Best Car Fire Extinguishers UK (Reviews) 2020

Best Car Fire Extinguisher UK

Fire extinguishers have long been touted as a necessity when discussing fire safety. Though many people consider these products to be used exclusively in their homes, the need to have one in your car has become increasingly important as well.

As cars and travel have grown exponentially so has the prevalence of unexpected events. In most cases, those traveling may be taken by surprise if a fire were to break out, but this does not need to be the case. Carrying a fire extinguisher in your vehicle is a sure way to protect both you and your family from harm even when you may be further from home than planned.​

​Best Car Fire Extinguishers in the UK Reviews



​Discharge Time

​​Discharge Range


AA Fire Extinguisher

​9 Sec

​2 – 3 meters

FireShield Dry Powder

​9 Sec

​2 – 3 meters

Super Help SH2400

​10 Sec

​3 - 4 meters


​7 Sec

​1 – 2 meters


​7 ​Sec

​2 – 3 meters

AA Fire Extinguisher 950g

The AA fire extinguisher makes for a great accessory to have in the event of an unexpected fire event while in your car. This particular unit is extremely lightweight making it more portable and versatile than other brands or similar products. The plastic handle also makes it easier to pick up in the middle of a pressure-filled situation

In addition to its versatility, this fire extinguisher has also been BSI certified which makes it acceptable for use on multiple fire types including petrol, diesel, oil, or gas. This feature makes the product uniquely qualified for inclusion in almost any automobile that you may own.

In terms of ingredients, this fire extinguisher uses a BC powder compound which quickly suffocates any fires and prevents the possibility of residual issues.


  • ​​Made of lightweight aluminum for easier portability
  • Safe for use on electrical equipment
  • BSI Certified to BS6165


  • ​​Bracket not the strongest

FireShield 2KG Dry Powder​

The FireShield extinguisher is another example of a fire product that more than makes up for its smaller size. While it may not be the largest extinguisher available, it makes up for that in convenience and versatility.

In terms of storing this handy extinguisher, it comes with a mounting bracket. This makes for a great choice to use in both the vehicle as well as the home. This extinguisher also serves to take care of a variety of fires including class A, B, C, and electrical fires

All in all, this makes for a great fire extinguisher that is fairly solid in terms of performance and convenience.


  • ​​Includes mounting bracket for use in car and easy storage
  • Makes a good option to keep in a small house or car
  • Easy to use
  • Includes a 5-year warranty


  • ​​​​Quite large

Super Help SH2400

The Super Help SH2400 fire extinguisher is more than adequate for small fires and proves to be extremely reliable. This extinguisher is extremely lightweight which makes all the more useful when a fire breaks out. The lightweight nature of the product ensures fewer potential issues with gripping and holding the can when needed

One of the most unique aspects included with this product is the use of a non-toxic formula making it safe to use around children and in confined spaces. It also comes with a bracket for mounting and easy access in the event of an unexpected fire occurring.


  • ​​Includes a capacity of 2 Kg
  • Extremely lightweight​
  • Longer than average dispensing time
  • Includes a 3-year warranty


  • ​Not as easy to use compared to other brands

FSS UK Car Fire Extinguisher

The FSS UK car fire extinguisher distinguishes itself from the pack in terms of both size and convenience. Though it is best suited for smaller vehicles and smaller fire concerns, this extinguisher still manages to bring a lot to the table.

While it does include a pouch and mounting brackets, these are not required for easy storage. This extinguisher also includes a capacity of up to 1 Kg of powder compound to suffocate any fire concerns that may arise. Built to British standards, there is a lot to be said of this reliable brand and product.


  • ​​Includes mounting bracket and carrying pouch
  • Comes with 2-year warranty
  • Easy to use


  • ​​Doesn’t have as a high of a capacity as other brands

The Kiddie fire extinguisher is one of the most affordable brands available on the market today. In general, it has been proven to be extremely reliable and includes a corrosion-resistant exterior. The powder-coated cylinder and brass valve help to ensure a longer than normal life and less of an issue if it happens to stay unused for long periods.

Additionally, this extinguisher is effective for multiple fire types and doubles as a good car extinguisher while also being a viable option for use in your home if needed.


  • ​​Extremely Sturdy and durable
  • Comparatively more affordable than other options
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • ​Reported to be fairly messy after use

​Fire Extinguishers for Cars Buying Considerations

Who Will Use the Extinguisher

Though using your fire extinguisher in a car may automatically lead to an assumption that an adult will use it, there is also the possibility a child may also have to learn how to effectively deploy a fire extinguisher. Purchasing an extinguisher that is easy to use for multiple people of all ages could be the difference between success and failure. It is important to focus on extinguishers that are easy to use and require little to no experience when purchasing a product that will be used by both adults and children  

Type of Fire

Fire extinguishers are designed to fight multiple fire types. In the case of extinguishers used in a vehicle, it is important to find an option that will work against those started by oil, petrol, or gas. If you plan on using the extinguisher in other locations as well, you should also focus on finding an extinguisher that works on grease or other flammable substances. The key to success in picking a fire extinguisher is making sure your selection adequately represents your specific needs. If you believe that you will be transporting your extinguisher at some point, you should also consider where you may end up and what possible hazards could arise. This will ensure you have an extinguisher that is both versatile and usable in most situations.


Purchasing a fire extinguisher for your car will also require you to consider storage options. Though you will be storing your extinguisher in your car, it is important to consider where in your car you will be storing it. Each extinguisher has specific parameters as to the proper storage temperature. If you plan on storing your extinguisher in the trunk, it is important to make sure that the product you choose can hold up to some additional heat that may occur in the locked space. 

If you will be storing your extinguisher inside your car, you should consider whether or not there any risks of punctures or metal structures that may cause issues. Additionally, children should be kept away from extinguishers unless they are well-trained on how to use the product. Keeping the extinguisher away from younger children is important to ensure no damage occurs that would prevent it from functioning properly.

The Final Word

Fire extinguishers are an essential cornerstone of safety precautions. Though this is often considered a purchase used in the home, having one in your car to protect against oil or petrol fires is also an important purchase decision. Whether you have one currently and are looking for a replacement or you are making the choice to be safer in general, purchasing the right fire extinguisher is a crucial part of making sure you are successful and keeping your family out of harm’s way.

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