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Best Car Drying Towels UK (Reviews) 2022

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Best Car Drying Towel UK

Car drying towels are the primary choice for most car detailers or enthusiasts looking to dry or wipe off any water left on the vehicle without leaving any marks. Drying blades are another alternative, but get a bad reputation for leaving nasty marks or blemishes on paintwork and glass.

Towels are much less harsh on car paint and glass than blades, providing that you choose one with the right material, is good quality and you also use it correctly. So If you’ve used some car foam shampoo to avoid any marks or swirls when doing you wash, why not go a step further and ensure no marks are left after you wipe the water away with one of our 5 top drying towels for cars recommendations.

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Best Car Drying Towels in the UK Reviews

#1. Glart 443TPO Microfibre Plush Cloths

Glart 443TPO Microfibre Plush Cloths

These microfibre plush cloths are perfect for any detailing or cleaning work you intend to perform on your vehicle. They work as both drying towels and car polishing cloths, and since they come in sets of three, you can have your cake and eat it, too. You can also opt to get a second set in a different colour and have one set reserved for cleaning while the other can be used just for polishing, which will eliminate any potential for cross-contamination.

These towels will leave your car, boat, motorcycle, and more with a clean, professional look – streak- and scratch-free with a beautiful shine. You can also use these extremely plush microfibre cloths to clean up the interior surfaces of your vehicle without worrying about any leftover lint residue or unsightly scratches.


  • Comes in a set of three
  • Super thick, absorbent plush cloth
  • Easy to manage size
  • Has coloured trim options for organization purposes
  • Creates an attractive, shiny finish


  • May seem a little small for larger vehicles

#2. GTF Microfibre Car Cleaning Cloths

GTF Microfibre Car Cleaning Cloths

No matter what pile thickness you want, the GTF microfibre car cleaning clothes have got you covered. With options in 350gsm and 1200gsm, you have some choices in how you clean your vehicle, and both options come in a multipack so you don’t have to worry about running out of absorbent towels.

The double layers will prevent scratching or streaking on any surface, and it’s guaranteed not to leave lint in its wake when drying or polishing your vehicle. This is true even after you wash it in your washing machine and tumble dry it. They are extraordinarily durable, and are designed to endure several hundred wash cycles and repeated use.


  • Comes in packs of three at 1200gsm and packs of six at 350gsm
  • Double-layer plush microfibre
  • Leaves no lint or fluff residue
  • Can be machine washed and tumble dried
  • Multi-functional


  • Some reviewers feel that they’re too soft for buffing and polishing, as they lost the feel of what they were working on

#3. Gryeer Extra Large Drying Towel

Gryeer Extra Large Drying Towel

Not everyone is a huge fan of the waffle weave microfibre towels, but they do have their place, especially when cleaning glass or clear surfaces as they’re fantastic at preventing streaks and deep scratches.

This particular waffle weave drying cloth is a premier example of what this towel type should be. With an expansive size and thicker-than-average construction, this two-pack of towels is a great option if you’ve got a truck, SUV, boat, or other large vehicle or vessel that needs washing or detailing. It’s designed with maximum absorbency in mind, with a single towel being capable of absorbing between eight and nine times its weight in fluids.

Between the premium material quality and construction, along with reinforced edges, this waffle weave microfibre towel is strong, long-lasting, and lint-free.


  • Has a functional waffle weave pile
  • Large size makes it perfect for trucks, SUVs, boats and other large vehicles
  • Thicker and heavier than most other waffle pile towels
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Silk-banded edges prevent swirls and scratches


  • Really are best used for cleaning glass and other similar areas

#4. Kent Car Care Microfibre Drying Towels

Kent Car Care Microfibre Drying

This microfibre drying towel repeatedly earns five-star reviews and best selling statuses, and it’s pretty easy to see why that is. This pack of towels comes in a set of six, which ultimately saves you money considering that they can be purchased individually or in sets of two as well. It is softer and more absorbent inch-per-inch than cotton.

Able to absorb up to eight times its weight in water, these towels feature satin edging that allows it to be as soft and simultaneously durable as possible. It is lint-free and is safe to use on bare paint as well as waxed surfaces or clear coating.


  • Comes in a set of six
  • Extra-large size is great for larger vehicles and vessels
  • Machine washable
  • Low, affordable cost for a large number of towels
  • Will absorb up to eight times their weight in water


  • These towels may be a bit difficult to wring out effectively
  • The yellow dye may run in the wash, so these should be washed separately from other clothing or towels

#5. Meguiar’s X1802EU Supreme

Meguiar’s X1802EU Supreme

Meguiar’s consistently produces high-quality products that land their name on best-seller and best review lists, and their supreme drying towel is no different. Many customers found that their water magnet failed to live up to expectations, so Meguiar’s rolled this supreme drying towel out and it has more than made up the difference.

Long, dense microfibres are soft and extremely absorbent, preventing scratches over any surface of your vehicle. The quality of each wipe with this towel is superb, however, some customers did note that it is difficult to effectively and fully wring out the absorbed fluids.


  • Super absorbent, soft 920gsm
  • Soft and safe for your car
  • Gentle on paint and clearcoat
  • A brand name you trust
  • Large size is great for a variety of uses


  • Can be difficult to fully wring out
  • Only comes with one towel and may be a bit out of budget for some users as a result

Car Towels for Drying Buying Considerations

Pile Height

Similar to other items that use the pile height metric, the longer or higher the pile, the softer and plusher it will be.

Short Pile

Short pile microfiber towels are great for general or all-purpose cleaning on items that you don’t want to be damaged by swirl marks or scratches. These are great for dashboards, plastic trims, upholstery, exhausts, and other similar areas of your vehicle.

Medium Pile

Medium piles come in three variations: standard, plush, and medium-long. Each has its own purpose. For instance, the standard medium pile is preferred and ideal for applying or removing car waxes or polishes. They’re also great for buffing.

The plush variant is perfect for particularly delicate areas, such as chrome-finished surfaces, glass, and any clear plastics.

Lastly, the medium-long variant is a comfortable blend of both the standard and the plush, though for cleaning purposes you should err on the side of the standard variant if you’re using the medium-long.

Long Pile

Long pile microfibre towels are the perfect solution for buffing and drying. This is because the long pile has impressive absorption capabilities, and it’s also the softest of the pile types. This will leave a beautiful shine on your vehicle.

Towel Material

The best material for a car drying towel is unquestioningly the microfibre option. Microfibre towels have incredible softness while also displaying electrostatic properties, impressive absorption, and great durability.

You may think, “well, a towel is a towel, the material shouldn’t matter so long as it dries the car.” That kind of thought process will result in unsightly scratches, water spots, and more on your vehicle. Cotton and heavy polyester threads will scratch up your freshly-washed car. They’re abrasive, and the material is too strong to be used against your car’s film coating and paint.

Microfibre towels, in stark contrast, are unmatched in their softness. The fibres are about 1/100 the diameter of a human hair, and the density per square inch gives it its soft, touchable texture. They are also incredibly absorbent and will endure repeated use without fail. The fine nature of these towels makes it nearly impossible to cause damage to your vehicle’s paint or clear coat. Additionally, they’re great for buffing polish, wax, or sealant and can be used on nearly any surface.

The Final Word

The best way to avoid streaks and scratches on your vehicle after a thorough cleaning, waxing, or detailing is to use a high-quality towel manufactured specifically for proper car drying. Using the right towel is a lot more cost-effective than going through the effort of buying a dryer blower and will give you more control over your drying.

With our reviews of the best car drying towels to buy in the UK, we hope that you find a towel that will treat your car paintwork and glass with respect, while also being effective at wiping away water.