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Best Car Grease Guns UK (Reviews) 2022

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Best Car Grease Gun UK

Grease guns are perfect for lubricating those hard to reach areas underneath your car thanks to their long, but flexible delivery nozzles. Keeping parts of your vehicle well oiled is vital over time to prevent them from seizing up or breaking down. Penetrating oil is ideal for ensuring nuts and bolts don’t become locked; however, moving ball parts, joints, gears etc. will need some grease applied to them.

A grease gun makes applying grease to your vehicle very easy, simply apply your cartridge, make sure your nozzle is attached, and you’re ready to start greasing your car parts. These guns are not just practical for automotive use but are handy to keep in your workshop or garage for other home uses where greasing is required. The 5 top grease guns for automotive use are listed below, with various types of guns to check out.

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Best Car Grease Guns in the UK Reviews

#1. Hilka 84800120 Manual Grease Gun

Hilka 84800120 Manual Grease Gun

This compact manual grease gun is great for getting into small, intricate areas in your workspace that need a bit of lubricant. It’s extremely budget-friendly too, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank on the initial purchase of this product.

It can be filled with bulk grease through manual means. Alternatively, you can purchase and use the Hilka cartridges from the manufacturer. These are the only recommended cartridges for this grease gun, so be aware that other cartridges may not fit or function with your gun.

This grease gun comes with a flexible, semi-rigid hose and connector for your convenience, so you can get right to work as soon as the supplied cartridge is loaded in.


  • Budget-friendly upfront cost
  • Comes with a flexible, semi-rigid hose and connector
  • Comes with a starting cartridge of grease
  • Can be filled with either a cartridge or bulk grease


  • Only seems compatible with Hilka cartridges for cartridge loading
  • Does not come with instructions

#2. Heavy-Duty Pistol Grip

Heavy-Duty Pistol Grip

This CarBole Heavy-Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun is perfect for all of your lubrication needs, from automotive to industrial and even marine and agriculture. This grease gun can handle heavy-duty work without causing unnecessary fatigue in your arms or hands – it’s incredibly lightweight without sacrificing durability or style. It offers a max PSI of 4500, which makes injecting clean grease into even the tightest spaces an absolute breeze.

The handle of this pistol grip grease gun has a rubber coating, which not only provides a better grip but also is more comfortable. Additionally, this gun comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer, and they guarantee that they will have a solution to any of your potential problems within 24 hours of contacting their service team.


  • Comes in a range of colours
  • Has a heavy-duty aluminum anodized canister for a lighter weight
  • 4500 PSI maximum pressure
  • The rubber-coated handle is ergonomic and comfortable
  •  Two-year warranty


  • Rare problems with the plunger and diaphragm now and again

#3. Hilka 84800400 Manual Grease Gun

Hilka 84800400 Manual Grease Gun

Hilka’s on the list again, this time with their 84800400 Manual Grease Gun. This manual gun has a 500cc capacity, which is plenty of grease to work with to lubricate any machine you need to, small or large. It can fit into tight, compact spaces and is reported to be very easy to use.

The biggest downside to this grease gun is that it is only compatible with the Hilka cartridges – it will not accommodate any other cartridge type. If this isn’t a problem for you, then this grease gun will be a great addition to your workshop arsenal.


  • 500cc capacity
  • Three-way fill with a 10.5-inch flexible nozzle
  • Easy to use and sure to reach even the tightest spaces
  • Compatible with Hilka cartridges


  • Standard grease cartridges will not work with this grease gun, it will only take the Hilka cartridges
  • Gun can be difficult to reload after emptying the previous cartridge

#4. Draper 47813 Heavy-Duty Pistol Action Grease Gun

Draper 47813 Heavy-Duty Pistol Action Grease Gun

Draper has been a family-run company that provides remarkably high-quality products and tools to the United Kingdom and more for over 90 years. The manufacturer is known for adhering to particularly strict ethical and quality standards, sourcing innovative products and practices, and offering great value for the money. This Heavy-Duty Action Grease Gun is a great example of that.

This particular model of Draper tool has a fantastic Diecast head featuring a port for air bleeding and bulk loading, making single-handed operation simple. It comes with a coupler and rigid extension tube, so you’ll have no problems using this pistol action grease gun. Alternatively, if you aren’t a huge fan of the pistol action style, they also offer a heavy-duty level, a lever pattern, a pistol type, and a professional heavy-duty pistol type.


  • This grease gun comes in five different style types
  • Comes with a coupler and rigid extension tube
  • Has a safe rated working pressure of 5000 PSI
  • Bulk or cartridge fill
  • Single-handed operation possible


  • Some quality control problems

#5. Beta 1750M Mini

Beta 1750M Mini

When you have a particularly small job to complete that just needs a little bit of lubricant, you can’t go wrong with the Beta 1750M Mini Grease Gun. This grease gun is incredibly small, making it lightweight and easy to use, but that also means that it isn’t really suitable for larger jobs. But, it’s great for the little tasks that are no less important – particularly, customers seem to love it for lubricating bike parts, window mechanisms, pedals and more.

It has 100cc capacity, which is fine since you won’t be using this for large projects, and it is very budget-friendly with its low price point. The downside is that it’s too small for cartridges and wasn’t really designed for them anyway, so you will have to manually fill this gun. But, that means you can buy the grease in bulk and save some money that otherwise would have been spent on cartridges, so perhaps it’s not a huge drawback.


  • Has a capacity of 100cc
  • Has a small, super-compact design that makes it great for particularly small or tight lubrication jobs
  • Great for bicycles, lawn equipment, and general home use
  • Low, budget-friendly cost


  • Considering its small size, it may have trouble retaining a lot of pressure on the loaded grease
  • Manual and bulk fill can be messy

Grease Gun for a Car Buying Considerations

Loading Method

Grease guns can be loaded in two ways: through the use of pre-filled cartridges or through a manual suction fill method. Cartridge loading guns are easier to use, more convenient, and also produce less mess overall. It is, however, more expensive than the manual suction loading method, but the investment may be worth it when you consider the convenience it offers and the additional time you won’t have to spend loading and cleaning up the grease gun.

Delivery Method

There are two primary delivery methods when it comes to grease guns. These are hand-operated or pneumatic. The hand-operated models can be broken down additionally into two subsections of delivery, traditional and cordless.

Traditional hand-operated grease guns use a lever to build pressure within the gun and, eventually, that pressure will force the grease out. The cordless hand-operated grease guns are extremely portable but will require a lot of charging to stay powered enough to properly function.

Pneumatic grease guns are different. They push grease out by using compressed air. These types of guns are perfect for larger commercial jobs because if they’re used on lighter moving parts, they could accidentally tear the bearings and cause damage with the force of the compressed air pushing the grease. They are also much more expensive. 

The Final Word

There are many types of grease guns available now such as manual lever grips, pump-action, air and battery-powered. All of them are suitable for motoring jobs; however, a simple manual action level gun is perfect and cost-effective for greasing up rotating parts on your car. From our best car grease gun selections above, we have chosen the Hilka manual action model as our overall top choice.