rays. The bottle is 250 ml which will give you two applications on medium sized vehicles. This is pretty small and the bottle seems to go really quickly.

It can also be applied to glass, the trim on the interior, vinyl wraps, matte surfaces and windscreens. It offers a temperature rating of up to 275 degrees Celsius.


  • Very fast and easy application
  • Can be applied to several different surfaces


  • Small bottle

#5. Meguiars 21 Synthetic

Meguiars 21 Synthetic

This product provides a great water beading effect as well as a high-gloss finish. You’ll notice a deeper and darker paint finish that is far more reflective than what you’ll get with a lot of other products on the market.

You can apply this sealant easily and it offers a resistance-free wipe-off. You’ll also enjoy a near flawless finish since it helps to eliminate fine swirls and scratches. You won’t just protect your paintwork but you’ll improve it as well.


  • Easy to use
  • Wipes off easily


  • Small bottle; it can be used up quickly

Paint Sealant for Cars Buying Considerations

There are plenty of things to keep in mind when selecting your car paint sealant. If you’ve invested in a vehicle, you want it to stay looking as nice as possible for as long as possible. Keeping the next few things in mind can help you do just that when you choose the best car paint sealant.

Types of Car Sealants

Just like with anything else, there are several different types of car sealants available. You’ll want to pay attention to the one you actually choose, as it isn’t just the type that varies but also the way it is applied and how long you can expect it to last.

Cleaning vs. Pure Sealants

To start, you need to choose between a cleaning sealant and a pure sealant. A cleaning one will often be called an all-in-one product. They can sometimes contain solvents and abrasives. This isn’t always a bad thing as they can remove find scratches while also sealing the paint at the same time. You are not able to use then on paint that has already been compounded or polished. You will wear away any undamaged paint. Pure sealants, on the other hand, will not do this.

Wipe On/Wipe Off vs. Wipe On and Walk Away

Sealants can then be further categorized by the way in which they are applied. If you are new to car sealants, you may wan to consider the process that seems easiest to you. There are wipe on and wipe off products and then there are wipe on and walk away products. The wipe on and off products are applied in much the same way you would apply wax. You put some on an application and wipe it right onto the paint.

The wipe on and walk away sealants are applied and then just left alone. They dry clear so you don’t have to worry about dripping sealant on anything.

Temporary vs. Semi-Permanent

Lastly, there are temporary and semi-permanent sealants. The semi-permanent ones are applied thinner than the temporary ones and you have to use an applicator, which resembles a big syringe.

You leave them to cure and they dry to be a hard surface that’s clear. They are more expensive than the temporary sealants and can be a bit trickier to apply but they last a lot longer.

Why Use?

Before you make your final selection, you should understand the benefits of using a car paint sealant.

Just about anyone who wants a nice glossy surface on their car will consider a car paint sealant. It gives that wanted finish without having to constantly wax the vehicle. That isn’t all a sealant does, however. It also protects the vehicle from other sources of damage including:

  • Bird droppings
  • Dirt
  • Dried on bugs
  • UV rays
  • Fading
  • Small chips
  • Acid rain

Paint sealants bond to the paint to which they are applied. When applied to the paint, they begin to cure.

Final Word

Car paint sealants are great for adding an extra layer of protection to your paintwork thanks to the careful lab approach to creating these formulas. If you’re after a deeper shine for the summer, then go with a traditional wax, if you’re looking for a better protective shield around your paintwork, go with a sealant. If you do decide you want to add some as part of your detailing routine, our list of the best car paint sealants above should help you.

Last Updated On: April 10, 2021.

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